Content creators like us at MetaHub are mostly built up of a bunch of superfans of a particular game. We’re not elected. We’re not inherent experts. And while sure, some of us have done quite well being competitive in this game, that still doesn’t make our opinion above reproach.

In fact, we definitely get things wrong. In 1.6 – it’s pretty clear at this point that Thor should’ve probably been Tyrant. That was made most clear by a straight 19-0 vote to put it into the tyrant tier in the blind voting for 1.7. Nineteen of us, without any discussion, all decided hands down that Thor should be a Tyrant.

Now, we’ve heard all sorts of great feedback on our tier list. We’re working on a few explanation articles to discuss why some dinosaurs went into certain tiers, and what the battle simulation results were (particularly what battle sim results showed us where we may have been wrong).

But one thing that’s been occurring since the first tier list we have ever done is a discussion around what the community thinks. Our discord it usually abuzz with discussion as soon as the tier list is released. What did we get wrong? What did we get right? And our community members are not shy about expressing their opinions!

You see, we may have people who are incredibly smart, and incredibly good players, but it’s not just about us. It’s also about you. We want to hear from you too. We want the tier list to represent what the community thinks, not just what we think.

So we’ve decided to create a survey for you all, showing where we placed things in the tier list for 1.7 and asking you where you’d put it.

At the end of this survey period, we’ll put together a community tier list — a peoples choice showing what the consensus is — where we at MetaHub and you all think things belong. So if you feel we’ve misplaced your favorite dinosaur, this is your chance to see how everyone else feels about it.

So without further ado – we present to you the community tier list vote! If you can’t remember what changed about a dinosaur, we’ve got you covered. We’ve color coded it and made it really clear where this dino was in 1.6 and where we are saying it belongs in 1.7.

So check out the survey BY CLICKING HERE.

We won’t release results until we have at least 500 responses so share with your friends and make your voice heard! Have at it explorers! And get back out there to battle!

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