Welcome, Explorers, to this Strike Guide, where we’ll examine how to beat this Strike Event! This time, we’re faced against three high level high HP monsters! Let’s work out a way to beat them!

Disclaimer: These dinosaurs have quite high levels. Lower level players might really struggle against this Strike Event, as the health pool to deplete is really, really high. 

Enemy Overview

Brachiosaurus (26), Diplodocus (27), Apatosaurus (28)

Huge thanks to our artist Orange Heart for providing us this amazing infographic!



These dinosaurs have one thing in common: VERY HIGH HP stats. These three dinosaurs make the top 3 of highest HP dinosaurs together! Combine that with their ability to slow you down and outspeed you and we’re faced against three dangerous dinosaurs.

Beating Diplodocus

Looking at these dinosaurs and you can’t fail to notice Diplodocus’ Swap In Slow. This might be a great thing to remember when you go in, as you can expect for SURE that the Strike AI will swap in Diplodocus to activate this ability. You can use this to your advantage if you know what turn it swaps in. Maybe by having an Immune dino in your party to render that Swap In effect useless. Dinosaurs like Tryostronix and both Cloak users (Indominus and Erlidominus) can set up a turn and hit that incoming Diplodocus for massive damage! Another strategy, although not as beneficial, is to use the turn to swap in a Swap In Wound user. This will make sure that Diplodocus loses 50% of its HP in two turns. If you still need to get some HP out of the way, you can try and use high damage dealers like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Thoradolosaur and Utasinoraptor (the latter is prone to being slowed though!).

Beating Apatosaurus

Apatosaurus has lost its claim of having the highest HP stat in the game, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. It still has a LOT of health to go through. Fortunately: Apatosaurus has another title: being the slowest dinosaur in the game. With its 101 speed, it’s outsped by EVERYTHING, until it uses Decelerating Impact of course. What I’m saying is: you can bring your Tyrannosaurus Rex or other high damage chompers in here to deplete that health stat quickly. Bleeding it to death is also an amazing option!

Beating Brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurus might be the scariest when it comes to damage output. It has a Rampage attack and a 30% Crit Chance! Combine this with its high attack stat, and you can expect some big damage coming your way! To beat this behemoth, bleeding it is the best option. Dinosaurs like Spinotasuchus, Suchotator and Spinosaurus GEN2 are amazing bleeders.


If you beat this Strike Event, you’ll get an Epic Incubator filled with coins and DNA from the following dino pool:

Common: Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Parasaurolophus

Rare: Argentinosaurus, Amargasaurus, Edmontosaurus, Giraffatitan

Epic: Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Ouranosaurus

Parting Words

While this strike may still be a challenge for lower level players, there is hope coming in the form of rending attacks – which should prove extremely useful (in addition to bleeding attacks) for strike events like this one. So even if you weren’t able to find a winning strategy as a lower level player, there’s more tools coming to beat these in the very near future! Were you lucky with your rewards and strategy? Let us know and join our Discord to join in on the 1.7 discussion!