With all that hype about 1.7 coming, we don’t even know what to do with ourselves for the moment. It’s hard to focus on anything but Cenozoics and new Tournaments and all the crazy and amazing things coming our way. But we’ll try.

Deep breaths.

Ok, let’s dive into next week’s featured dinosaurs and strike events!

This time around, we’re staring down Stun and High HP creatures! If you’re on the fence about what to dart and what to leave behind, we’re here to help. Below is our guide on what we think is most important for you to focus on!

Monday + Tuesday (24 Attempts)

Thursday + Friday (27 Attempts)
Triceratops GEN 2

Saturday + Sunday (9 attempts)

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons,  Iguanadon and Triceratops Gen 2 both make excellent current hybrids. And although Einiasuchus (which needs Einiosaurus) can be a really helpful hybrid early on, it doesn’t tend to hold enough power and force in the highest arena tiers. So it’s probably between Trice Gen 2 and Iguanadon. On the one hand, Edmontoguanadon is pretty darn amazing, and Iguanadon is much harder to come by now that it’s locked in parks. But we just had a bunch of opportunities to dart that last week. So if you still need more Iguanadon, it might be a really good one to dart just based on how hard it is to get. Otherwise, Triceratops Gen 2 is essential in making the epically powerful Dracoceratops, and you can never get enough of that!

For the Rares we have some more repeats from last week. Neither of the two bonus additions, however, are more appealing than what we had last week. While Triceratops is helpful and park locked, we just saw patch notes indicating a Monostegotops nerf, and it’s probably less desirable for that reason alone. And while Einiasuchus is adorable (according to our wonderful editor Reeb), we’ve still gotta mention it does hit a ceiling in upper-tier arena. Here’s what we said last week about Edomontosaurus and Tenontosaurus.

We’ve got Edmontosaurus, which makes the Epic hybrid Edmontoguanadon, but it’s much easier to find than the other featured rare. Tenontosaurus is park-locked, and it’s pretty tough to come by, especially in great quantities. And you’re going to need a lot of Tenonto if you want to make Tenontorex (at 500 dna per single fuse). But again, go with what is park-locked. Tenonto is the clear winner here unless you really need or have trouble finding Edmonto. 

Given all this, Tenonto is probably again the way to go.

For the Epics, we’ve got three options. Stegoceratops is probably out unless you’re really pushing that monster to level 30. The nerf to Monostegotops health really hurts it for the next patch, and we’re just not all that confident in our three horned friends lately. Stygimoloch is a contender just for the hybrid Paramoloch. Stygi is hard to come by, being an arena exclusive, so a case could be made for darting it. Sinoceratops however is likely where we lean. Thoralodosaur was already an arena monster, but with a tiny damage buff, it’s even more terrifying. Despite the impending nerf to Utarinex, it still could have use, but Thoralodosaur is the most easily obtainable unique of them all, and one of the strongest.

Strike Events

We get three epic strikes this week, once again, and a strange empty Wednesday that we’re not so sure about. Still, there’s plenty of treasure chest action to go around, as well as the usual suspects in rare and common strikes.

Parting Words

Overall, it’s hard to keep our heads straight about anything with the patch notes for 1.7 released last Friday. Could this be the week Ludia drops 1.7 on us? Or will we need to wait? We can’t wait to find out!

What will you be going for? Let us know below!

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