Just a quick note: While the Strike Event title says Africa+Oceania, the dinosaur pool is actually North America. Just a quick note to clear any confusion!

Explorers! It’s the last day of the Continental Week, and our fourth and final Epic Strike Event is here! This Strike Event features three powerful dinosaurs from North America! Let’s see how we can beat them!

Enemy Overview

Utahraptor (25), Stygimoloch (24), Tyrannosaurus Rex (26)

We’ve got an awesome infographic for you thanks to our artist Orange Heart!

As you can see, this Strike Event is about hitting you hard. Each of these dinosaurs have the ability to hit your dinosaurs really hard, each in their own way. Two of the three dinosaurs are also quite fast, which could prove to be a problem for teams without slowing abilities. Let’s go over each of these dinosaurs and see how we can beat them.


The ‘bandit of Utah’ is here, ready to dish out some big damage! It has a 2x and 1.5x multiplier at its disposal, with the 1.5 multiplier having a 45% chance of being a 2.25x multiplier. So as you can see, Utahraptor can really dish out some high damage. However, look at the Health stat and you can be a little relieved. 2400 Health isn’t very high, and almost every good Superiority Strike user can dish out that much damage in a couple of turns. So try and use Superiority Strike users against this one.


The ‘thorny devil from the river Styx’ (wow, that’s quite a name for a dinosaur!) has come again to annoy us. With the moveset it has along with its high Speed and Attack stat it can be a real annoyance. Shielding Strike provides it excellent survivability, Instant Charge gives it a priority Stunning move and Impact and Run allow it to flee the battle while also dishing out major damage. Distraction and Slowing will be a valuable asset against this dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus RexRexy is the highest leveled dinosaur of the bunch. Fitting, as it literally is the ‘Tyrant Lizard King’! And as a King, it also has the highest Attack stat out of every dinosaur: A whopping 1800 Attack stat! Combine this with its Defense Shattering kit and it can destroy teams when not Distracted! Distraction is really the key to defeating this dinosaur, or maybe some DoT will be useful. But expect to lose a dinosaur if you go that route. In fact, expect to lose a dinosaur regardless, Rexy shouldn’t be underestimated!


Now that we know our opponents a bit better, let’s go over some countermeasures. For starters, I cannot stress the importance of Distraction in this fight! Two of the three dinosaurs will be really crippled with lowered damage output, and I highly suggest bringing some Distracting dinosaurs with you! Another thing that’s good to bring is Superiority Strike users to deal with Utahraptor easily, ideally with some Distraction to soften up those big hits. That way Utahraptor won’t become as big of a problem.

What dinosaurs do I bring to this Strike Event?

Now I’m going to list some dinosaurs that I’d recommend to consider bringing to this fight. They are up to Epic Rarity, but in rare cases I’ll also be listing Legendary dinosaurs if they are really that great for the job. Take note that I don’t take boosts into account. If you got a good boosted creature that isn’t on this list but can deal with these dinosaurs, bring it, even if I didn’t mention it. Now, let’s get started with the counters.

  • Pyroraptor – With its double Distraction and 129 Speed, Pyroraptor is a great counter to both Rexy and Utahraptor. It can reduce their damage to zero while outspeeding them both. A great pick if you have it!
  • Monolophosaurus – This one is a bit slower than Pyroraptor, but it can reduce damage to 0. However, it’s slower than Utahraptor, so this one is really just useful against Rexy.
  • Kentrosaurus – With its powerful 1400 Attack stat combined with a great Health pool, Kentrosaurus is amazing against the two speedsters in this Strike. Soften up the big hits with Instant Distraction and then slow them down with either Thagomizer or Superiority Strike.
  • Stegoceratops – While it can’t cleanse Distraction, Stegoceratops is still an amazing dino for Speed Control. With its Slowing Impact and two Stunning moves it can really hurt the opposing dinosaur.
  • Brachiosaurus/Giraffatitan – Both of these dinosaurs have access to Superiority Strike, the priority Shield+Slowing move Bellow and, most importantly, a high Health pool. Therefore, they are excellent against the two speedsters of this Strike Event. They also both have a Rampage to dish out some major damage.
  • Procerathomimus – With its double Distraction kit, Procerathomimus is a real Distracting powerhouse. Instant Distraction and Distracting Rampage work well with each other, and Yoshi has the damage to back that Rampage up. It can however be a bit on the RNG Reliant side if you want to gamble with Evasive Stance though, keep this in mind.

Ideally, you’ll pick your team to have at least two Superiority Strike users, a dinosaur that can handle Rex, and a back up dinosaur that can take down weakened dinosaurs. A good choice to take out some weakened dinosaurs on its own is Velociraptor, as it has decent damage and outspeeds every dinosaur in this Strike Event. It also has to be at level 20 for its hybrid Indoraptor, so chances are that you’ve leveled this raptor up quite a bit!


If you beat this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with a North America Themed Incubator! In it you’ll find loads of coins and DNA from this great dinosaur pool:

  • Common – Allosaurus, Brontotherium, Parasaurolophus, Tanycolagreus
  • Rare – Dracorex, Triceratops, Utahraptor
  • Epic – Diplodocus, Stygimoloch, Tyrannosaurus Rex

Parting Words

This has been a great week filled with Epic Strikes! We hope you got some good DNA out of all of them and, most importantly, you had fun while doing it? How did you do this week? Was it a successful week for you? Let us know! As always, follow MetaHub on social media and join our Discord to discuss JWA with us! We hope to see you on there!

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