Explorers! The THIRD Epic Strike of this week is here, and it’s a Themed Boss Strike! This time, the featured dinosaur is the Epic pterosaur hybrid Dimodactylus! It’s accompanied by its components Dimorphodon and Tupandactylus, so there’s a lot to cover in this Strike Event! Let’s get into it!

Enemy Overview

Dimorphodon (30), Tupandactylus (30), Dimodactylus (30)

We’ve got another infographic for you thanks to our artist Orange Heart!

We’ve got a Swap-in fest incoming, as ALL of these creatures have a Swap in Ability! So you can expect a lot of swapping in this Strike Event! Another thing these dinosaurs have in common is relatively low Health and Attack Stats, which makes it easier to make these dinosaurs drop before you. For now, let’s go over them individually and see what their strong and weak points are.


First we got the Common of the Strike. With its basic kit of Pinning Strike, Gashing Wound and Swap in Wound, this dinosaur is a DoT reliant one. I say that because Dimorphodon has the lowest Attack stat in the game! This dinosaur really relies on the DoT to rack up some good damage, and it won’t do any good damage itself. At level 30, it only does 608 Damage with its moves! Its Health Stat of 3646 isn’t great either, making this quite a frail creature. However, it is quite fast. 128 Speed is quite fast in this game. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t fear this one if you got an Immune dinosaur on your squad.


The Rare of this Strike brings the highest damage to the table. At least, damage output. With its 997 Attack Stat and Swap in Ferocity, it can really put a dent in your dinosaur, especially with the Armor Piercing Counter it has! It can also put up a Shield to mitigate some damage dealt to it, making that 3646 Health look at least a bit better. And for a counterattacker, it’s really fast, clocking in at 126 Speed! However, just like Dimorphodon, its Health stat is its downfall. Bring any decent chomper to this fight and you’ll see Tupandactylus drop soon.


The Featured Dino of this Strike Event has got a move overhaul in this update. With its Pinning Strike now becoming Shielding Strike, it got a lot better Shielding potential in this update. Furthermore, it got a Priority move in Instant Pinning Strike, which gives it Priority Pinning against Hit and Runners! Add its two DoT moves (Lethal Wound and Swap in Wound) and you got quite a good kit facing you down. However. Dimodactylus has the same Attack, Health and Speed Stats as Tupandactylus: 3646 Health, 1045 Attack and 126 Speed. This makes it sort of reliable on the DoT to really rack up the damage it needs to take out a dinosaur. So, I’d say you should bring an Immune dinosaur to this Strike, especially if it has Defense Shattering.


Now that we know our opponents a bit better, let’s get into some counters. You may have already seen me mention it in the Enemy Overview, but bringing a dinosaur with Immunity is really going to help. Two of the three dinosaurs here really rely on DoT to rack up the damage, so having one or two Immune dinosaurs on your Strike Team will really aid you in this Strike Event. Cleansing might also help here, but it isn’t perfect, as you want to predict the DoT move to really make full use of the rest of the dinosaurs kit.

Another thing you might have seen is the low Health Stat of these dinosaurs. It’s chomping time! Tyrannosaurids generally speaking have a decent Health Stat and high Attack stats, so bringing some is a good choice if you want to dispatch of them quickly. They are also excellent Swapping punishers, getting in a massive free hit every time the opponent swaps in. And maybe it’s useful to bring a nullifier to this Strike to nullify Tupandactylus’ Ferocity effect. That way you at least limit the damage output it can do to just below 2k a turn, instead of just below 3k each turn.

What dinosaurs do I bring?

To help you get your team together, I’m going to list a couple of dinosaurs which I believe will be the best to face these pterosaurs. Let’s get into it.

  • Secodontosaurus – This dinosaur got a crazy Attack buff this update. And with Immunity and two high damage moves at its disposal, it can really punish those low Health stats and Swap in tendencies these pterosaurs have. A solid pick if you got it at a good level!
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (GEN2) – Tyrannosaurus Rex and its GEN2 version have the highest Attack stats in the game, 1800 and 1700 respectively. So any hit coming from these two will hurt. They are excellent Swap punishers and can take these pterosaurs out with relative ease.
  • Stegoceratops – Another Swapping punisher, Stegoceratops can stunlock the opponent to death with relative ease. Try and catch a dinosaur when it swaps in with either a Slowing or Stunning move, and you’re set.
  • Suchotator – With its Lethal Wound, it can put the opponent on a DoT-timer. DoT is another great way of dispatching of these dinosaurs with little effort.
  • Carnotaurus/Purutaurus – Both of these dinosaurs have access to the Greater Rending Counterattack AND Cleansing moves, which makes them great against the DoT.
  • Monolophosaurus – This one is great against Tupandactylus. With its two Distracting moves it can reduce the damage a LOT, and it can nullify the Ferocity effect it gets from swapping in. Its hybrids are also an excellent choice to bring to this fight if you got them.
  • Tryostronix – This legendary dinosaur is perfect for this job. It can set up a Ready To Crush on a swap, then hit the opponent really hard with a DSR or a Ferocious Strike! If you have unlocked this one, bring it!


If you win this Strike Event, you’ll be rewarded with a Dimodactylus themed Epic Incubator. In it you will find 200 Dimodactylus DNA on top of the regular Epic Incubator contents.

Parting Words

The Themed Boss Strikes seem to be sticking around, and we at MetaHub like that! It makes the level 30 Strike Events at least a bit easier so that they can be beaten by lower level players! It also does an excellent job at showcasing the featured dinosaur! Did you beat this Strike Event? Let us know how you did it! As always, follow MetaHub on social media and join our Discord to discuss JWA with us! We hope to see you on there!

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