The highly anticipated update 1.11.6 for LDOE (Last Day on Earth) came out on February 19, 2019, for Android users (sorry IOS). It included a revamp of the storage system, new raider quests, the introduction of grenades, locked chests, decreased fuel consumption for the chopper and a new temporary event amongst other things. Many people loved the update and praised its new features. Others, however, expressed their frustrations over how it was introduced. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of update 1.11.6.


The new storage revamp implemented an upgrade system to the storage units on a survivor’s base. It also added visible labels to all boxes to help with organization. A small box (15 storage slots) can now be upgraded to a chest (25 storage slots) which is upgraded to a trunk (45 storage slots) which is upgraded to a rack (75 storage slots). Blueprints for the Chest and Trunk have been removed. The maximum amount of storage units on base is now limited to 40.


The obvious benefit of this new storage system is the fact that the survivor’s bases can now become less cluttered while ultimately retaining more storage space. If all 40 storage units on base are upgraded to racks, survivors can have a whopping 3000 storage slots available! That’s 300 more storage slots than what was previously obtainable in past updates.

This update also greatly benefits new players as the limit to the number of small boxes they can make is increased to 40. Instead of having a limit of 20 small boxes (300 storage slots), new players can make 40 (600 storage slots) which is incredibly convenient considering that small boxes are easy to make.

Survivors can also fit more loot into a smaller condensed area which allows players to save resources on walls and floors. A 1×1 room now has the capability to hold twice the capacity when storage units are upgraded to the max then what was previously allowed. Although racks seem costly, they actually save a lot of resources. Materials that would have been spent on upgrading walls around 100 storage units can now be allocated elsewhere due to the fact that the maximum number of storage units has been reduced by more than half.

Reducing the clutter in survivor bases also reduces loading and makes the game run faster. This is extremely convenient considering that Home is the location that survivors frequent most often.

Survivors can expect to see more decorative items in the future. With fewer storage units taking up valuable space in survivor bases, there can be more room for other items. The chopper garage and dog crate are just a few examples of why there is a need to reduce clutter. As more crafting tables and furniture are released, survivors will be thankful that they don’t have to worry about placing 100 storage units on top of that.


Although increasing the storage space limit is beneficial, some players might find that their maximum amount of storage slots has actually decreased at the moment. This is due to the fact that all excess storage units were deleted leaving only the higher tier storage units (ex. trunks and chest) which reduced the amount of storage slots in player bases. Luckily most survivors were compensated by having some of their trunks upgraded to racks and all survivors have the option of upgrading their storage units.

Kefir also gave most survivors mini heart attacks on the day of the update by disorganizing everyone’s loot. Fortunately, the new label function can help survivors locate and sort their loot (and it’s cheaper than painting storage units). The only drawback about the new labelling function is the fact that it’s not customizable and there’s very few options. Hopefully Kefir will add the ability to choose what label goes on storage units while also increasing the options for labels.

Military boxes were removed in this update but don’t fret. They may be used in future updates. All who purchased any were given a corresponding amount of coins worth what they originally paid.

QnA with the devs:

Recently we had the chance to ask the lead game designer, also known as Cloud, a few questions about the update, specifically the storage rework, here’s what he had to say:

Q: Why was it decided that the new system would allow only 40 storage boxes?

A: Because we needed to limit space used by chests while keeping roughly the same amount of slots. From my experience of watching pro players – they tend to stack guns and other items without even using them ever. The limit should force them to manage their space instead of just piling all they can gather. With items that increase carrying capacity added (like chopper 8 slots, T3 backpack and maybe dog backpack) the problem will be even bigger. The other reason is to reduce load on devices. And the main reason for me – was to make bases look better, cuz before the update all bases looked like a pile of chests here and there. We plan on adding some more decorative items to make bases feel more comfortable. That’s why we need this chest limit. Also this new label system should make your base feel more like home I suppose.

Q: Why didn’t the storage slots in chests and small boxes increase to help players at early – mid game that do not yet have access to steel?

A: Also from my point of view the small chests capacity is ok for newcomers, as it’s not very hard to build a new chest. And keeps players involved in process of developing their shelter futhermore instead of having one endless chest to stack everything there and calm down.

Q: How come the military box was removed from survivors base’s but can still be found in bunker alfa floor four?

A:  It may sound strange but those are completely different items. They just use the same mesh and texture, but have nothing to do with each other. Also we need that chest for further updates.

Q: Will we be getting other items in the game in the future that we need lots of space for at the base that was previously used up by storage boxes?

A: Yes u will. But we feel that current amount of slots is enough to store everything players need, and if not they always find a way to make stashes all over the map. (here he is talking about bunkers Alfa and Bravo as well as the premade base’s on the map.)

Q: The new boxes so costly to make, instead of 200 steel for 2700 slots in the previous system it now costs 800 steel for 3000 storage slots. Why is this new cost so high?

A: To keep players engaged and up for a challenge. And while arguing about the new price you tend to forget that you need much much less walls to cover your stash with (currently) impenetrable steel walls.


  • If you’ve found that you’re final amount of storage slots has decreased from the initial amount you had before the update you can:
    • Use the storage slots in the choppers that you don’t use.
    • Put items in crafting tables and furnaces that aren’t being used at the moment.
    • Die at Home and store items at your body (do not do this with zombies or wolves).
    • Put items in the bunkers (preferably they should be replaceable items just in case).
  • If you find that the labels on your storage units don’t represent the items that you want, remember that the label only represents the majority of the loot inside.


The Grenade is a non-craft-able range weapon that deals damage in a small radius around where it’s been thrown. The grenade can be found in various locations within locked chests. To acquire a grenade through a locked chest, survivors must have their Burglar skill upgraded.


The grenade is definitely a benefit to survivors in LDOE. It’s a small weapon that packs a punch, dealing 200 damage to unarmored enemies in a small area. The great thing about the grenade is that it’s stackable. Survivors can carry up to 20 grenades in one inventory slot. Grenades can also be placed in pockets for easy access.


With poor aiming though, a grenade can hurt and even kill survivors by accident if they get into the grenade’s radius of splash damage. Unlike guns and melee weapons, the grenade is one of the first weapons to be dependant on the survivor’s aim. Having a weapon that requires skill in aiming isn’t exactly a drawback, but the learning curve for using the grenade correctly is a lot steeper than other weapons.

Locked Chests

Locked chests have been implemented throughout various locations in LDOE. They can be distinguished by the chains that surround them. Locked chests can only be opened if a survivor has the Burglar skill leveled. There are three levels that the Burglar skill can be upgraded to and each level corresponds with a certain tier of locked chests.


The locked chest allows for survivors to gain extra loot. If there is a locked chest in a farmable location, it doesn’t detract from the number of chests that there usually should be in that location. This means that even if a survivor does not have their Burglar skill levelled, they will still get the amount of loot that they should at locations.


There’s not much of a drawback to gaining access to free loot. The only survivors who could possibly see a downside to this new feature are those that don’t have the Burglar skill as they are restricted from accessing the loot. There are also some rooms and chests in locations like the Motel and Bunker that now require the Burglar skill to be able to unlock them. Survivors that didn’t choose the Burglar skill in the last update will be kicking themselves for it now.


With the new update came an increase in the variety of raider tasks that survivors can get. Some of the old raider quests were thrown out while others were kept. In addition to new quests, the cost of skipping these tasks was also halved.


The wider variety of tasks give survivors more of an option when receiving quests from the raiders. Survivors have less of a chance of getting the dreaded clearing Bunker Alfa floor four or killing the Witch with all these new tasks. The decreased cost of skipping the tasks also making completing all raiding quests more manageable and easier.


Many of the tasks can easily be completed by most survivors but some are considerably more difficult. Tasks like killing the Witch, killing 3 Bulls and finding 5 Car Engines can be completed by more experienced survivors but may seem impossible to newer players. Newer players may be stuck with the choice of either refusing the raiders and risking getting harder tasks or being stuck with the tasks for a considerable amount of time.

Carnival Event

Update 1.11.6 came with the temporary Carnival Event. The location Lucas’ House pops up every day for 8 hours and survivors can travel to the location to meet Lucas. Lucas requests that the players find him Threads, Pins, and Belts in return for loot (similar to the Specialist). These items can be found in chests at farmable locations or from dead zombies. Survivors can gain 3 B Complex, an AK-47, an Electronic Circuit, the Sight x4 mod for the AK and a unique Brazil chopper pattern.

In the LDOE shop, there’s a new Carnival tab that offers a Hot Pack and a new Carnival Chopper pattern. The Hot Pack can only be bought 12 times. It offers an un-modded Uzi, an AK-47 (Large Magazine, Sight x4, Handmade Silencer, and Red Laser), C4, Military Backpack, 5 First Aid Kits, 3 Valuable Survivor’s Diaries, 100 coins (very rare), Milkor MGL (extremely rare) and 10 Grenades (extremely rare).


  • To farm Threads, Pins, and Belts:
    • Travel back and forth between red and yellow farmable zones, clearing only zombies and opening chests.
  • Belts are worth the most to Lucas while Threads are worth the least.

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