Ludia has finally made an announcement on the forums and we’re excited to deliver the following news to you!

It sounds as though there will be system maintenance on Friday morning (tomorrow) at around 9:30 AM EDT and here’s what we know so far –

  • This scheduled maintenance is theoretically going to fix stat boosts.
  • Once Ludia confirms this time for maintenance, they will send out more information on the changes for stat boosts.
  • We’re watching our monitors and refreshing constantly for these details!

So basically, all we know is there’s maintenance, and it will fix stat boosts, and we’re waiting and hoping we get the information we all want (explaining the plan) sometime soon!

In Conclusion

As we said in our last article here, we’ve been waiting for this announcement so we can get back to work on all the fun things we have planned. Now that it’s here, and hopefully maintenance does what we hope it does, that means we can get back to work!

Well, I mean, get back to work on all the stuff that’s been stalled until we knew how the boosts would be handled. Because the tier list and the AI running matchups is going insanely well so far. Seriously. Who knew Dilorachierus can’t kill Ankylocodon in a 1v1 without some incredible string of impossible crits? We sure didn’t.

In the meantime, keep darting those event dinos and collecting those daily incubators, Explorers!


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