Update 1.11.10 has just dropped and while it may not be a huge update, there’s still a lot to cover. This update adds the much anticipated parties system, allowing you to party up with 2 other people. Changes to the Devourer and a shiny new clan storage system. Twitch drops has also been added, allowing you to link your twitch account to your in-game account so that you can watch your favorite LDoE streamers while earning some sweet loot.

Update Description

  • Let’s unite. Make a party of up to 3 members and set off to Sector 7 with your friends instead of random players.
  • Clan storage added.
  • Devourer mechanics changed.
  • Twitch drops for streamers and their viewers added.


The main focus of this update is the new party system, which allows up to 3 players to team up and clear zones together and fight the boss.

Party members can be added one of two ways, by manually typing in their nickname and ID or inviting them through your own clan.

After teaming up, the leader of party can choose the location that they want to go to. A prompt will then come up for the other members to confirm that they want to go.

Clan Storage and The Devourer

A new feature added in update 1.11.10 is Clan Storage, which allows players with the “Member” role and above to store items for other clan members to take. Currently, there are only 5 slots available.

Another change in this update is the modified mechanics of the Devourer boss. On the surface it might seem like they buffed the boss, giving him 300 more hit points and limiting the amount of players who can fight the boss to 3 people. However, information from YouTubers who have tested the update beforehand say that they decreased the amount of times he uses his abilities and that it is easier to interrupt the boss’s healing state. So the boss is actually easier to fight.

Twitch Drops

Lastly, they added Twitch Drops into the game, which allows you watch Last Day on Earth streamers on Twitch while having the chance to earn in-game items. To participate, you have to first go into the settings and link your Twitch account to your Last Day on Earth account.

Tap on the “Twitch” button to link your account.

After linking your accounts, you should be done! Currently, only a select few streamers have twitch drops enabled but there will undoubtedly be more streamers added to this list in the future.

Bug Fixes

For the first time, they have actually added a list of bug fixes to the patch notes in their official discord, which I will show here.

  • The bug of a smoking Minigun appearing on the weapon stand has been fixed.
  • The glitch during tutorial when the arrow pointing to the radio set didn’t disappear after being used, fixed.
  • The player’s icon on the mini-map has been changed to be more distinguishable from other players’ icons.
  • Ultra low graphics settings improving the game’s performance on some older devices have been added.
  • The bug related to the frozen tip with a description of a blueprint in the store has been resolved.
  • The incorrect performance during crossing a white dog has been fixed.
  • The glitch naming a mannequin Tom at the first use is fixed.
  • Infinite loading of the Carlos’ Stash location has been fixed.
  • Icons of patterns disappearing from Chopper painting interface have been fixed.
  • The lag of rendering some player’s and enemies’ actions in Sector 7 has been resolved.
  • The mistake of the Japanese localization of craft points on the Blueprints screen has been fixed.

And that’s it! This update might have been small but with every multiplayer update that they release, it brings us closer to the full MMORPG experience that we were promised when we first installed this game. Thank you all for reading, if you have anything that you’d like for us to cover next, please leave it in the comment section below.

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