Explorers! We’ve got another Epic Strike Event! You don’t have to rush this one, as this one is live for two days! This Strike Event features a variety of heavily armored creatures. Let’s see how to beat them!

Disclaimer: With the new Stat Boosts feature, a lot of dinos have become viable in these Strike Towers. If you got a dino that is boosted a lot, and it isn’t mentioned here, you could still use it! This Strike Guide takes no boosts into account, so keep this in mind when selecting your team! For example: Just because Utasinoraptor isn’t mentioned here, a boosted Utasinoraptor could still shred through a Strike Tower very easily! Think about what you have boosted and see if it can be used for yourself!

Enemy Overview

Step 1: Euoplocephalus (18), Ankylosaurus (19)

Step 2: Amargocephalus (19), Ankylocodon (20)

Step 3: Ankylosaurus (20), Stegoceratops (21)

Step 4: Ankylosaurus (20), Ankylocodon (21), Elasmotherium (22)

Step 5: Amargocephalus (21), Elasmotherium (22), Sinoceratops (23)


As you can see, this Strike Event gives us some variety in the creatures. We’re facing SIX different creatures in this Strike Event, and I think it’s for the best to go over their strengths quickly and then find a way to beat them. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!


This armored creature is one of the two creatures with 40% armor in this Strike Event. It has a decent moveset with Vulnerability Strike and Rampage. This combination of moves give it a high damage kit, even with its subpar 900 attack stat. It’s good health pool and 40% armor make this creature a menace against non Armor Piercing moves, so don’t face it without Armor Piercing attacks!


One of the most well-known dinosaurs there is, Ankylosaurus brings a vast array of Shields to the table. With its 30% armor and TWO Shielding moves this thing is a menace to everything that lacks Defense Shattering Attacks. It’s damage output is limited however, due to it not having a damage multiplier move like Impact or Rampage. It can somewhat fix that with Vulnerability Strike, but the damage output of this thing will be relatively low.


The other 40% armored creature in this Strike Event, Amargocephalus brings a bit more variety to the table. Its kit include a Slowing move in Decelerating Impact, a regular Impact, an Instant Invincibility and Vulnerability Strike. It also has a 0.5 Counterattack at its disposal. With its high armor and good health pool, this thing will be a menace to take down.


This little hybrid has got quite some tricks up its sleeve. Being a hybrid between a Fierce Creature and a Armored Creature, its kit packs both Armor Piercing and Shielding moves. Throw in a Decelerating Impact and you’ll find that this little anklebiter is quite the menace. Its 25% armor helps it survive a bit longer and with its 20% Crit Chance it can hit quite hard too, even with that pitiful 800 attack stat. Lastly, it has Immunity, making it Immune to all negative effects like DoT and Distraction!


This Epic Hybrid is quite the powerhouse with two Impacts, two Stunning moves and some good stats. The Slowing Impact gives it two turns of outspeeding you and gives it the opportunity to stunlock you to death with its Greater Stunning Impact and Strike. This survivability combo is backed by a good Health stat and some great Attack stats. Its 110 Speed also gives it the advantage of being faster than every non-speedboosted chomper in the game.


Also called Stegoceratops Jr. at MetaHub, this dinosaur specializes in Stunning dinosaurs. With 2/3 of its moves being able to stun you, you’re faced against an opponent where you’ll most likely won’t be able to hit back. Its regular move Decelerating Strike gives it a speed advantage for one turn as well, so Immunity is the key to defeating this dinosaur! Sinoceratops also has some good stats to back this moveset up, with the highest attack stat of all these dinosaurs. It also has a good healthpool, armor stat and decent speed.


Finally, we get to the new guy! Elasmotherium offers the most threatening kit damage wise, combined with some good stats to back them up! Its Rending Strike and Definite Rampage give it some Armor Piercing and Defense Shattering Potential. Definite Strike also nullifies all Cloak and Evasive effects, so those aren’t going to help either. Its basic attack Defensive Stance also gives it easy access to Cleansing and a Shield, but it doesn’t do any damage that turn if it uses it.


So now that we know the opposing dinosaurs a bit better, we can figure out some counters. All creatures have a large Armor stat, and most of them have pretty big health pools as well. Let’s go over some specifically good counters to these dinosaurs and go over some great dinos to use as well. The dinosaurs I’m listing are in no particular order, and aren’t always useful if they aren’t at a good level. Keep this in mind.

Armor Piercing/Defense Shattering

This is an absolute no-brainer. Looking at all these dinosaurs, the first thing to notice are the high Armor stats and lots of Shielding moves. Armor Piercing and Defense Shattering moves are amazing in this Strike, and I’d advise anyone with a good level chomper to use it!

Good dinosaurs in this category: Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex (Gen2), Gorgosuchus,  Allosinosaurus, Tyrannolophosaur, Spinonyx

Damage over Time

Damage over Time, or DoT for short, gives almost every creature in this Strike a problem. Using a solid Lethal Wound user can really hurt a lot of these dinosaurs. Be careful of Ankylocodons Immunity and Elasmotheriums Cleansing with Defensive Stance though!

Good dinosaurs in this category: Dimorphodon, Suchomimus, Suchotator, Spinosaurus (Gen2), Dimodactylus, Spinonyx

Rending Attacks

This new addition to the game is doing especially well against Strike Towers. Being able to hit a creature for a set percentage of health is really useful and you can really easily dispatch of a creature or set up another one.

Good creatures in this category: Elasmotherium, Marsupial Lion, Carnotaurus, Purutaurus, Spinonyx

Armor Piercing/Defense Shattering Counterattacks

Finally, we come to the last counter (pun fully intended). These creatures are often overlooked due to their little usefulness in the arena, but they can be quite useful! Being able to pierce Armor or shatter Shields with every counterattack is quite big, and it can really help with the damage output!

Good creatures in this category: Miragaia, Majundasuchus, Concavenator, Tupandactylus, Dsungaripterus, Pteranodon, Megalosuchus


Winning this Strike Event will reward you with a Heavy Armor themed Epic Incubator filled with coins and these dinosaurs:

Common: Ankylosaurus Gen2, Scolosaurus, Brontotherium, Euoplocephalus

Rare: Ankylocodon, Nodosaurus, Elasmotherium

Epic: Amargocephalus, Ankylosaurus, Sinoceratops

Parting Words

This Strike Event looks quite challenging, but with the right dinosaurs at a good level it’s definitely doable. How did you do? Let us know!

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