The very first Special Event for Jurassic World Alive just started today (June 4th at 10 am EDT) and a lot of exciting things are happening and more is expected to happen! Explorers, it’s time to pack up and go hunting some big lizards! From what we can see, we can suspect the event to last for one week!

7 days, 7 dinos

First things first, let’s talk about the major part of the event, the Dinos. During this 7 days event, one can expect one new Dinosaur to be available at each Special Event Supply Drop (green ones) per day. The rotation is expected at 10 a.m. EDT of every day of the week.

For the first day, it seems that Triceratops Gen 2 is the Dino that you will be able to find in the sponsored Supply Drops and under Special Event Supply Drops. Wait ?! Special Event Supply Drops ? Yes, but let’s talk about that in a moment… 😛

Here is the list of the seven featured Dinos of the week (in the order of the picture to the right), with the day they will appear according to our source, jws51203 (come connect with him on our Discord server) :

Editor’s note: The schedule has been affected by the change in the Event Duration. We are looking for more information as this moment. June 5, 2018 – 10:00 p.m. EST.


  • Dracorex Gen 2 (Thursday)
  • Nodosaurus (Saturday)
  • Triceratops Gen 2 (Monday)
  • Ankylosaurus (Wednesday)
  • Apatosaurus (Friday)
  • Stegosaurus (Sunday)
  • Dilophosaurus (Tuesday)

If you need DNA for one of those, that’s the perfect opportunity!

Special Event Supply Drops (SESD) + Regular Supply Drops

It is unclear yet whether there are new Supply Drops specific to this event, but one can easily recognize SESDs by their green halo. The featured Dinos will appear under those drops at regular intervals.

Depending on the rarity of the featured Dino, the number of Drone attempts and respawns may vary :

Editor’s note: There has been a slight change to the timer of the Event duration. More information here.

The number of attempts mean that you will be able to get DNA from Dinos under SESDs only that number of times during a day, regardless of the number of SESDs you find. For example, for Triceratops Gen 2, you have 12 attempts in total, all SESDs included, so make your attempts count!

The SESDs don’t seem to redeem more items. Classic blue drops still exist (just some of them have turned into green ones).

REJOICE! It appears that regular Supply Drops are back to their original state, which means that we have many more Supply Drops available!

Two special incubators in the store

Finally, the last noticeable thing is the addition of two special incubators for the event, that you can found in the store.

First one is the Showcase rare incubator :

In this one, you will find rare DNA for one of the featured Dinos of the week. Note that only 4 incubators are available. This incubator is available during the whole event, and as far as we know, it is very interesting when you look at the rare DNA amount that it offers.

The second one is the Epic Herbivores incubator :

From this one, you will obtain epic and rare DNA. Epic DNA will be for some herbivores available in-game, as shown in the picture below :

This incubator is available only for 4 days (maybe another one will take its place right after until the end of the event). If you use one of those Dinos in your team, or plan on using one for a particular match up, this incubator is made for you!

Note: Costs for incubators vary according to your in-game level.

Parting words

This first event, coming right after the worldwide launch of the game, looks very exciting and we hope, explorers, that you will enjoy it and build up your team for battle! 

While some of you might not be interested in specific featured Dinos, keep in mind that Ludia could introduce new Hybrids at any point in the game. Perhaps the featured Dinos during this event will become useful in the future! 

With that being said, do you have any findings you would like to report to us? Would you simply like to join a passionate community? Then join our Discord server! Most of us are very nice! 😉

We’d like to thank @Khorkyz for some of the screenshots.