Explorers! With Easter drawing near, Ludia has another Epic Strike Event for us! This time, we’re up against three powerful hadrosaurs, keen on protecting their eggs from predators! Let’s see how to beat these dinosaurs!

Enemy Overview

Edmontoguanodon (25), Paramoloch (26), Tenontorex (27)

We’ve got another amazing infographic thanks to our artist Orange Heart!


These dinosaurs are quite high-leveled, and the combined health pool of these three passes the 14000 HP mark! These dinosaurs got quite some tricks up their sleeve, so let’s see how we can beat each of them individually.


We faced this one in yesterdays Strike Guide, and luckily for most, it didn’t use it’s Regenerate and Run move. But even then, this hadrosaur shouldn’t be messed with. It’s powerful move combination of Nullifying Impact and Greater Stunning Rampage is enough to really put a dent in your team, and it should be taken into account when fighting this thing. It’s Swap-in Stun shouldn’t be underestimated as well, having a 66% chance to stun the opponent on switch-in, basically giving it a free switch-in.

Keeping in mind on how Edmontoguanodon played yesterday, we can assume that it’s NOT going to be the first dino to come out and is going to swap in from another dino to activate its Swap-in Stun. Then it’s going to be bound for two turns before it can switch out. I’d advise to make as much of these two turns as possible! Use fast high-damage dinosaurs like Erlidominus, Utasinoraptor, Diloranosaurus, Spinotahraptor and Erlikosaurus to have a shot at taking this hadrosaurs health down as quickly as possible. Bleeding might also be a good option, but you need to beware the possibility of it swapping out after the lockdown effect is over.

Ideal dino to fight this one: Erlidominus, thanks to high damage output and Immunity to Swap-in Stun.


This Legendary hadrosaur is going to receive a rework in the next update, but first we need to deal with the moveset it has now. As you can see, this is a Stun ‘n’ Run type of dinosaur. Two stunning moves and a Rampage and Run can surely rack up the damage quickly, especially since one of the stunning moves has priority! Its health and speed are also quite tricky, clocking in at 4800 and 126 respectively, making this thing quite bulky for such a fast creature.

To defeat this dinosaur, Immunity is the key to victory. Paramoloch relies on being able to stun the opponent to win most of the time. So not being able to be stunned at all is quite useful! Dinosaurs like Indominus Rex, Tryostronix and Magnapyritor will be the best immune dinosaurs you can bring here.

Another strategy is to give Paramoloch a taste of its own medicine. It can only use a regular Strike when it comes in, so we can use this to our advantage. You can use dinosaurs like Stegoceratops and Monostegotops to work your way around this one. Slow it when it uses its Strike attack, and then proceed to lay the Stunning on it. Other stunners you can use are Triceratops and Sinoceratops and its hybrids.

Ideal Dino to fight this one: Magnapyritor, as the Distracting Impact will help greatly with survivability, and its 128 speed and high damage output will win against this hadrosaur almost every time.


Well, here it is. After being taken out of the Weekly Event Roster, Tenontorex is here to wreak havoc on our teams. Its specialty is Distracting and Defense Shattering, and this combined with its high damage number is quite scary. It can half your damage output against it, while not caring about your shields/armor with the two Defense Shattering moves it has. Its other stats are also nothing to scoff at. 109 speed, 20% crit chance and 4725 Health give it a good stat total which shouldn’t be messed with.

Defeating this dinosaur is quite tricky. Distracting would come to mind when you see the high damage number it has, but it can cleanse that away with Superiority Strike. But after some Strike Event AI consideration, I think we can assume that it won’t do that because the AI often uses the highest damage move. So Distraction might be the way to go here. Monolophosaurus, Magnapyritor, Utasinoraptor, Pyrritator and Procerathomimus come to mind here, all of them have powerful stats and Distraction moves.

Another strategy is to stun it. Using the same Stunlock strategy I described for Paramoloch might also work here, but you’d have to be careful with the Distracting Impact Tenontorex has. To really work out a strategy for this one, find out what move it’s going to use first. If it’s Distracting Impact, bringing some Immune or Cleansing dinosaurs might be a good option. If it’s Defense Shattering Impact, you can bring Distraction or the Stunlock strategy.

Ideal dino to fight this one: Once again, it’s Magnapyritor. Magna is just too versatile to not use in this fight. Its high speed, Distracting and high damage output is just amazing. If you don’t have Magna yet, consider Procerathomimus instead. It’s two Distraction moves really do help against Tenontorex’ powerful moves, and it’s Immune to being Distracted!


If you beat this Strike Event, you’ll be rewarded with a Themed Epic Incubator featuring hadrosaurs! This pool might not have the best dinosaurs, but some of them are essential for some really powerful hybrids!

Parting Words

This Strike Event is quite the challenge! It should be doable though if you got a good strategy. Did you come up with one? Let us know down below and tell us if you won the Strike Event! You can also join the discussion on our Discord server! Happy Easter everyone!

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