Bunker Alfa will soon become your best friend in Last Day on Earth, with unique opportunities to provide you with guns, resources, and chopper parts. The bunker is comprised of 5 key sections:

  • The Lobby
  • First Floor
  • Second Floor
  • Third Floor
  • Fourth Floor

The Lobby

The Lobby is the first area you find when you enter Bunker Alfa, you will require a CAC A to enter the bunker (Common Access Card Alfa.) The card can be obtained by killing zombies, it’s easiest to find by killing Toxic Spitters in the yellow pine location.

There is also a dead military officer outside of the bunker door, with a glock inside his inventory. Once you open the door you will be confronted with a hoard of zombies, these can easily be killed with a crowbar and some bandages.

There is 7 military lockers inside the lobby, containing various useful items and resources. These chests can also be used as storage for excess items, and bunker clearing supplies. However, the developers may chose to randomly wipe these boxes, so use them at your own risk.

The terminal

The terminal is the key point in the lobby, upon interacting with it you input the code to unlock the lift and enter the lower floors of the bunker. There are currently two ways in-game to get the code, these are from the CB radio, and on the bodies of dead army personnel in farming locations.

The First Floor

Bunker Alfa Floor One

The first floor of Bunker Alfa has four fast biters, and one roaming zombie, these however are not the main focus of the floor. There is also the overseers room, and the ticket crates. I’ll be covering the overseer in the floor two section of this article. There are three ticket crates: the green ration crate, the yellow survival crate, and the red combat gear crate. They require 20, 25 and 30 of each coloured ticket respectively to open.

Each ticket crate will give some guns, armour, and if you’re lucky some engine parts too. The yellow and red ticket crates can also give the chopper wheels, fork and gas tank. The green crate gives one gun and takes 20 tickets to open. The yellow crate gives two guns and takes 25 tickets to open; and the red ticket crate gives 4 guns, two of which are modded, and requires 30 tickets to open.

All crates will also give a mix of armour, aluminium, food, paints, and other useful items, such as signal amplifiers and C-4.

The Second Floor

Bunker Alfa Floor Two.

The second floor is the easiest to clear for low level players, you can make your way through without encountering a large amount of enemies, and by using this map, you will be able to avoid all of the frenzied giants. However if you already have guns then there’s no need to avoid them as the frenzied giants have the highest chance of dropping red tickets. Video tutorial on clearing floor two by Shade Here:

At the end of the second floor is a room with two Toxic Abominations, as well as a gunsmith bench to modify your weapons. Here you will also be able to rescue the overseer, he’s trapped in a gated section of the room by the two Abominations.

Once you free him you will be able to gain access to the overseer room on the first floor. Here you can activate the bunker security protocol, cash in floppy disks, and trade in spare blueprints. The bunker Alfa security protocol activates hard mode, a separate article will be made to cover hard mode. Unless you have a large supply of guns then bunker hard mode is not recommended.

The Third Floor

The third floor of bunker Alfa is the best place to get yellow and red tickets. It also houses a few unique features:

  • Laser alarms
  • Electric Fences
  • The Acid Bath
  • The Gas Room

The third floor also houses The Blind One, however you can only fight him (her?) once you have activated hard mode.

Laser alarms

Towards the end of the third floor is a set of lasers, walking through these will activate a loud buzzer and some flashing lights. As of the moment there is no other purpose to these alarms however we can hope the devs add something in the future.

The alarms can be disabled by heading to the room in the top right corner of the third floor. In the room is a workstation that you can interact with, as well as a military locker that you can loot for some assorted items. To get there you will need to fight a minimum of two frenzied giants so take either a gun, or a bow with you. However note that bows will take a long time to kill Frenzied Giants.

Electric Fences

The electric fence can only be found in one spot on the third floor, this is in the final room, behind it is a Frenzied Giant and a storage box with some mediocre loot. The electric fence cannot be disabled, and will damage you for 5 damage at a rate of 7 hits a second. It is also unaffected by armour so will deal the same damage if you’re naked; or wearing swat.

The Acid Bath
The Acid Bath

The room containing the acid bath can be accessed by either going through the gas room whilst wearing a gas mask, or by going through the room next to the terminal for the lift that has a Frenzied Giant and a Toxic Abomination inside.

The room containing the acid bath also has 7 Toxic Spitters, however once you eliminate them you will be able to interact with a chalk board to learn the blueprint for the acid bath. (The acid bath is used for cleaning infected boxes, which you can obtain from raids and floppy disks.)

The Gas Room

The gas room is currently the only place where you can use the gas mask. The room contains 2 military lockers which can give some red tickets, as well as glocks and random armour pieces etc.

The Fourth Floor

The fourth floor of Bunker Alfa was the most recent addition, it contains 6 turrets to either destroy or speed-run past and hope they don’t kill you. However if you have the raiders task to break 5 turrets than the fourth floor is going to be the fastest way to do it.

This floor also contains a couple of rooms that are only accessible with the use of a dog with the true friend trait, inside of those rooms you can get the flare gun, which can only be found here, and in the farm chest. (And of course on raids if you get lucky.)

As mentioned in a previous article about farming steel, the fourth floor of the bunker, whilst the smallest, requires the most amount of guns. This is due both to the amount of turrets present, and the frozen zombies which are found in 3 separate rooms of this floor, the frozen zombies heal themselves every time they hit you, making them rather hard to kill with melee.

That’s going to wrap it up for this overview of Bunker Alfa, I hope you all found it helpful. More in-depth guides for each of the floors will be posted soon. As always let us know in the comments what you would like to see covered next.