Welcome, Explorers, to this Strike Event Guide! We’re faced against three level 30 Epic dinosaurs this time! Let’s see how we can beat ’em!

Enemy Overview

Pachycephalosaurus (30), Edmontoguanodon (30), Procerathomimus (30)

We’ve got another infographic for you provided by our artist Orange Heart!


As you can see, we’re getting three powerful Epic dinosaurs to fight. One of them is a powerful Arena Exclusive, the other is a literal health generating machine and the other is a buffed up version of Monomimus. Once again, I’m going over each of them to figure out a way to beat them.


This new addition to the Arena Exclusive Epic pool is quite the issue if you don’t play right. It has a good kit with shielding, slowing and running at its disposal, combined with a high health stat and decent speed tier of 121. Don’t forget that it also has a Swap in Stun in its kit, which can stun you 66% of the time when it swaps in.

Good ways to counter this dinosaur are Pinning, Bleeding, Immunity, Distraction and Stunning. Pinning is to prevent Pachy from swapping out with the Rampage and Run. Bleeding is useful to get a good chunk of health out of Pachys relatively high health pool and Immunity can prevent the slowing effect. Finally, Distraction and Stunning prevent some damage output it can do. Some dinosaurs that are useful to bring to this fight are Spinotasuchus, Dimodactylus, Monostegotops, Procerathomimus, Tryostronix and Suchotator.


This monster of an Epic rivals Legendary tanks in case of survivability. The massive health pool it has combined with the absolutely amazing move Regenerate and Run make this thing an amazing tank. Its other moves are nothing to scoff at either. Nullifying Impact and Greater Stunning Rampage provide excellent damage output and Superiority Strike gives it a way to remove Distraction and a turn to outspeed you. Edmontoguanodon also has the Swap in Stun, a move that Pachy also has in its kit, so it can stun you on its way in. Thankfully, it isn’t very fast, only clocking in at a 107 speed stat.

How to counter this dino? Well, at level 30, you’re staring at a MASSIVE 6200 health stat. So I’d advise to combine Bleeding and Chomping. These two methods are the most effective way to get rid of the massive health stat this thing has, although you’d have to be wary of the possible Regenerate and Run this thing has! Dinosaurs to bring to this fight are Thoradolosaur, Tyrannolophosaur, Tryostronix (beware of Nullifying Impact!), Tenontorex, Suchotator, Dimodactylus and Spinotasuchus.


Defeating this dinosaur will be one of these two options: it’s either a breeze to defeat, or a real pain in the neck. With a kit and stats to make Monomimus look like a Rare dino, this Hybrid menace is going to dish out some major Distraction and Nullification. The fact that it also has Immunity means that this immensely fast dino can’t be slowed or distracted. The one plus is that this dinosaur doesn’t have that big of a health stat, but hitting it might be an issue. Procerathos kit has Evasive Stance and it can reduce your damage to 0 when it combines Distracting Rampage and Instant Distraction. So beating this dino will most likely come down to if it uses Evasive Stance and Instant Distraction a lot.

To get the odds a bit more on your side, bringing some high-armor/high-health dinosaurs might be useful. Time to dust off the Stegodeus you have in your kit! Other dinosaurs to use are Tragodistis, Nodopatotitan, Stegoceratops, Monostegotops, or anything with Cleansing and high health/armor for that fact. May the odds be ever in your favor!


Beating this Epic Strike will reward you with loads of coins and an Epic Incubator. What’s in it? Could be everything! The amount of coins and DNA received vary depending on your player level.

Parting Words

We hope that this Strike Event helps you defeating this Strike Event! Were you succesful? Let us know down below or join our Discord server and join the discussion on Jurassic World Alive in general!

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