It’s official! We’ve now hit over 6,000 discord members! Seriously, our discord rocks and if you aren’t on it, you should be! We’ve got some amazing people and some great advice on there.


Now that 1.7 is out, we’re still working through some of our cornerstone content. We’ve already posted a number of cornerstone articles (like our datamine article and our spawn guide article) covering the biggest finds. There’s been a few more patches since then but nothing major in those. A few more event weeks and a new featured week coming up, but we’ll dive into another more thorough and accurate datamine after the next patch comes (which we thought was incoming today, but it appears will be slightly delayed).

So let’s talk what is left to cover and what is new around Metahub!

Tier List

We are HARD at work on the tier list, and we are so excited about it. Not only do we have some really incredible top players participating in our discussions, but we’ve got the JWA Field Guide working on a battle simulator that uses a super advanced AI to simulate a few million battles and determine with extreme accuracy what does and doesn’t actually work! Seriously, it’s insane. And we’re finding all sorts of strange and interesting counters (Purrolyth has a 50% chance at beating Erlidom? Seriously?).

Point is, we’re taking this one a bit slow for good reason. We want to build the best tier list possible for you. It’s more important than ever because of these new tournaments that are being run!

State of the Meta

Another cornerstone article is our State of the Meta post, where we discuss what we think is happening in the arena. Unfortunately, until we see what happens with the stat boosts (because it sounds like there are changes afoot based on feedback), we don’t want to rush this one either. After all, we all know the current state of the meta is boosted Thor and boosted Dracoceratops wreaking havoc on most squads.

What To Boost

The third big article we’re working on is a more thorough guide on what to boost and why we should be boosting it. We already dove into the basics of the boost system (see article 1 and article 2) but there’s still a lot of ground to cover. We still need to see where the boost system ends up to complete this work, but we’d love to have a guide for new players and experienced players expressing where we think boosts are best applied and why.

But because our tier list is focused on equal levels (equal boosts, equal everything) instead of availability, it’s important to find some early game dinos that benefit a lot from boosts to help teams progress in the arena and even some late game dinos that benefit a lot that are severely underused (see my insanely boosted Tryostronix – which has been an absolute monster).

Winners and Losers

Finally, we always do a winners and losers article, but this too is sort of hinging on the boost system fallout. After all, the biggest winner right now is Thoralodosaur. And the biggest loser is anything facing a boosted Thoralodosaur.

Regarldless, we’ll do some more profiling of the new dinos and keep you up to date on content! Just wanted to check in like we usually do around this time!


In Conclusion

We are excited about a lot of the new stuff we have coming, and thrilled that our discord server has grown so much! Hopefully we see more positive changes in the future from Ludia and we can get a final ruling on how these boosts are being dealt with so that we can keep churning out some great articles and guides!

In the meantime, keep darting those event dinos and collecting those daily incubators, Explorers!


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