Explorers! Welcome to this Strike Event Guide! Three egg thieves face us in this Strike Event, and we’ve got you covered! Learn how to fend off these thieves right here!

Enemy Overview

Pyroraptor (23), Spinotahraptor (24), Monomimus (25)

Once again, we’ve got an awesome infographic for you provided by our artist Orange Heart!


As you can see, these dinosaurs all have some things in common: they’re fast, all have a Distracting move (or two), have relatively low health, relatively high attack and don’t have Armor Piercing moves. If you take a look at these things, one specific type of dinosaur should be popping up to counter them: tanks! High health Sauropods, Stegosaurs and Brachiosaurids should be enough to dispose of these quick dinos quickly. Think of dinosaurs like Stegodeus, Amargasaurus, Brachiosaurus, Tragodistis and Nodopatosaurus.

Another take to defeat them would be slowing them down and stunning them. Dinosaurs like Stegoceratops and Monostegotops seem like great candidates for this role. You do need to beware of Monomimus’ Immunity though, as this strategy will not work on it.

Speaking of Immunity, this passive effect is also a good counter to these creatures. They specialize in Distracting and Bleeding, so bringing an Immune creature will be quite a good plan! Dinosaurs like Tryostronix, Indominus Rex, Magnapyritor and Erlidominus will have a field day here. The boosting dinos need to beware of Monomimus’ Nullifying Impact though!

What to bring and not to bring

These type of creatures have some matchups that are just great for them but also really bad for them. In this new category of Strike Event Guides, I’m quickly going over which type of dino to bring to this fight and why. Please let me know in the comments or on our Discord server if you want me to do this type of thing again!

What to bring:

Armored tanks: They get reduced damage from these fast creatures and can slow them down and get the upper hand. Superiority Strike helps them cleanse the Distraction.

Immunity: Not having to deal with the Distraction and Bleeding is a great thing.

Fast dinos: This one is a bit risky, as the levels in this Strike Event are quite high. But if you have some faster dinosaurs than these three, use them.

Stunners: Having the ability to stun these creatures is amazing, as it reduces their damage output significantly.

-Sauropods/brachiosaurids: These creatures have high health pools and the ability to slow these creatures down. Having them in your team will help a lot.

What not to bring:

Tyrannosaurids: These creatures are way too vulnerable to Distraction and too slow to be of any use in this Strike Event. It’s for the best if you leave them at the bench.

Counterattackers: Also way too vulnerable to Distraction. They too are too slow to deal with the high speed of these creatures.


The Reward for winning this Strike Event will be loads of coins and a themed Incubator with the Fast Creatures dino pool in them.

Parting Words

This Strike Event might be difficult, but using the right dinosaurs at a decent level will reward you with a great Epic Incubator with a good pool. Give it a shot if you can! The dinos in there are quite good! As always, let us know if you made it and how you made it!

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