Hello survivors! Just last week, one of the Kefir! developers, “Cloud” joined the official LDoE Discord chat to get their opinions on some giveaways! He discussed some potential & upcoming features which will eventually appear in the game. Below we will discuss a few of the most interesting topics.

This image shows the tactical backpack equipped. It increases the total bag slot amount by 5.

The tactical backpack is one of the biggest topics in the game currently. At the moment, the only way to obtain this backpack was through sponsored giveaways through the official LDoE discord server. And through the rewards system from the stranger at the new Sector 7 Camp. Cloud stated that there will be more ways to obtain this backpack in the future, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

-Another controversial topic lately has been the addition of a variety of new raiders tasks. Specifically, the addition of the “survival guide” zombie tasks. These zombies are extremely hard to find, taking up to tens of trips in hopes of finding one. Cloud stated that due to the overwhelmingly negative feedback on these zombies he will see about removing them from the raiders tasks. He also discussed a bit about removing another disliked task, “killing the witch.” He did not confirm that it will be removed, and stated that is important to have a variety of tasks which have reset timers.

-Friend and clan member caps will be increased! In light of the newest multiplayer update, Cloud confirmed that there will be an increase in the number of players you can have on your friends’ list, as well as to the amount you can have in your clan. This hints at the need of more people for future multiplayer events.

This is a concept art shown by us to one of the game developers. It shows us the ATV which seems to be located in a swamp.

-One of the most shocking pieces of news is about the ATV. The ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is an item which has been heavily teased for almost a year. Cloud confirmed that the ATV has been being tested for over 5 months, but the swamp lacks any rewards or things to do. Both the ATV models and animations are complete, they just need to finalise what its purpose will be in the game.

-Cloud has confirmed that a new roadmap is in the works! Some important topics which will be covered during this roadmap are the outposts, and possibly the ATV! The last roadmap which was shared with us contained amazing updates such as weapon modifications and some awesome events! We look forward to seeing what is in store for this next roadmap.

-There will be a 2 year anniversary event for LDoE this year! LDoE will celebrate its second anniversary on May 25, and we can expect a new event to come with it! Last years event included rare items such as an AK, Electronic Circuit, and a ton of puppies! This upcoming event is expected to have just as great rewards.

A special sneak peek about clan raids from Cloud:

“So it MIGHT work like this. Clans will be dropped into some section over the wall in a DZ (Dark Zone, these are the names for all locations beyond the wall). A certain amount of clans will be grouped. Then they’ll have some time to prepare and make temporary bases for gathering stuff and building further. The clans will be a little blind so they’ll have to discover territory around them and sometimes they might find other clans. Then its up to them how to act. After the task is complete (let’s call it a season task) the area is eradicated and you get resources and then wait for a new zone to drop into. KINDA”

This is an exact quote from Cloud about how clan raids will be added! This is great to hear that the developers are working towards new multiplayer content, and we are excited to get more information about its development. Clan Raids are still a long way away, so we aren’t expecting this to be concrete information, but its a great sneak peek!

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