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Freya is a hero in Langrisser Mobile. It first appeared in Langrisser III and its allegiance is with Kingdom of Barral.
Story She's the princess of the ancient Kingdom of Barral, and also the commander of the army. Unlike ordinary princesses, Freya often leads the charge.Born to exert herself, she's not inferior to male soldiers in fencing and wrist strength. She is born with strong motor nerves.In battle, due to her father's orders, she is hostile to the national army, and has to fight against Dieharte again and again.
Allegiance Kingdom of Barral
Appearance Langrisser III
HP 366
ATK 37
DEF 16
INT 23

Langrisser Mobile Freya Talent

Sorrowful choice Langrisser MobileSorrowful choice
Crit decreased by 10%. Before entering battle, if HP is above 100%, deals damage to the enemy. Damage is equal to 2 times of Hero’s DEF.

Freya Class Tree

Sergeant Langrisser MobileSergeant
Saint girl Langrisser MobileSaint girl
Guardian Langrisser MobileGuardian
Unicorn knight Langrisser MobileUnicorn knight
Royal guardian Langrisser MobileRoyal guardian
Sergeant Langrisser MobileSergeant
Lancer Langrisser MobileLancer
HP 31
ATK 24
DEF 17
[Passive] When attacked with a melee attack and forced into battle, after battle, if Troop HP is above 50%, triggers [Barb]: Deals Fixed Damage once to the enemy. (Damage = 2.5x Hero’s DEF)
[Passive] Physical damage taken decreased by <color=#dc143c>5%. When nearby allies is under physical attack, enters the battle instead of them.
Saint girl Langrisser MobileSaint girl
Monk Langrisser MobileMonk
HP 31
ATK 29
DEF 17
SKILL SKILL:When battling against Demons, ATK increases by 20%.
Elite infantry Langrisser MobileElite infantry
HP 34
ATK 31
DEF 18
SKILL SKILL:When attacking, damage taken is decreased by 10%.
[Passive] When attacked, DEF increases by 5%. Lasts 1 turn. Can be stacked.
Guardian Langrisser MobileGuardian
Elite lancer Langrisser MobileElite lancer
HP 37
ATK 29
DEF 20
SKILL SKILL:When attacked, damage dealt increases by 10%
Elite cavalry Langrisser MobileElite cavalry
HP 31
ATK 34
DEF 17
SKILL SKILL:When initiating combat, damage taken is decreased by 10%.
Lance PhalanxLance Phalanx
“[Passive] Takes physical attack instead of nearby ally.
[Active] Guard Range increases to 2 blocks, DEF increases by 20%. When attacked with a melee attack, always triggers [Barb] Fixed Damage after battle. Lasts 2 turns.”
Unicorn knight Langrisser MobileUnicorn knight
Elite horse archer Langrisser MobileElite horse archer
HP 28
ATK 29
DEF 16
SKILL SKILL:When initiating combat, 20% chance to reduce enemy’s DEF by 20%. Lasts 1.
Dark elf Langrisser MobileDark elf
HP 24
ATK 31
DEF 13
SKILL SKILL:When attacking troops with 100% HP, ATK increases by 10%.
Mass ProtectMass Protect
[Assist] Active skill. DEF of multiple troops within range increases by 20%. Immune: DEF & MDEF Down, Cannot be healed. Lasts 2 turns.
Royal guardian Langrisser MobileRoyal guardian
Armored lancer Langrisser MobileArmored lancer
HP 48
ATK 37
DEF 26
SKILL SKILL:Damage taken decreases by 10%.
Heavy cavalry Langrisser MobileHeavy cavalry
HP 40
ATK 43
DEF 22
SKILL SKILL:ATK increased by 7%.
Power of HopePower of Hope
[Faction Buff] Active skill. ATK & DEF increase significantly for all allies with Origins of Light within range. Grants the buff: When troop has 5 or more buffs, all stats increase by 15%. Lasts 4 turns. (Cannot be stacked with other Faction Buffs).
Heavy ShieldHeavy Shield
[Passive] When attacked with a melee attack, 25% chance to damage taken decreased by 50%.