The Watchtower in Last Day on Earth (LDOE) is a special location on the global map that unlocks new areas of the map. The Watchtower zone contains the tower, a dense fence with a gate surrounding it and it is filled with Zombies. The Zombies can’t escape before you open the gate. A Crowbar is required to open the gate and an Electric Generator is required to unlock the Watchtower.

The surrounding area has 4 Oak Trees and a handful of Pine Trees. An Iron Hatchet is required to collect Oak Logs from Oak Trees, while the regular Hatchet can be used for Pine Trees.

How to clear LDOE Watchtower

In this part, we will teach you how to defeat and unlock the Last Day on Earth Watchtower. First, there are a lot of zombies inside the Watchtower area:

  • 3x Fast Biters
  • 4x Floater Bloater
  • 4x Toxic Abominations

The best way to defeat Watchtower zombies is to use a ranged weapon and do one of the following:

  • either kite them around the fence shooting backwards or
  • shoot them from the gate and leave the area when you get surrounded

If you leave the area, the remaining zombies will reset and return to the fenced area, but the ones you killed will stay dead. Leaving and entering gives you a chance to heal at peace.

Once these Zombies are cleared, be sure to heal up before placing an Electric Generator as another wave of Zombies will appear ranging from Fast Biters, Floaters and Toxic Abominations! Only once this second wave of Zombies is killed can you access the terminal and unlock the Northern Region.

What can you find in the Northern Region?

Once you unlock the watchtower, you will now have access to X new locations on the map!

  • AI Base
  • Oak Bushes (yellow difficulty)
  • Oak Grove (red difficulty)
  • Wooded Foothills (yellow difficulty)
  • Frosty Background (red difficulty)

Unless you unlocked the Cold Survival skill, you will only be able to visit the first three locations.

In short, what you will unlock is incredibly worth the time and resources invested for it. Having access to permanent Oak resources is a blessing!

How to activate the Watchtower

Once you kill the initial group of Watchtower Zombies, you are expected to put an Electric Generator at the Watchtower. Once placed, the Generator will start giving power to the Tower and it will attract even more Zombies.

Important note: The only way to bring a Generator to the Watchtower is with a Chopper. So unless you have a Chopper, starting to work on the Watchtower is a bit pointless.

Once you defeat the second wave of zombies, you can interact with the Watchtower. Areas surrounding the Tower will be unlocked and you don’t need to do anything more.

Last Day on Earth Watchtower game play

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