Crooked Creek Farm (or the Farm) – is a permanent location for players of every level, which was added in Beta update 1.9.3. The Farm is a Red Zone, meaning that enemies are likely to be very strong and difficult to defeat. Treat it similarly as to the Bunker Alpha or the Police Station.

Crooked Creek Farm.

In this article, we will discuss everything the Farm has to offer and how to prepare for it. Later, we will discuss how to clear the Farm efficiently.



When entering the zone for the first time, you will encounter a broken car near the river and a broken bridge, which you need to repair before being able to access the Farm. Inside the car, there will be a Hammer and an Energy Drink, but only the first time you enter the zone. After your first Farm run, the car will contain things like glue, rubber, rope, scrap, etc. There will always be 3 items inside the car. Near the broken car there’s a bridge, which you need to repair. To repair the bridge, you need :

Requirements for the construction of the bridge.
  • 40 Iron bars.
  • 100 Wood Planks.
  • 60 Stone Bricks.
  • 60 Rope.
  • 100 Scrap Metal.
  • 1 Hammer.

The only entrance/exit outside of the area is across the bridge. The side areas are blocked by carts and tractors.

The map has a randomized layout, featuring two layouts – one where raiders are patrolling the Farm, with fewer zombies spawned. The other layout being zombies-only; no raiders present. Both of the layouts have their own difficulties: fast-biting Diseased Wolves or ranged/modified weapons of Raiders – though, in the end, they’re mostly the same.

The Farm

A Loot Sack.

After completing and crossing the bridge, the gates to the Farm will be seen. The Farm contains 4 quadrants – pens, where all loot and enemies are present. In each pen, many enemies are present. There are 4 loot spots, one in each pen, regardless of the layout. 4 loot spots are grain sacks containing random loot.

The Blue Chest, lying near some hay bales.

Blue Chest spawns instead of one of the loot sacks, each time replacing a different sack. The main purpose of the Farm is to place the Blue Chest onto the table saw (at the very end of the location), as it cannot be opened like any normal chests, nor can it be placed onto the bike to transport it to the base. The Blue Chest itself is a heavy movable item, similar to engines and generators. When placed onto the table saw near the barn – which is on the north-east side of the map, the saw will begin opening the chest while making a ton of noise, which attracts all of the enemies in the zone except Infected Bulls. After waiting for a certain amount of time, the Blue Chest will open. Valuable and rare loot can be found inside the Blue Chest. You will always get:


  • A set of armour of most levels, not necessarily matching.
  • A random Blueprint for melee weapons of any rarity (including Bow).
  • Two melee weapons.
  • A Gun (M16 most of the time).
  • A Hammer.
  • A Magazine of any region.
  • Additional general bunker Alfa crate loot (Copper, Steel plates, Engine Parts, etc.).

There’s a chance of getting:

  • Scythe (Can only be obtained from this location).
  • Energy Drink.
  • Flare Gun.


Entrance to the barn. Near the broken doors, you can see the Table saw which has finished opening the Blue Chest.

Near the saw, there’s a barn which has a chance of opening. A wave of zombies will rush to the noise once you start opening the Blue Chest (if you haven’t killed all of them). The barn may or may not open depending on luck, it all depends on RNG. It has around 50% chance to open though this is not confirmed. Inside the barn, there is a chance of obtaining a puppy of any gender and a raidable chopper which may contain Gas Tank. The barn contains 3 Savage Giants and 3 Yokels inside, which only attack if the doors of the barn open. There is also a 2 story building next to the pens, on the north-west side of the map, guarded by 2 Rotten Yokels and a Savage Giant. Inside, there are two rooms on the lower floor. They contain loot which can be gained from bunker lockers, such as Wrenches, Med Kits, Paint, etc. The second room inside of the house requires an Iron Hatchet to break down (20-30% of 1 hatchet). The second story of the house is inaccessible, as the stairway is blocked by debris.


There are many enemy types in the Farm. Most of them are re-skins of other enemies, specifically Rotten Yokels and Savage Giants. Other enemies, such as Diseased Wolves and Raiders are also present on the map, depending on the layout. Here are the 3 new enemy types which were added to the game with the Farm update (v.1.9.3):

Rotten Yokels – being buffed versions of Fast Biters, two variants of them are present in the zone. Present Rotten Yokels have HP of 150 and resistance of 10% to all types of damage. Spawned Rotten Yokels, or Crawlers, on the other hand, are regular re-skins of Fast Biters – having 80 HP and no damage resistance. Crawlers spawn from the stacked hay around the Farm. Deals 6 units of damage. Overall: not very deadly, though approach with caution. Single Yokels can’t do much harm, but when outnumbered, dealing with the horde using melee weapons will be a waste of resources.

Savage Giants – sharing similarities with Frenzied Giants, Savage Giants are basically nerfed versions of them. Having half the health at 250 HP, but unlike their counterparts, have 25% damage resistance. They move faster than regular Frenzied Giants, but slower than the hard mode variant; outrunning them won’t be difficult. Deals 102 units of damage to an unarmored player. Any set of armor can withstand a hit. Depending on the armor tier, the number of blows a player can receive before dying increases.

Infected Bulls – having a huge amount of health at 300 HP and a staggering 40% damage reduction, Infected Bulls are the strongest enemies in the Farm. Currently having the highest damage-per-hit in the game – 200 units to an unarmoured player, they seem threatening to new players. But its low targeting range and pitiful movement speed considerably weakens this enemy type.

Raiders – depending on the layout, Raiders can spawn in one of the 4 pens, near the house or spawn randomly. They control the perimeter by going back and forth in set patterns. Randomly spawned Raiders are able to target you from anywhere around the zone. Wielding melee and ranged weapons, and a set of armor (not specifically of the same tier), Raiders can be deadly as they outnumber you when even one of them targets you. The loot they drop isn’t valuable, as the weapons they’re using tend to disappear or have low durability. Their armor will also be extremely damaged. So if you see one of them, be ready for a fight.


The Ravager.

Ravager – Boss zombie type, which has an insane amount of hit points, topping 2,000 HP! The Ravager always roams around the back of the Farm or up to the signpost in the middle of the zone. The only boss the Ravager matches is the Witch. Both the Big One and the Blind One both have 1000 hit points + resistance. The Ravager deals 20 units of damage with its regular attack to an unarmored player, which is pitiful, considering the Ravager is a boss-type enemy. Its movement speed is extremely low – even lower than Roaming Zombie, which is the weakest enemy type in the game. The Ravager has interesting combat mechanics that are unique to only this enemy.

  • Enhanced Speed buff kicks in when the Ravager is too far away from its target. If the Ravager has not seen you, it will be roaming around the Farm at a very slow speed. When the Ravager targets you, running away is not an option as it will trigger the Enhanced Speed buff. When fighting with the Ravager using melee weapons, it has the potential to use its special attack
  • Gore Spit. Like Toxic Spitters, its cone-shaped spit attack is completely different than any of the attacks of bosses or normal enemies, as it can shred any armor type in 3 or fewer spits. Deals 80 units of damage to an unarmored player, and slows the player down considerably. Though powerful, Gore Spit can be exploited really easily, as when it’s triggered, the Ravager will not stop until it hits you. Many players use this tactic to deal with the Ravager, as it can’t move while executing this special attack, thus killing the boss without getting hit.

The Ravager has a rare chance of dropping Big Bones upon its death. It always drops 10 Pieces of Cloth and 5 Rope. Sometimes Electronics, such as Mobile Phone or USB Stick can also be found.


The Farm is one of the few zones which has a guaranteed chance of getting at least 1 puppy of any gender, and up to 2 at max, if you’re lucky enough. The places where they can spawn are in the pens, inside the barn or inside the house. If there’s a puppy which has spawned in one of the pens, there’s a chance that another puppy has spawned either in the house or in the barn. If there’s a puppy spawned inside the barn and the barn doors don’t open, there’s no way of obtaining it. If you see a green icon in the barn on the minimap, it means a puppy has spawned there.

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