Survivors! Kefir! is blessing the Holidays with a cool new update! Last week, we had already been teased with a few of these new features (more details here), but today, we get confirmation that they are landing and that even more will be added to Last Day on Earth!

Rescue Mission

As we had found out last week, the new update will introduce a brand new feature: Rescue Missions! Here’s the plot: “Hunters’ camp is calling for help! One hunter is missing and a rescue operation is to be started. They need a brave valiant hero that can scatter a herd of zombies and find the missing hunter.

Requirements for LDOE Hunter Rescue Mission:

  • You need to be Level 10
  • You need some Med Kits for the mission
  • One also needs a dog to complete this mission, and this dog will be required to have the True Friend trait.

Luckily for many of us, a huntress will be lending us one if we don’t have one ourselves. Not that we didn’t try, but we keep getting [bloody] male puppies…

We do not yet have any information on the rewards one will get from this, but depending on the difficulty level of the mission, the rewards could be very interesting and potentially related to hunters since they will come from hunters! (Raw hide, leather, meat, turkey, weapons, etc.) We’re just speculating here.

New Weapon – Mini Uzi

Kefir knows we love weapons and for that reason, we are getting the much anticipated Mini Uzi!Fight with zombies in gangsta style.

We sure hope that we’ll be able to hold the Mini Uzi sideways! This weapon will be a very rapid fire one, and Modifications are already available for it! May the hunt for those blueprints begin!

Ralph gives out free gifts

It seems that we may not have seen everything that Ralph has to offer! Kefir has shared that Ralph will be giving out free gifts to visitors that approach him. The verbiage used is a bit hard to follow, but it essentially says “hey, go to Ralph and grab some freebies”:

“The best present for us is you, and for you we’ve also got something pleasant for the holidays. Well, not we ourselves, but Santa called Ralph. To get presents, visit the Snowy Race Track, assemble a PC with an electronic circuit, kill a Big One and forgive us for our wry sense of humor. Ralph is a nice Santa, and you have been nice survivors this year, so all you need to do is just approach Ralph and wish him a merry Christmas and a happy New year.”

Update: We now know what Ralph is handing out this year and it is extremely exciting! Check it out below! Be aware, you will get this amazing gift only once!

Demolition of Structures

You probably went through the pain of demolishing a structure on your base, only to realize/be reminded that you simply lost the resources invested in their crafting. Well, this time is over! As of the next update, demolishing your walls and floors will get you some of the resources invested back!

Now, don’t expect to have ALL your resources back (let’s be honest, once you destroy a wall in your house, you cannot reuse the remains to build a new one), but it should be the same as you receive when the Horde destroys your walls.

Personalize your Chopper

Were you getting tired of the skins available for your Chopper? Well, we weren’t since we barely just made our own, but for those who have been playing the game since the early stages, skins have been redesigned.

We do not yet know if this means that there will be new skins as well (we sure hope so), but one should expect variations in their old skins. We look forward to seeing those and we hope that you won’t be too disappointed in losing your ol’ skins!

Android update is available right now, but iOS will take a few days to propagate.

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