Explorers, get ready because PVP seasons are back! Yesterday Ludia announced a relaunch of their PVP seasons (different from tournaments) with some exciting changes. According to their announcement they have: rebuilt PvP Seasons from the ground up with a new League structure on top of the existing arenas, with rewards based on each player’s trophy high score during each Season. This sounds very promising, so let’s dive in to what this all means.

New Arenas

In addition to the current arenas, they have added 3 new League Arenas for the top players to duke it out for top spot:

  • Lockwood Library (5000-5499 trophies*)
  • Gyrosphere (5500-5999 trophies*)
  • Beach (6000+ trophies*)

They have also added a 50 point “grace period”. Meaning you won’t get knocked down an arena by simply falling 1 point below the cut off. You won’t move down until you are at least 50 points below the minimum requirement. For instance, if you rank up into Gyrosphere and then lose a match (bringing you down to 5475 trophies) you will remain in Gyrosphere. If you lose another match and get bumped down to 5440 trophies, then you will be demoted to Lockwood Library since you’ll be below the “grace” amount.

Monthly PVP Seasons

These new seasons will be held every month. Similar to previous season, and different from the tournaments, there is no opt out for PVP seasons. You will be participating in a season as soon as you enter a PVP battle in the arena. The seasons will start on the first Monday of each month. With the only exception being holidays and then it will start on the first non-holiday of the week. They are already teasing 1.8 since they mention that the first PVP season will start shortly after the 1.8 update. You must participate in at least one PVP battle to be eligible for the season and it’s associated prizes.

Trophy Resets

Before the first PVP season they will have an initial trophy reset and then launch the new season shortly after that. Then, there will be an additional trohpy reset at the end of each season. Players who are in the League Arenas (5000 trophies and up) will have their current trophy count adjusted. Players below 5000 trophies will not be effected by the re-set.

The adjustment brings player’s trophy counts between 5000 and 5499, in order to put everyone back into the first League at every new Season. Players who have a pre-adjustment score closer to 5000 will end up closer to 5000 after the adjustment, while players who have a higher score will be adjusted closer to 5499. Once your trophy count has been adjusted, your high score matches your (new) current score.

Prizes and Scoring

The most exciting part of the announcement is the changes to scoring and prizes: Prizes will be based on the highest score that you have achieved during the Season, rather than your end of Season current score. All players that have participated and have posted a high score of 2500 or higher on the leaderboard will receive a prize at the end of each season.

That means you don’t have to debate on camping at the end of the season or being afraid of losing your spot! We have been asking for this change since they put out the survey about it, so we for one are excited they are finally listening on this point. It is important to note that the regular Battle Incubators are still associated with your current Arena, so if your current score demotes your Arena to a lower one, each Battle Incubator that you gain will belong to that (lower) Arena.

One thing they didn’t address in the announcement is the matchmaking issues many people seem to be having. It seems the new matchmaking will still be in effect, but with the trophy reset, we are hopeful that the arena may finally settle itself out. They also didn’t specify what the first trophy re-set will consist of.

Parting Words

We are excited about the new changes to the arenas and seasons! We now have 3 new arenas to shoot for as a goal and prizes based on highest score are especially refreshing. It seems that 1.8 could be coming soon as well so we will be eagerly waiting an announcement about that as well. Overall this is a step in the right direction and what we have been asking for. So have fun out there and we will hopefully see you at the Beach!

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