What’s up Explorers? Buckle up while we take an in depth look at potential new hybrids that could be coming to a game near you when 1.7 hits!

Prior to patch 1.6 the one and only Brian brought us this gold mine of information, if you’d like to refresh your memory take a look. We were on the right track with with Darwinopterus, Edmontosaurus, Hatzegoptyrex and Iguanodon. However Some dinos that have been waiting and waiting for their DNA to be worthy enough as an ingredient of a hybrid that could end up in the arena, are still waiting!

So a lot of us are patiently holding back on levelling our dinos and even fusing them with the anticipation that they could be buffed/nerfed or that even their DNA might be more worthwhile put to use elsewhere. (I’m looking at those of us with overlevelled Monomimus, you know who you are.)

Levels Required To Fuse

For those of you who are new to the game or maybe you just want a little refresher, lets talk about who levels we need to get our Dinosaurs to before we can fuse them into any sort of hybrid.

All dinosaurs created as hybrids are created one level higher than the required ingredients. Stripping that back it basically means that if you want to fuse a rare hybrid the two ingredient dinosaurs must be level 5 and the rare hybrid once created will be level 6.

When fusing hybrids all the ingredients must be a lesser rarity than the hybrid they are creating – therefore you cannot fuse two epics and create a rare.

This is why Indoraptor requires a level 20 Velociraptor and a level 20 Indominus Rex in order to begin fusing instead of, say, a level 15 Velociraptor and a level 20 Indominus Rex. So the full chart looks like this.

Hybrid Rarity Level Required DNA Needed For One Fuse
Common Rare Epic Legendary
Rare 5 50 X X X
Epic 10 200 50 X X
Legendary 15 500 200 50 X
Unique 20 2000 500 200 50



Having a look through the dinosaurs we currently have there are two different types of hybrids. Hybrids – which is comprised of two dinosaurs which are non-hybrids. And Super-Hybrids – which is one created from one hybrid dinosaur and one non-hybrid dinosaur.

Currently there are no Super-Super Hybrids which would be dinosaurs made of two hybrids or one super-hybrid and a non-hybrid. Therefore we can pretty much assume that as there’s no precedent, that anything that is already a super-hybrid will not get used as a component for yet another level of hybrid, This would rule out dinosaurs such as Monostegotops, Tryostronix and Spinotasuchus.

Multiple Hybrids

Currently the only ‘ingredient’ at the moment which is used for more than two super-hybrids is Nodopatosaurus. Therefore we can also assume that any dinosaur which has two or less hybrids is still in the running for potentially creating another.

Hybrid Speculation

As previously discussed we know that Hybrids are all created with the same amount of DNA required to fuse (as per the previous table) and that once a Hybrid goes on to create a Super-Hybrid it (currently) doesn’t get a further Hybrid.

Non Super-Hybrids

Looking at the table below, here is a list of current hybrids which are not – or are not used to create Super-Hybrids

Name Rarity
Alankylosaurus Legendary
Dracoceratops Legendary
Monolometrodon Legendary
Skoolasaurus Legendary
Dimodactylus Epic
Edmontoguanodon Epic
Procerathomimus Epic
Ankylocodon Rare
Diplotator Rare
Majundasuchus Rare
Suchotator Rare


Non Hybrids

The table below shows the dinosaurs that do not make, or are not themselves a Hybrid ofn any form.

Name Rarity Location*
Tanycolagreus Common Park
Miragaia Common Incubator Exclusive
Scaphognathus Rare L1
Charlie Rare L2
Delta Rare L1
Echo Rare L3
Argentinosaurus Rare L1
Quetzalcoatlus Rare Park
Erlikosaurus Gen 2 Rare L2
Carnotaurus Rare L4
Wuerosaurus Rare L4
Diplocaulus Gen 2 Rare L2
Dsungaripterus Rare Incubator Exclusive
Koolasuchus Gen 2 Rare L4
Baryonyx Gen 2 Rare Incubator Exclusive
Purrusaurus Rare Incubator Exclusive
Arambourgiana Rare Incubator Exclusive
Blue Epic Incubator Exclusive
Diplodocus Epic Incubator Exclusive
Pachycephalosaurus Epic Incubator Exclusive
Concavenator Epic L1
Spinosaurus Gen 2 Epic Global Anytime
Pteranodon Epic Park
Maiasaurua Epic Park
Secondontosaurus Epic L1
Brachiosaurus Epic L3

*Here is more information on where dinos are located

There is still currently no Unique Sauropod and therefore I am eager to see if this is the next addition Ludia will bring to the game. With a number of options Brachiosaurus, Argentinosaurus and Diplodocus still do not currently have any sort of Hybrid and would be really good options to create one.

In addition rumour has it that Spinonyx is on it’s way – the potential for a Hybrid created out of Baryonxy Gen 2 and Spinosaurus Gen 2 is amazing especially for those of us who already have an abundance of both of the ingredients.

However we do know Ludia likes to make hybris out of the most random of creatures, so really anything could happen in the next update so keep your eyes peeled.

Parting Words

We don’t know when it will be but we do know the next update will be in thevery near future and all we can do is hope that it brings us more buffs than nerfs and more amazing meta relevant hybrids.

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