It’s really happening! Ludia has done the right thing and heard us and will be rolling back all stat boosts for all players.

During the process of releasing 1.7, there were a handful of opportunities for players to purchase an unlimited amount of attack and health stat boosts during a small window of time, and there was an exploit for most of the time that stat boosts existed that allowed players to buy speed stat boosts to raise their whole team to tier 6 in speed.

Because of these unintentional exploits, Ludia has decided to roll all boosts back, start everyone on equal footing, refund hard cash for all players who had purchased boosts, and lower the value that speed boosts actually boost your speed.

The full announcement from Ludia is below:


Hello fellow DPG members,

Earlier we announced that we intended to make some changes to Stat Boosts 3.

As of Friday (05/17) morning around 9:30 AM EDT, we’ll be in maintenance to reset all creatures’ Stats modifications to 0, and give free Stat Boosts to all players based on the maximum amount of players would have won through natural progression (including through collection of the Daily Battle Incubator, completion of daily events, etc.) since the release in order to reinvest their Stat Boosts where they see fit. These are the number of Stat Boosts you will find in your inventory:

  • Attack Stat Boosts: 115
  • Health Stat Boosts: 115
  • Speed Stat Boosts: 85

We will also credit all Jurassic World Alive Cash that was spent by players that purchased additional Stat Boosts from the market. To do so, we calculated how many Stat Boost points are lost in the reset per player and converted them into packs of 25, just as they were sold. In order to guarantee that this transition is to the player’s advantage, we will round up the result of that pack numbers operation. Then, each calculated Stat Boost pack (e.g. 25) will be converted into 500 Cash, as a direct credit to the corresponding accounts.

This is done automatically; you do not need to do anything to get your free Stat boosts or Cash other than to close and relaunch your game.

In addition, until next early next week, we will have Stat Boosts in the store that will allow players to purchase units in Hardcash. This sale will have a maximum consumption limit equal to the originally intended distribution so users who did purchase legitimately Stat Boosts can re-acquire them.

Finally, we are also rebalancing the Speed Boost gains based on your feedback to create a more balanced experience. With these values, any creature with its Speed slowed down by 50% will be slower than any unboosted creature

Here are the new Speed Boost gains per rank:

Thank you all again for your incredible support and please share your feedback below

In Conclusion

Honestly, this is what we’ve been asking for and we’re thrilled to see it happen. Hopefully the arena returns to what we knew and loved prior to the boosts getting so out of control. Hopefully players really get to fall in love with the boost system that we tested so often and enjoyed so much when rolled out slowly.

We’re just thrilled. And we hope you are as well!