Explorers! Welcome to this Strike Guide! With the update finally here, it’s time for the very first Epic Boss Strike of 1.7! And boy is it a challenging one! Let’s find out how to defeat them!

Disclaimer: With the new Stat Boosts feature, a lot of dinos have become viable in these Strike Towers. If you got a dino that is boosted a lot, and it isn’t mentioned here, you could still use it! This Strike Guide takes no boosts into account, so keep this in mind when selecting your team! For example: Just because Indoraptor isn’t mentioned here, a boosted Indoraptor could still shred through a Strike Tower very easily! Think about what you have boosted and see if it can be used for yourself!

Enemy Overview

Trykosaurus (30), Scolosaurus (30), Rajakylosaurus (30)


With the new features and dinosaurs finally in this game, it’s time to see how we can use them to beat these three! From what I’ve heard, Rajakylosaurus starts out and uses Extended Critical Strike, and then swaps into Scolosaurus on T2. You can use this to your advantage. Setting up with a Tryostronix is a very very solid option. Using Ready To Crush on the first turn with Rajakylosaurus prevents the counterattack damage. Then on the turn Scolosaurus swaps in, you use Ferocious Strike to boost yourself even further. Then you hit that poor Scolosaurus with a massive 4x damage multiplier with the Defense Shattering Rampage! It could even be higher if you get a critical hit (50% chance of happening!)! If my math is correct, a level 16 Tryostronix should survive Rajakylosaurus’ attack and deal a massive hit on Scolosaurus that’ll take away a big portion of its health!

If you don’t have a Tryostronix yet, there are a few other ways of working around the Scolo Swap. First, there’s Suchotator. Suchotator can Instant Distract the Rajakylo to minimize its damage, and use Lethal Wound when the Scolo swaps in. Another strategy is to use a Dimodactylus on switch in. The Swap In Wound and Lethal Wound stacked should leave Scolo at a very low percentage and prone to be revenge killed with something like Gorgosuchus or another Ferocious Strike user.

When you’ve dispatched of the Scolosaurus, you got two dinos to worry about: Rajakylosaurus and Trykosaurus. I’ll go over both of them in detail and see if there is a good solid Strategy to beating them.


The less threatening dinosaur still standing, Rajakylosaurus is still not to be messed with. The counterattack and the boosted Critical Chance can really rack up damage, so it would be the best to try and avoid the counterattack!
A good way of doing this is with the new creature Marsupial Lion! A level 10 Lion should live every hit Rajakylo can throw at you (including a Critical Hit) and deal a whopping 75% of damage on Turn 2 for 90% of the time with the combination of Prowl and Rending Takedown! This will leave your Lion dead though, keep this in mind! Another way of dealing with Rajakylosaurus is setting up a dinosaur on a near dead Scolosaurus and using a massive damage multiplier against it! Gorgosuchus comes to mind as one of the better ones to use, as well as Tryostronix! These two have high damage output and good speed, so they should do very well in this Strike!

But, we aren’t done talking about the new features yet! Rending Counterattacks are really powerful in this Strike! The prime candidate for lower level players is the new Epic hybrid Purutaurus! With its Greater Rending Counterattack it can KO all dinosaurs in 3 turns! And with Instant Distraction and Long Protection at its disposal, it can make sure it survives that long too! This creature can do well against both Rajakylosaurus and Trykosaurus, although it has to be at a much higher level to deal with Trykosaurus! This due to Trykosaurus’ immense damage output.


Speaking of this bad boy, this is the scariest dino in the Strike for most players. With a damage output of nearly 3200 damage on turn 1(!), this dinosaur is a Tyrant for a reason. When we last faced a Trykosaurus in the St. Patrick Level 30 Strike, its move pattern on the first go went like this: Defense Shattering Strike -> Defense Shattering Rampage -> Defense Shattering Strike etc. So it didn’t use its two Priority moves, so this might help you develop a strategy against this monster.
It is most likely that you’ll lose at least one dinosaur to this thing, so try and lose as little dinosaurs as possible against Scolosaurus and Rajakylosaurus! That way you’ll have a bit of room for error against this thing. Bleeding it out would be the best suggestion. Dinosaurs like Suchotator and the new Spinonyx are great Lethal Wound users, and I highly recommend using a combination of a bleeder and a chomper to beat this creature. Thoradolosaur and Tenontorex both outspeed this creature and both have their pro’s and cons against it. But they both are very useful to defeat it!


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If you beat this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with loads of coins and an Epic Incubator. What’s in it? Everything! It can give you DNA from every creature, even the new ones! So if you missed a rare Cenozoïc daily creature the last few days, this is your chance to maybe acquire it!

Parting Words

With the update here, all of us at MetaHub are really hyped! We hope that the new creatures and Stat Boosts are going to help tremendously, and we think that Strike Towers will become much easier now! We hope you found this Guide useful! Did you win? Let us know what your strategy was! Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media and join our Discord to discuss the new update with us! We passed 6000 members on our Discord a couple of days ago, so there are plenty of people to discuss with! Happy hunting Explorers!

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