Bunker Alfa is a daunting challenge in Last Day On Earth for beginners who have never seen the inside of the bunker before. It’s chalked full with powerful zombies, poisonous gas and walls that are lined with gore (a substance that slows and/or damages you). In the deeper levels of the bunker within the dark confines of this abandoned military base lie unspeakable horrors just waiting for a poor unfortunate survivor to stumble upon them. Sounds fun right? Luckily with this comprehensive guide for floor two, beginners can comfortably begin their exploration of Bunker Alfa with a couple tips and tricks up their sleeve.


Although you could march into Bunker Alfa guns blazing (literally and figuratively), you’d learn nothing and end up wasting most of your stockpile of weapons. Copy the equipment from these pictures for the second floor of the bunker to maximize your profit while minimizing the waste of equipment:

For Survivors with Military Backpack
For Survivors with Basic Backpack

Keep in mind that those without a military backpack may have to make more than one trip to the surface to get more weapons

  • Machete is for Fast Biters and Toxic Spitters.
  • Crowbar is for Floater Bloaters, Toxic Abominations and Frenzied Giants.
  • Skull Crusher is for Roaming Zombies.
  • Saw Blade Mace is for sneaking damage on Floater Bloaters and Toxic Abominations.
  • Glock 17 is for emergencies when you get overwhelmed (ex. wall trick not working)
  • Tactical Armor is used on Frenzied Giants because they deal high amounts of damage.
  • Beanie Armor is used on all other Zombies.

Map Layout

Floor two of Bunker Alfa is pretty straight forward. It’s just a giant loop that deposits you right where you started when you finish clearing the floor.

  • 8 Roaming Zombies
  • 13 Fast Biters
  • 5 Toxic Spitters
  • 8 Floater Bloaters
  • 5 Toxic Abominations
  • 7 Frenzied Giants
  • 1 Turret


Here’s the video version of the walkthrough. The written version is below. The times shown beside the subtitles below are links that you can click on to see the specific part in the video walkthrough that is linked to the written version. If you’re confused about a specific room in the bunker, just scroll down to that specific subtitle.

When you enter the second floor of Bunker Alfa, you’ll find yourself in the Entrance room. To your left, there will be a door that needs terminal activation (a.k.a. you need to find the “key” to unlock it) to open it. To your right is where you should head. You should be wearing your Beanie Armor (tier 3).

Gore Rooms

You’ll enter a hallway covered in gore. Gore is a substance that slows you down and can damage you if you get too close to the walls. Be careful with gore because it’s placed strategically to block you from escaping quick zombies. Gore 1 is strategically placed to block you from escaping to the elevator quickly. Gore 2 is placed to block you from escaping zombies from Room C and onwards and Gore 3 has a nasty little surprise (we’ll get to it later).

Blue Section

Room A (0:16 – 0:55)

As soon as you open the door to Room A, the eight Roaming Zombies within will start walking towards you. This is where you use your Skull Crusher to one-hit-kill the zombies. Attack the closest Roaming Zombie and then back away from them to avoid the other zombie’s attacks. Repeat this until all Roaming Zombies are dead.

There’s also a Floater Bloater to be dealt with after you’ve finished off all the Roaming Zombies. Sneak up on it with a Saw Blade Mace and finish it off with your machete.

Room A.1 (0:55 – 2:05)

Enter A.1 first because you’ll need it later on to clear out other zombies. Run to the right side of the wall that’s in the middle of the room so that you have the wall between you and the Frenzied Giant (FG). This is helpful because you’ll want to deal with the Fast Biters first before dealing with the FG. Stick to the side of the wall in the middle of the A.1 room as you kill all the Fast Biters.

Wall Trick Spot in Room A.1

Once you’re done with the Fast Biters, the FG will be stuck trying to punch you on the other side of the wall (if done correctly). Switch to your Tactical Armor and heal yourself. You can easily lead the FG to the Wall Trick Spot in room A.1. Kill the FG with a Crowbar while using the Wall Trick. If you don’t know what the Wall Trick is or how to do it, here’s a beginner’s guide to The Wall Trick. Once done, switch to your Beanie Armor.

Room A.2 (2:05 – 3:54)

Once you’ve cleared room A.1, you can open up room A.2. The Toxic Abomination and Floater Bloater in the room will instantly start to chase you. You can lead them into room A.1 to the Wall Trick Spot and kill them with your Crowbar (or your fists). Wall tricking two zombies may be a bit difficult at first, especially for those who’ve never done the wall trick before. This is where your Glock 17 might come in handy. If you can’t get the wall trick to work, shoot one of the zombies dead and then wall trick the other.

Purple Section

Hallway B (3:54 – 4:06)

As you head down Hallway you’ll encounter a lone Toxic Spitter first. Toxic Spitters don’t actually spit anything in the Bunker but they still deal the same melee damage. You can sneak attack the Toxic Spitter with a machete before finishing it off with a Crowbar.

Room B.1 (4:06 – 4:15)

After you open the door to B.1, sneak attack one of the Fast Biters with your Machete before killing the other.

Room B.2 (4:15 – 4:18)

There are no zombies in B.2 but stick to the walls furthest away from the main Hallway B. The Floater Bloaters that you can see in the hallway from B.2 can detect you through the wall if you walk too close to them.

Room B.3 (4:18 – 4:26)

You can’t sneak up on the two Fast Biters in this room if you enter through the door that connects B.3 to B.2. You can finish the two Fast Biters off with a Machete.

Room B.4 (4:26 – 5:38)

You can shoot the Fast Biter in this room through the fence or you can just attack it once you open the door.

After you clear rooms B.1 to B.4 you can sneak up behind the two Floater Bloaters standing in the hallway with a Saw Blade Mace. If you’re still having troubles with wall tricking two zombies at the same time, kill the one you sneak attacked with your Glock 17. Lead the Floater Bloater(s) to the Wall Trick Spot in room A.1. Kill the remaining Floater Bloater(s) with a Crowbar.

Room B.5 (5:38 – 7:18)

RooB.5 has two Floater Bloaters that cannot be snuck up upon. You can lead these two Floater Bloaters to the Wall Trick Spot in room A.1 and kill them with a Crowbar (or you can kill one of them with a Glock 17).

Room B.6 (7:18 – 9:05)

There’s another FG in this room. Switch to your Tactical Armor and heal yourself. You can kill it by using the Wall Trick Spot in room A.1. Switch back to your Beanie Armor once done.

Pink Section

Hallway C.1 (9:05 – 9:29)

C.1 is blocked off from the Purple Section by a patch of gore. This means that you won’t be able to make a quick getaway from faster zombies (which there happens to be a lot of in this section). Make sure to have a lot of healing items at hand.

As you walk down the hallway, you’ll see that your pathway is blocked by toxic gas. This can easily be fixed by interacting with the pipe handle along the wall. Once you’ve turned the handle, the gas will shut off.

Room C (9:29 – 10:01)

The first thing you’ll see when entering Room C is the turret that’s in the bottom corner of the room. You will have to walk by that turret or destroy it with a gun or bow. If you decide to destroy it, you need to make sure that the weapon you choose has enough range to hit the turret without receiving damage to yourself. If you decide not to destroy it, make sure that you don’t go near it (hug the walls as you pass). The turret’s attack range will automatically increase if it detects you and you will not be able to sneak past it without being hit (until the bunker resets).

Once you’ve snuck past the turret or destroyed it, the first zombies you’ll encounter are two Toxic Spitters and a Toxic Abomination. If you attack or attract the attention of one of them, they will all rush at you. Use your Saw Blade Mace and to sneak attack the Toxic Abomination and finish all three zombies with a Machete. Make sure to have full health before attacking this group.

After that, there are just two Toxic Spitters near the far door. Sneak up on the one that has its back facing you (it’s facing the door at the far end of the room) and sneak attack it with your Machete. Finish off the two with your Machete.

Ignore the door that attaches Room C to Gore 3. If you try to open it, you’ll most likely enter into the attack range of the turret (if you haven’t destroyed it).

Room C.2 (10:01 – 10:19)

There are two Fast Biters in room C.2. You can kill them with your Machete. If you’re really fast, you can try to open the door while pressing sneak immediately afterward to see if the zombies won’t notice you. This usually doesn’t work but there’s no harm in trying.

You should open the door to C.4 once you’ve cleared C.2.

Room C.3 (10:19 – 11:41)

You can now open the door to C.3. Immediately, two Floater Bloaters will rush out at you. Try leading them to the first Wall Trick Spot in room C.2 where you can finish them off with a Crowbar. If that one doesn’t work, lead them to the second one. These two Floater Bloaters are tricky because it’s difficult to position them correctly. Don’t be afraid to just kill one of them with your Glock 17.

Hallway C.4 (11:41 – 11:56)

Hallway C.4 has poisonous gas that spews out of the pipes along the walls. The gas comes in increments. Make sure to heal before passing through this hallway because you don’t want to accidentally die.

Once you’re througC.4, head towards the Terminal and interact with the computer. The computer is the “key” to unlocking the door that required terminal activation.

Orange Section

Room E.1 (11:56 – 12:57)

Switch to your Tactical Armor and heal yourself. Open the door to E.1. Inside is an FG that you can lead towards the Wall Trick Spot near the Terminal. Once there, you can either lead the FG into the Entrance room and run around it so that you’re in Hallway E while the FG is in the Entrance room (this position allows you to see your character) or you can wall trick the FG from the Entrance room. Once done, switch back to Beanie Armor.

The Wall Trick Spot here is a weird one because the wall is not as wide as you think. Your character has to have both feet to the left side of the red line in the picture in order to be safe. The character only has to cross or be standing on the red line to be able to hit the FG. It will look like you’re attacking the FG through the wall.

The reason why the wall trick works like that for this Wall Trick Spot is that the door here is simply an animation/graphic. It is not a real wall or an extension of the wall. If you examine the door closely you’ll be able to see the line the separate real wall and the graphics of the door.

Room E.2 (12:57 – 15:11)

ThE.2 section of Hallway E contains a Toxic Abomination, four Fast Biters and a FG. You can draw the Toxic Abomination away from the group of zombies by walking close to it. You cannot sneak up to it. Lead the Toxic Abomination to the Wall Trick Spot by the Terminal and kill it with a Crowbar.

After that, approach the group of zombies again with a Machete. You can sneak up on the first Fast Biter and finish it off with a sneak attack. This will immediately attract the rest of the zombies, FG included. Run towards the Wall Trick Spot to put some distance between you and the FG. The Fast Biters are fast enough to follow so you can finish off the rest of them before the FG gets to you. Switch into your tactical armor and heal yourself. Wall trick the FG with your Crowbar. When done, switch back to your Beanie Armor.

Room E.3 (15:11 – 16:21)

This room contains two Toxic Abominations. You can sneak up on these two and attack with a Saw Blade Mace. You can then lead them to the Wall Trick Spot near the Terminal to finish them off with a Crowbar. If you can align them properly, you can always kill the one you hit with your Saw Blade Mace with a Glock 17. Switch to your tactical Armor after this.

Room E.4 (16:21 – 17:38)

RooE.4 contains two FG’s but one is behind a fence with a door that is locked. Approach the first FG (that’s not behind the fence) and hug the bottom wall. Just before you’re about to exit the room, run around the side of the door and hide behind the little bit of wall that sticks out (if you’re confused, it is shown in the video walkthrough). Adjust the FG before wall tricking it to death. Keep First Aid Kits in your pocket just in case this doesn’t work for you. If it doesn’t work, lead the FG back to the Wall Trick Spot by the terminal, or you can try wall tricking it on the corner of Hallway E and hallway C.4.

Room E.5 (17:38 – 18:49)

The FG in this room requires the Burglar Skill to be unlocked if you want to loot its body. You can always shoot this FG through the fence, or you can kill it in the same manner that you did to the other FG in room E.4.

Room E.6 (18:49 – 20:14)

Most new players who have never seen the inside of Bunker Alfa will die opening the door to this room. This is because as soon as you open the doors to room E.6 (not from the turret side), the FG inside will punch you immediately. This is the nasty surprise that Gore 3 hides from new players.

To dodge this hit, hug the wall on the left side of the door. Open the door from the furthest way away from the door on the left and immediately hug the wall after you do. You’re effectively dodging the hit by using the bit of wall that sticks out like a shield. Unfortunately, you cannot do the wall trick with the FG here because you will be slowed down by the gore from Gore 3. Lead the FG to the Wall Trick Spot by the corner of Hallway E and hallway C.4. If that fails you can always use the Wall Trick Spot by the terminal.

When running out from behind the spot you hid in to dodge the hit, remember to run out after the FG has swung and to go in a wide arc. This will help you dodge the FG’s attack.

Tips and Tricks

  • Toxic Abominations seem to have shorter attack ranges than other zombies. This means that you have to stay very close to them while doing the wall trick otherwise they will run around the wall to attack you.
  • Zip Guns are really great for FG’s because they’re a slow range weapon that wouldn’t work on any other fast moving zombie.
  • If you run out of Crowbars, you can always use your fists.
  • Practice the wall trick on Floater Bloaters and Toxic Abominations first before trying to do it on a FG.
  • Bow and Arrows can destroy a turret but it takes a very long time (2-3 damage each hit) and you’ll need around 2 Bows (3 if you only do 2 damage each hit).
  • If you use Beanie Armor, don’t let it break. You can reuse the Beanie Armor by transforming it into Reinforced Beanie Armor and you’ll get complete durability back.

That’s pretty much it! Good luck clearing the Bunker and I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments.

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