Abandoned House is a new free secret raid event in Last Day on Earth (LDOE) that appears for 24 hours in the in-game store (second row on the store home screen, titled “Abandoned Houses”). You have only one try to complete the event and if you die, you will loose everything you looted in the area. The event is currently available as a secret Christmas Event and it rewards an Elite Puppy in a Box.

Abandoned House features  a raid-like environment, but with much less zombies (only Roaming Zombies and Fast Bitters). Several locations in the Abandoned House event require using an Iron Axe to unlock, so don’t start the event if you don’t have Iron Axes at your disposal.

The area is littered with Pine Trees, a few Limestone nodes and 6 event specific chests with fixed loot tables. Loot tables for every chest are available below.

Abandoned House game play

Abandoned House loot

Green chest in the barn-like area

  • 1x Bottle with Gasoline
  • 2x Oak Plank
  • 3x Animal Rawhide
  • 5x Bolts
  • 1x Light bulb

Sacks of grain in the barn

Green chest in the living room (house)

  • 2x Adhesive
  • 2x Survival Kit Coupon
  • 5x Scrap Metal
  • 1x USB stick
  • 1x Bottle with Gasoline

Red chest in the left room

  • 1x Katana
  • 1x Denim Jeans
  • 1x Beanie
  • 5x Bottle of Water
  • 2x Aluminum Wire

North room Green Chest

  • 1x C-4 Explosive
  • 1x Watch
  • 1x Expensive Watch
  • 3x Transistor
  • 5x Plastic

North room Brown Chest

  • 5x Piece of Cloth
  • 3x Adhesive
  • 1x Work Boots
  • 1x Thick Jacket
  • 1x Elite Puppy in a Box