Explorers! Welcome to this Strike Event Guide, where we figure out a way to beat this Strike Event! This time, we’re faced against three high level, high HP dinosaurs! Let’s see how we can beat these three behemoths!

Disclaimer: Like yesterdays Strike Event, this Strike Event once again has a MASSIVE health pool to drain. Three level 30 dinosaurs are not easy to take down, even if their Attack stat is on the lower end of the spectrum. Lower level players might struggle to do this Strike Event.

Enemy Overview

Parasaurolophus (30), Diplodocus (30), Brachiosaurus (30)

Huge thanks to our artist Orange Heart for providing us this amazing infographic!


Looking at these dinosaurs and you’ll immediately see that the combined health pool of these dinosaurs is over 20.000 Health. Combine this with their ability to slow you down, and you got some scary dinosaurs ahead of you. Let’s see how we can beat them.

Beating Diplodocus

Looking at these dinosaurs and you can’t fail to notice Diplodocus’ Swap In Slow. This might be a great thing to remember when you go in, as you can expect for SURE that the Strike AI will swap in Diplodocus to activate this ability. You can use this to your advantage if you know what turn it swaps in. Maybe by having an Immune dino in your party to render that Swap In effect useless. Dinosaurs like Tryostronix and both Cloak users (Indominus and Erlidominus) can set up a turn and hit that incoming Diplodocus for massive damage! Another strategy, although not as beneficial, is to use the turn to swap in a Swap In Wound user. This will make sure that Diplodocus loses 50% of its HP in two turns. If you still need to get some HP out of the way, you can try and use high damage dealers like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Thoradolosaur and Utasinoraptor (the latter is prone to being slowed though!).

Beating Parasaurolophus

This dinosaur has the ability to run, making it a tricky foe to deal with. Its combination of Slowing with Superiority Strike and Impact and Run give it a deadly one-two combo. You could try and counter this by either bringing an Immune dinosaur or a dinosaur who can pin the opponent. This way you either prevent the slowing happening, or the running. Dinosaurs to consider for this job are Sarcorixis, Tryostronix, Magnapyritor and Gigaspikasaur. The latter also has lots of armor and can put up a Shield, so consider this one if you have it at a decently high level!

Beating Brachiosaurus

The mighty Brachiosaurus is back, and even more powerful than yesterday. With its enormous health pool of over 7000 HP and ridiculous Crit Chance, this thing will make you rage if you don’t play correctly against it. The 10% armor is also something you need to keep in mind, because it can make the difference between killing it, or it killing you. Bleeding is a particulary good way of defeating this one. Suchotator especially comes to mind, with its combination of Instant Distraction and Lethal Wound. With the Crit Chance factored in, a level 15 Suchotator can trade with Brachiosaurus. If Brachiosaurus doesn’t crit, a level 7 Suchotator is enough to trade with Brachiosaurus. Other counters to Brachiosaurus are Spinotasuchus, Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex and other Lethal Wound users.


Defeating these three dinosaurs will reward you with an Epic Incubator filled with thousands of coins and loads of DNA sources. What DNA? Could be everything! This is a regular Epic Incubator, so the DNA could be for every dinosaur!

Parting Words

Ludia is pushing out some difficult Epic Strike Towers to really make us work for that free Epic Incubator.  It gives people that sense of accomplishment when they do defeat it. Still, if you’re a lower level player, there might be a shot of you defeating it, so give it a try if you can! As always let us know how you did it and join our Discord server to chat with us!