Explorers! It’s Friday, and we got the Themed Epic Boss Strike to deal with! This time, the featured dinosaur is Sinoceratops, and it’s accompanied by a couple other Ceratopsians! Let’s see how we can deal with these three!

Enemy overview:

Sinoceratops (30), Triceratops (30), Einiosaurus (30)


These three dinosaurs all want to stun you to death. All of these dinosaurs have either one or two Stunning moves in their kit, and they are more than willing to use it. No Swap-In Abilities means that they most likely WON’T swap in this Strike Event. So you can pretty much face each dinosaur individually. Therefore, I’m going over each dinosaur and sum up their strengths and weaknesses.


Starting with the Common dinosaur, Einiosaurus has a really basic kit: Strike and Greater Stunning Impact. Even though it has only one multiplier in Greater Stunning Impact, its base damage at level 30 is 1702, as high as the Indoraptor! So be prepared to take some big hits! It can also survive quite a lot of hits with its 5470 Health and 15% Armor stats. Its 114 Speed also gives it a good edge against all the chompers running around, unless they are boosted of course. Don’t take this Common lightly, it can really dish out a lot of damage!


This Rare dinosaur trades 200 Attack in favor of a boost in every other stat and another move compared to Einiosaurus. It has two Stunning moves, Greater Stunning Impact/Strike and a regular Strike. This means that it can stunlock you for two turns in a row! 5761 Health and 20% Armor make sure it can survive a couple of hits too. 115 Speed is also quite good. Its 1459 Attack, while lower than Einiosaurus, is still nothing to scoff at,  and the damage output should still be taken into consideration!


Finally, the star of this Strike Event. Sinoceratops comes packing with a great arsenal of stats and moves at its disposal. Decelerating Strike gives it a Speed advantage for 1 turn, while its two Stunning moves Greater Stunning Impact and Instant Charge (priority!) provide for excellent Stunlocking potential. It dishes out these attacks coming from a 1641 Attack stat, just below Einiosaurus. It also has 4923 HP and 25% Armor to withstand a lot of hits. Bringing something with Armor Piercing is a great choice here.

What do I do?

The key to winning this Strike Event is working around those Stunning moves. All of them have a delay of 1 and high Cooldowns. Working around this is highly advised. What can you do to do this? For starters, you could try and set up for a big hit on T1. They won’t be able to Stun you when they come out, they can only use a basic Strike on T1. A dinosaur like Gorgosuchus is amazing here, as it can really hurt the opponent by using Ferocious Strike and Defense Shattering Rampage. It has to beware against Sinoceratops though, its basic Attack slows you down.

Another thing you can do is use a DoT Strategy. Suchotator in particular shines due to the great survivability it has with Instant Distraction. Bleed them on the turn they don’t use a Stunning attack and then watch them bleed dry. You’ll want to bring some sort of tank with you to soak up some of the big hits though if you do this.

Another thing is using dinosaurs with Immunity. That way you won’t have to worry about the stuns at all. The best Immune dinosaurs are Legendary however, but one of them is at least relatively easy to obtain: Indominus Rex. Cloak and Armor Piercing Rampage at level 16 does quite a lot. Not enough to OHKO, but it’ll do enough damage for it to set up another dinosaur or kill it in a turn afterwards. Cloak can also make you dodge their attacks! Always a positive! Some other dinosaurs to consider are Postimetrodon and Procerathomimus, the latter also being able to Distract them!

What dinosaurs do I bring to this Strike Event?

Good question! Some dinosaurs are better than others after all. Therefore, I’ll be going over some dinosaurs you should definitely consider while fighting these three.

  • Gorgosuchus: With the Attack buff it received this update, Gorgosuchus is more powerful than ever. Its two-turn-combo of Ferocious Strike and Defense Shattering Rampage really shine against Einiosaurus and Triceratops, and it can really hurt the opponent. Don’t lead with it, instead use it to finish off a weakened dinosaur with Ferocious Strike!
  • Suchotator: The best Rare Hybrid by far, Suchotator brings DoT action to the table in the form of Lethal Wound. It’s key kit in Lethal Wound and Instant Distraction allows it to trade with any of these dinosaurs as long as Suchotator is level 9 (with no crits). You do this with Lethal Wound on T1 and Instant Distraction on T2. Best one to use this against is either Sinoceratops or Triceratops.
  • Indominus Rex/Tryostronix: Normally I don’t do Legendary dinosaurs, but these two really shine against this Strike Event in particular. They can boost their damage output on T1 and hit really hard on T2 with their Rampages. Try them out if you have them!
  • Procerathomimus: Although a bit risky if you’re going to rely on the dodge, it can dish out good damage and Distract at the same time with Distracting Rampage. With its Immunity it also doesn’t have to worry at all with the Slowing and Stunning this Strike has!
  • Postimetrodon: While it got nerfed this update, Postimetrodon is still a good choice to bring here. Its Ferocious Strike and Defense Shattering Impact combined with its Immunity give it a good combination of moves and passive to face these creatures.
  • Marsupial Lion: Even though it can be a bit on the frail side, taking out 75% of Health in one hit is quite useful. This can allow another dinosaur to set up a Ferocious Strike or get a Defense Shattering Rampage off their delay!
  • Any boosted Armor Piercer: With the infamous Stat Boosts, any Armor Piercing creature is valid for this Strike Event if it’s at a decent level. If your boosted dinosaur has Armor Piercing/Defense Shattering, bringing it won’t be a bad idea at all, especially if it has Immunity!


If you win this Strike Event, you’ll get a Sinoceratops Themed Incubator. In it you’ll find loads of coins, the regular Epic Incubator DNA and as an addition 200 guaranteed Sinoceratops DNA on top of the Epic DNA pool! From the shop, it seems like you get two times 200 Sinoceratops DNA, but it has to be seen if this is a bug or not. So it could also reward you with 400 Sinoceratops DNA!

Parting Words

It seems like Ludia is going to make Boss Strikes themed around a certain dinosaur from this point. I like this new approach to Boss Strikes. It makes them a bit easier than all the ludicrous Boss Strikes we’ve had in the past with three Unique dinosaurs for example. What do you think about this development? Let us know! As usual, follow MetaHub on our social media and join our Discord and discuss JWA with us! We got over 6000 members on it, so there are a lot of people who you can talk with about the game! We hope to see you on there!

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