Week 51 is here, and goodness… it looks overwhelming. But we’re here to help guide you through this incredible week of featured dinosaurs. The highlight, of course, is those massive 30 IRRITATOR attempts that we all so desperately need if we want to create (or level) the monstrosity Magnapyritor.

This week’s theme is CONTINENTAL, and it’s one of the fullest weeks with featured dinosaurs we’ve ever seen. So let’s break it down!

Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday (30 Attempts)

Tuesday + Wednesday (18 Attempts)
Irritator Gen 2

Thursday (6 Attempts)

Friday + Saturday (18 attempts)
Marsupial Lion

Friday + Saturday + Sunday (45 Attempts)

Sunday (6 Attempts)

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the FIRST SET of Commons, Irritator Gen 2 helps in making one of the most basic building block dinos in the game — Suchotator. Attempts at Irri Gen 2 are always welcome, though it isn’t exactly hard to find in the wild. Phorusrhascos, on the other hand, is not possible to find in the wild at this time. So using attempts here seems smarter. Anytime you have the option to get something you can already find versus something that isn’t available (just based on Ludia’s tendency to take non-meta relevant dinos and make them relevant or their hybrids relevant), it’s a good time to take advantage. So catch those Pharaoh’s.

For the SECOND SET of Commons, we have more of a dealers choice situation. Catch what you need specifically for your team. All of these creatures are available in the wild and attainable, so it really comes down to what you are leveling up or where you are at in progression. If nothing looks good, you’re not losing much by ignoring this set.

For the FIRST SET of Rares, it’s really really really hard to do anything but 30 Irritator attempts, and here’s why. At this point there is very little ways to get Irritator beyond random chance in incubators. So despite being a rare, often it’s more difficult to get than many Epic dinos, especially in the quantities needed to make and level up Pyrritator, or Magnapyritor. So while you could use some attempts on Carnotaurus, Argentinosaurus, Amargasaurus or Tupandactylus, you can also find those dinosaurs in the wild. You can’t find Irritator. So use those attempts on Irritator.

For the SECOND SET of Rares, Giraffatitan is a tough one to come by due to the nighttime local four spawn pattern, but the Legendary it creates (Nodopatotitan) isn’t exactly world-breaking. Spinosaurus has a lot of use since many still run Spinotahsuchus, so anyone who is a little short on Spino has a really great option here. For the rest of us, we’ll likely be focused on Marsupial Lion. It’s new, it is only around one day a week, and this is an opportunity to catch 18 of them and get a head start on whatever the hybrid for that thing will eventually be — because it’ll likely be a monster.

For the FIRST SET of Epics, you’ve got Gryposuchus that is a local 4 resident and regular, and you’ve got Smilodon that’s a Monday-only resident. For most people, these two dinosaurs aren’t on their list of things to level. For those like me who know the hidden secrets of Grypolyth, and who used two epic scents last night in L4 with zero Grypo success, we’re excited and focusing on Grypo. Still, a case can be made for Smilodon as it will no doubt get a hybrid, and that hybrid will be at least a legendary if not a unique. So both present good options.

For the SECOND SET of Epics, it’s definitely Kentrosaurus. Sure, Alanqa is great, and Alankylosaurus is a really great legendary dino, but Trykosaurus is undoubtedly one of the best in the arena and you really need a lot of Kentrosaurus and Ankylosaurus to get there. So six attempts on Kentro is a welcome surprise.

Strike Events

This week is FULL of strike events. We’ve got FOUR epic strikes, on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and a boost strike on Wednesday, so basically every day but Monday you’ve got a strike event that must be done. It’s pretty wild.


There’s no tournament this week, and we expect there won’t be one until they get the AI bug fixed (unless it already has been fixed). Once that’s addressed, I’m sure they’ll have tournaments over the weekends to look forward to again.

Parting Words

This week has been the kind of week we’ve been waiting for — a bunch of really useful rares and epics and a ton of epic strike events. There will be no shortage of things to dart and collect throughout the week.

We’re thrilled about it all. How about you? What will you be darting?

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