Survivors! If there’s one thing that one can rely on when playing Last Day on Earth, it’s that the game doesn’t lack events on the map! Some of them are a bit dry, but most of them are actually quite exciting and rewarding, therefore you should not miss out on them! Below, we will list three of these Events that you should definitely hit whenever they appear on the map!

Credits: Credits for this article go to Loren Hayward! Expect to see more from Loren!

Humanitarian Aid Box

LDOE Aid box is an event that should appear up to 3 times a day. Aid Box is triggered once you spend enough energy, similar to other random in-game events. The event also spawns in random locations so be prepared to use some energy to run to them. The event is pretty straightforward, you enter the map and there is an aid box near the middle; The box will always contain 1 weapon at around 75% durability, 10 pine planks or 10 stone blocks and 1 random paint color. There is a rare chance that the box might contain a used Glock, red ticket, a wrench or an engine part. There is also a rare chance to obtain a puppy that will spawn near the aid box, this is one of the three locations in which you can get puppies without paying, so it’s recommended to take them if you find one.

To save on resources, just go into the zone naked with no healing items and 1 spear. Usually 1 or 2 toxic spitters will charge at you, make sure to avoid their spit attack. Sneak all the way to middle to loot the chest and get out with your loot!

Note: As of update 1.9 you can also find weapon blueprints and parts in these aid boxes, however the drop rate for these has not been confirmed.

Crashed Plane

LDOE plane crash event is an important destination for early game players, which can only be visited twice no matter your level, and it will show up constantly until you have visited it those two times. You’ll want to wait until you have max energy before visiting it, as well as some empty storage boxes at your base. There are very few enemies at this event.

Open all the suitcases and take all from each one to ensure that you’ve gotten the max stack size of each item you find there, as well as make sure to equip any armor, weapons, etc. to free up some inventory space. After looting, head home and drop it all off, and return to the event to collect everything you left behind, each plane crash is guaranteed to give you a Glock. The event only lasts on your map for 50 minutes, so remember to travel there as soon as you can, or risk not being able to gather all of the loot.

The Oak Clearing

Each LDOE oak clearing event gives you the opportunity to go home with 20 Oak logs, which refines down to 6 Oak planks. There are a few variations of this event, however a good practice is to bring two iron hatchets, a Glock, and a mid-tier melee weapon, (either metal pipe or machete work well), as well as a half stack of bandages. Depending on the event, you may have to fight some raiders equipped with M16’s. You can sneak to loot two of their chests, but you must be careful, or they will notice you and open fire. Otherwise, Zombie enemies in this event consist of toxic spitters, abominations, fast biters, roaming zombies and floater boaters.

Another variation of the event, is the “Tom Event,” which requires you to assist Tom as he goes around the map and clears all the trees. You can equip him with healing items, a weapon, hatchets, and armor. When all the trees have been cleared in the zone, it will unlock a loot chest for you to retrieve items from. If you have a true friend dog, and you receive the “Tom Event,” it is advised to leave your dog at home, as your true friend will actually attack Tom.

Parting Words

Of course, there are many more important events to look for on the map, but if you are just beginning with the game, you’ll definitely want to look out for these three particular ones!

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