Now that patch 1.7 has been officially released, it’s time to get to the bottom of these stat boosts and what they mean!!!

I hope you’re as excited as me! So let’s get this show on the road!

Stat Boosts and Cheaters

Before we get into the specifics of how these stat boosts work, I have to say one thing. What I really like about stat boosts, what’s AMAZING about them, is what it does to cheaters and spoofers.

As we discussed in the patch notes article, a fully stat-boosted creature is roughly 10 levels better than whatever level that creature is at. So that means a level 30 creature with full stat boosts is actually more like facing a level 40 creature. But here’s a huge takeaway of this new system.

  • Because you use one resource per statistic (health stat boost, damage stat boost, or speed stat boost) for your ENTIRE team of creatures, that means cheaters who collect tons of DNA for free and get max level teams — and later get banned by Ludia — CANNOT make up for lost time. Because unless they want to pay EXORBITANT amounts of cash each time they get banned, they can only get to level 30. And legit players– who have been playing for a while — get to keep collecting daily incs and strike tower boosts that CAN’T be made up.

Think about that. There’s now a DNA collection wall that stops at level 30, and to get from level 30 to 40, you need this time-released resource — not a problem for legit players, but a huge one for cheaters. Anyone who gets banned for spoofing/cheating can literally NEVER catch up without blowing 10 wallets worth of money… It’s a new era. We just hope Ludia keeps banning them all. (Seriously Ludia. Keep banning them all!)

Another question we’ve gotten often has been if stat boosts affect friendly battles. It’s worth mentioning that in our testing, stat boosts did NOT affect friendly battles. Which means friendly battles should still keep dinosaur levels (with zero stat boosts) even-keeled.

But what we all wanted to know is finally here — how much do stat boosts cost — and is this system pay to win?!

Stat Boosts Costs

First, lets look at the full stat boost cost table. There are three new resources that can be used on any dinosaur. Speed Stat Boosts (SSB) to increase speed. Health Stat Boosts (HSB) to increase health. And Damage Stat Boosts (DSB) to increase damage. We’ll call them collectively SB (Stat Boosts) or independently (SSB, HSB, DSB) as shorthand.

Damage/Health Boosts
Tier SB Cost Ttl SB Cost Total %Value Inc. Change Per 1 SB
1 2 2 2% 2% 100.0000%
2 4 6 5% 3% 75.0000%
3 8 14 10% 5% 62.5000%
4 16 30 18% 8% 50.0000%
5 32 62 30% 12% 37.5000%
6 64 126 38% 8% 12.5000%
7 128 254 43% 5% 3.9063%
8 256 510 46% 3% 1.1719%
9 512 1022 48% 2% 0.3906%
10 1024 2046 50% 2% 0.1953%

First thing to notice here is how the number of SB’s needed to go up a tier doubles at each tier. That means you’re using more and more of the same resource for less and less effect. To get a full picture of that, look at the right hand side of the chart to see how much 1 single SB earns you in terms of increase. For tier 4, each 1 SB token will get you a 50% increase in damage or health. But for tier 8, the same 1 SB token gets you 1.17% and you need 256 of them just to get an extra 3% increase in damage or health.

Put another way, you could boost EIGHT DINOSAURS from tier 4 to tier 5 for the SAME PRICE as boosting ONE DINOSAUR from tier 7 to tier 8.

I added the last column to give you an idea of how much bang (percent increase) for your buck (per stat boost) you can get in the early tiers versus the later tiers. Saving over a thousand stat boosts that could be used to get your entire team of 8 to Tier 6 and instead using it to gain 2% in one stat for one dinosaur is quite a difference in investment.

The speed stat boosts chart looks slightly different but has the same overall feel.

Speed Boosts
Tier SBC Ttl SBC Total Value Increase Per 1 SB
1 2 2 5 5 250.0000%
2 4 6 12 7 175.0000%
3 8 14 21 9 112.5000%
4 16 30 36 15 93.7500%
5 32 62 57 21 65.6250%
6 64 126 71 14 21.8750%
7 128 254 83 12 9.3750%
8 256 510 92 9 3.5156%
9 512 1022 98 6 1.1719%
10 1024 2046 100 2 0.1953%

So how many stat boosts can we collect exactly? And how do we collect them? Let’s dive into that.

Free Stat Boosts

The patch notes mentioned “live operating events” would be available as a way to earn Stat Boosts, as well as daily battle incubators. First, let’s discuss the live operating events.

While it’s unclear exactly what the terminology means, we got to see this in beta testing:

Yup. That’s a strike event with the stat boost upgrade logo. And that strike event was a familiar three-step strike that we’ve seen before.

But instead of an incubator full of a tiny amount of Rare or Common DNA when we hit step 2 of 3 steps, we got this instead:

The above only shows the Speed Stat Boost, but we got the same amount of all three. Speed/Damage/Health boosts, all at 28 SB’s total.

Interestingly, if you look at the chart Ludia gave us in patch notes (below) you see that at Aviary/Lockwood Estates, you get 4 stat boosts a day from Daily Battle Incubators, and it may just be a coincidence but 4 x 7 days a week is also 28. Our guess up front (and we’re not certain) is that you get stat boosts based on player level (because our beta accounts certainly weren’t at the highest arenas) and that we’ll see ONE strike event like the one above each week. Maybe it’ll be even more. If so, that’d be awesome.

But let’s just estimate conservatively.

Assuming you’re in Lockwood/Aviary and collecting 28 SB’s a week for all three (again assuming all three are in each incubator) — and assuming you get 28 a week from a single strike tower like the one above, you’ll end up with 56 tokens a week for each boost type. At that rate, assuming you don’t spend a penny and are completely free to play, you’ll end up with 2912 stat boosts a year (for each boost type) which is enough to get a team of EIGHT DINOSAURS to tier 7 in all three stats. That’s the equivalent (if all dinos are 30 up front) of getting 8 dinosaurs to level 38.6 — WITH 110 of each stat boost left over to use elsewhere.

Now again, this is a conservative estimate and assumes you collect your daily battle inc every day, in addition to Ludia giving us 1 strike per week for stat boosts. But that certainly sounds pretty awesome and pretty attainable to us.

Paid Stat Boosts

But you’re still concerned. One year is a long time. And what if people just boost an entire team to tier 10 on day one? Is there a way to boost to essentially level 40 immediately?

Let’s talk costs.

Ludia mentioned sales in the store for stat boosts, so what do those look like? Well up front, I can tell you they seemed reasonable. The sale we saw looked like this:

We’ve seen a few sales so we’re not sure which numbers are right, but what we see consistently is the following equation.

1 Stat Boost = 20 Hard Cash

Secondly, these purchasable “sale” stat boosts are LIMITED just like featured incubators. How limited? We’ve seen 1 allowed purchase for a week. So I hardly think that will get anyone the required 2046 SB’s needed for a single Tier 10 boosted creature (and that’s just for one statistic).

Assuming these sales are regular, and assuming you buy every single one, to get a team of 8 with ZERO FREE stat boosts (which is already ludicrous because why wouldn’t you get free ones while you’re waiting for the next sale), you’d need the following amount to get 8 creatures to Tier 10.

49,104 SB’s for a total of 982,080 Hard Cash, or about $6,547 in US Dollars.

This legitimately may not even be POSSIBLE based on how many free ones you’ll get as you wait for the next sale and the next sale. And as I said before, you get conservatively, 2912 of EACH stat boost a year for FREE (so a total of 8736 yearly between HSB, SSB, DSB). That’s enough to get EIGHTY-THREE percent of the way to maximum boost. Yep, that last giant chunk of 40,368 stat boosts? That gets you 17% better dinosaurs than everyone else.

Still, if you want to accelerate the process, you can buy a few more SB’s than the dinosaur hunter next door on likely a weekly basis for a cost of 20 hard cash per stat boost in these sale prices. Again, assuming the prices aren’t further discounted which is also possible. Personally, the price seems pretty reasonable for a little boost here or there (though I wouldn’t be purchasing them to get from tier 7 to tier 10).

Premium Bypass Stat Boosts

But there is one more way high-rollers could bypass the system and ruin us all. Because there is a buy it now option. Though I feel bad for whoever ends up using it.

Here’s an Elasmotherium. The icons above the Health and Speed show me that I have HSB in my inventory and SSB in my inventory. Damage is not highlighted because I’m all out of damage stat boosts here. But I can still click on the damage logo to see my stat boosts. When I do, I see the following:

When I click Upgrade — even though I don’t have any DSB’s (as you see from the zero above the (i) for information), I see the following buy-it-now option.

Yep. So for 100 Hard Cash, I can buy 2 Damage Stat Boosts. So that I can level my Elasmotherium from Tier 0 to Tier 1 and get a nice 10 extra damage.

Now, I’ll be honest. At first, this scared me. I was not okay with people having the option to bypass like this and boost dinos outside of the store sales. But then I did the math.

Assuming you have zero tokens and ONLY bypass, here’s where you end up. That same 49,104 tokens that you need to level up a strike team of 8 dinosaurs? At this new rate (50 Hard Cash per single Stat Boost), that’ll cost you 2,455,200 Hard Cash. That’s two-million four-hundred fifty-five thousand and two-hundred Hard Cash. In real money? That’s $16,368 USD to get there. And that’s assuming they pick the right 8 dinosaurs.

Now, say what you will about that, but if someone is willing to spend that kind of money to get there, I’d give them a high five for keeping this game afloat. Personally, I think it’s steep enough to make most people shy away from that kind of immediate purchase. Maybe a few people will, but I’d be pretty surprised if a ton of people decide it’s worth it to use this bypass on any kind of larger scale. My prediction is that 95% of the userbase playing this game will opt for the sales, and the “high-rollers” might buy every sale and maybe a few boosts at the super premium level. But I highly doubt anyone is going to spend the required two and a half million hard cash to get a full team of eight dinosaurs to tier 10.

So is the system pay to win? I guess that depends on how willing people are to pay. In any game that is free to play or download, there’s a clear need for some kind of purchasing system to be in place so that the programmers and company gets paid. But our take on these prices is that they’re cheap enough (on sale–that is) at the lower levels to earn income for Ludia, but get expensive enough for fractional benefits that an average player who spends a little or a free player who spends nothing can probably keep up and get pretty high in the competitive rankings without too much trouble.

In Conclusion

We’re pretty excited about the stat boosts overall. Not because of the costs, but because of how they were set up. Putting them on a bell curve means even those who are completely free to play players can maintain a decently competitive team, and it means even those who do decide to pay up front at the sale or even the premium price, will be paying to get ahead only for a short time. If the level cap had been raised to 40, this eventuality would’ve also been inevitable (people buying incubators or spending hours and hours grinding out to 40 and beating the completely free-to-play players). After all, even at a few levels lower, you can easily win against better buffed teams with the right strategy and the right investments in stat boosts. What those investments are, exactly? That’s a topic for our next article.

But overall, it’s our personal opinion that there are easily enough free stat boosts to keep the free players plenty entertained and even pretty competitive without spending crazy amounts of money. And it seems like, based on the rate of stat boosts we’re seeing in daily incubators and in strike events, the goal for stat boosts is not to have everyone level-capped in two weeks. We’re hopeful that this process will be a slow one, lasting multiple patches, and that we get to see a really fun and interesting arena for quite some time.

So for now, good luck dino hunters. We’ll get back to work figuring out what to boost and building that tier list for you!

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