Explorers! Welcome to this Strike Event Guide! This time, we’re having three battles against high HP creatures! Let’s see how to counter these creatures!

Enemy Overview

Step 1: Amargasaurus (19), Diplodocus (20), Argentinosaurus (21)

Step 2: Edmontosaurus (20), Allosaurus (21), Ouranosaurus (22)

Step 3: Amargasaurus (21), Diplodocus (22), Argentinosaurus (23)

Huge thanks to our artist Orange Heart for providing us this infographic!


As you can see, we’ve got numerous high HP creatures in the mix today. These creatures may have different movesets and kits, but the one thing they all have in common is a very high HP stat. Therefore, bringing some high damage dealers/self-boosting creatures is a good idea. Bleeding is also a great option.

Due to this article being a bit late (my apologies) we got some information about how the steps are and who leads. Many thanks to our Discord member ChrispyChris27 for providing this information! Therefore, we can go over all of these steps, but beware that it might not play out the same for you! The Strike AI is known to do different move orders/swapping earlier than other times!

Step 1+3

As these two Steps have the same dinosaurs, I’m bundling them together. These steps are filled with high health slowing Sauropods. From what we know, Argentinosaurus leads in both steps and uses Extended Critical Strike before swapping to Diplodocus.

Taking this into account, it might be useful to use a Self-Boosting dino that can survive the first hit from Argentinosaurs to really hit that Diplodocus hard. The first dinosaur that comes to my mind is Tryostronix. With its Immunity, it can really profit from not having to worry about the Swap in Slow that Diplodocus has. Other dinosaurs to use here are almost every Ferocious Strike user if it’s at a decent level, Ready to Crush users, but also bleeders! Bleeding is a great way to get that HP pool depleted quickly and easily. Another way is to send out a chomper on the first turn that can survive a Critical Hit from Argentinosaurus’ Extended Critical Strike (1353 damage) and get that Armor Piercing/Defense Shattering Rampage off-cooldown so you can hit Diplodocus hard.

When you’ve dealt with the swapping Sauropod, all you need to do is to get the other two out of the way. The methods I’ve described above should also be useful here. High-damage creatures, bleeders, chompers, even Stunning should work here! As long as you deplete the health pool, you’re all set! Keep in mind that all of these dinos have Slowing/Decelerating moves which gives them priority. Immunity is the key to countering this.

Step 2

This Step gives us a bit more versatility. It faces us against two hadrosaurs and a chomper, which doesn’t seem too scary at first. The first dinosaur to come out is Allosaurus, which uses its Armor Piercing Impact and then swaps to Edmontosaurus to trigger that Swap in Stun.

So once again, our Immune dino Tryostronix is a good option to lead. As long as you got enough health to survive that Armor Piercing Impact (1940 damage (2910 with crit)) you’ll get a big hit off on Edmontosaurus. If you deal with Edmontosaurus, you’ll get either Allosaurus or Ouranosaurus to deal with. Allosaurus is a high-damage chomper, while Ouranosaurus is a Slow/Stun/Swap creature. Both of them can be taken out by bleeding them, so bleeders like Suchotator, Dimodactylus (at a decent level) and the Swap in Bleeders are good options.

You can prevent the Ouranosaurus from switching using Lockdown/Pinning attacks, but I wouldn’t worry about it that much. Ouranosaurus isn’t the fastest creature around, so just bring something that outspeeds it. As for Allosaurus: Distraction might be really useful here to lower its damage output. Monolophosaurus, Pyroraptor or the Gen 2 variants of Koolasuchus and Diplocaulus can reduce the damage output to 0 if played right.


The reward for beating this Strike Event is a themed Epic Incubator with these possible dinosaurs:

Common: Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Parasaurolophus

Rare: Argentinosaurus, Amargasaurus, Edmontosaurus, Giraffatitan

Epic: Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Ouranosaurus

Parting Words

While this strike may still be a challenge for lower level players, there is hope coming in the form of rending attacks – which should prove extremely useful (in addition to bleeding attacks) for strike events like this one. So even if you weren’t able to find a winning strategy as a lower level player, there’s more tools coming to beat these in the very near future! Were you lucky with your rewards and strategy? Let us know and join our Discord to join in on the 1.7 discussion!