Hello again explorers! A couple of weeks ago we put out a survey to get your opinion on the tier list. We said when we reached 500 responses, we would release those results. Well we reached 500 responses! So first of all, Thank You! Without our wonderful Metahub community this wouldn’t have even been possible.

Why a Community Tier List?

The idea behind this community survey was to allow you to get an idea of what really goes into the official tier list and have the opportunity to express your opinions about it (which we know you aren’t shy about!). The game is at a difficult place for a lot of people at the moment and while we try and stay positive, we also understand there are some frustrations right now. And believe us, we are feeling them too. We represent a large population of players from the Fallen Kingdom arena all the way up to Aviary. Our goal is to do our best to represent the interest of all of those players and while that isn’t always possible (because let’s be honest you can’t please everyone), we always have you as a community in mind when creating content.

So we wanted to get back to the core of the game: dinosaurs. Ultimately that is what the game is about and that is what we are focusing on when we are working on the tier list. As we previously mentioned, boosts are not considered when creating this list. We understand they are still prevalent in the arena and the game, but in the end everything should technically end at the same place. So we feel like the tier list is still very useful (especially to new players starting out) and something people look forward to after every update. Since we have so many people expressing their opinions about it after it is released we thought allowing you as a community to vote as well would bring you back to the core of the game as well and hopefully remind you what you love about it.


But why was it SO LONG?

We had a lot of comments about the length of the survey. While we will admit that the Survivor, Scavenger, and Hatchling tiers didn’t have a major mix up we also wanted you to really understand what goes in to the tier list discussion. We had 23 people take part in the tier list and every single one of them had to take that same survey before we even started the actual discussion process. So we thought it was only fair that you as a community should see that same survey in order to produce a tier list voted on by you. The difference is you don’t have to spend a week in a chat room with 23 other people arguing about where Erlikospyx should be.


What you thought we got wrong

Overall the majority of the community thought our tier list was correct, with the exception of 2 creatures. In fact, over 75% of you didn’t have any disagreement with the Tyrant Tier at all. Most of the close calls came from the Apex Tiers and those are where most of the discussions happened in our official tier list as well.

Since so many of you agreed with us, we won’t put out the full list again (but here it is again for reference). Instead, we are going show what would have been considered a “contested creature” based on your votes. This basically means it received less than 65% of voted and that is what we would have focused on for discussion. According to the community, these are the creatures that would have been considered contested:

Dinosaur Metahub Tier % of  Vote Next Highest Voted Tier % of  Vote
Diorajasaur High Apex 61.50% Tyrant 23.80%
Grypolyth High Apex 63.40% Mid Apex 25.00%
Indoraptor High Apex 62.60% Tyrant 27.50%
Monostegotops High Apex 63.30% Mid Apex 31.20%
Tuoramoloch High Apex 51.30% Mid Apex 40.30%
Edmontoguanadon Mid Apex 61.00% Low Apex 18.40%
Indominus Rex Mid Apex 64.40% High Apex 19.50%
Megalosuchus Mid Apex 64.80% Low Apex 17.7%
Procerathomimus Mid Apex 49.50% High Apex 38.80%
Purutarus Mid Apex 55.90% High Apex 33.50%
Spinotasuchus Mid Apex 57.50% High Apex 31.00%
Tryostronix Mid Apex 64.30% High Apex 21.50%
Tyrannolophosaur Mid Apex 64.60% Low Apex 24.6%
Ornithomimus Low Apex 61.30% High Alpha 25.10%
Paramoloch Low Apex 61.10% Mid Apex 24.60%
Spinonyx High Alpha 46.50% Low Apex 30.60%
Stygidaryx High Alpha 62.00% Low Apex 21.50%
Miragaia Low Alpha 64.80% High Alpha 22.60%
Monomimus Low Alpha 60.70% High Alpha 14.50%


Procerathomimus and Spinonyx were the only 2 dinos that did not have an absolute majority vote. Since we are unable to get all 500 of you in one place to actually discuss these dinos, we will never know where they would ultimately end up, but we will acknowledge the fact that these 2 specifically would probably be moved based on your votes.

Honorable Mentions

While we consider 65% the cut off for the contested dinos, there were several that fell around that range and were honestly a bit surprising.

Dinosaur Metahub Tier % of  Vote Next Highest Voted Tier % of  Vote
Utarinex High Apex 69.40% Tyrant 15.80%
Stegodeus Mid Apex 67.70% Low Apex 20.30%
Ardontosaurus Low Apex 68.30% Mid Apex 20.60%
Geminititan Low Apex 67.00% Mid Apex 20.40%
Dracorex Gen 2 High Alpha 67.00% Low Apex 16.50%
Gorgosuchus High Alpha 68.10% Low Apex 21.90%
Pyrritator Low Alpha 68.10% High Alpha 20.10%
Diplotator Beta 66.50% Low Alpha 21.40%
Velociraptor Survivor 69.10% Beta 19.10%
Phorusrhacos Scavenger 68.70% Survivor 16.80%


Parting Words

A majority of the creatures listed in this article were the same ones that were discussed when we were working on our Tier list. These will always be a bit subjective and everyone has their opinions on what they feel should be where. We did read all of the comments left by those who took the survey and we appreciate the kind words as well as the insights on why you voted the way you did. We hope you enjoyed being a small part in the tier list process and we are excited to see what future lists might look like. If there is a dino that isn’t on here or you really feel we got wrong, drop a comment below, or come join our discussion on our Discord!

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