Ludia has announced there has been another minor breach in the game in terms of stat boosts. A very small number of players were able to exceed the limits that were intended for stat boosts, and those players have been refunded their hard cash and those stat boosts removed.

This is exciting as it shows Ludia’s commitment to fixing issues that affect all players in one form or another. Furthermore, in their post, they reiterate how cheating of any kind will not be tolerated, and though some people purchased these additional stat boosts without knowing it, others who perhaps flaunted it and realized it was a glitch may end up with other consequences.

While the usefulness of boosts and the rollout has been heavily scrutinized (including by us here at MetaHub), this is again a positive step in the right direction which is indeed encouraging.

And we haven’t seen a boost sale for some time in the store, which is another sign the community outcry was indeed heard, as most doing the math can see that keeping up with one sale a day for both health and damage, plus one sale a week for speed would result in approximately 20,000 hard cash needed a month just to keep up — or approximately $146 in US Currency.

Having sales is not the issue in our humble opinion. It was the frequency of sales that presented a problem for the average (or even above average) player. Seeing a lack of sales on boosts is certainly another good sign.

We are very happy to see Ludia take steps like these, and hope this continues as time goes on. But for now, we’ve got a bunch of Dilophosaurus and Velociraptors to dart. So we’ll get back out there and dart away.

Happy Hunting Explorers!