The Devourer is the main boss enemy of Sector 7. He was introduced in update 1.11.7 and has since received changes to his health pool and the frequency in which he uses his special stomp attack. If you’re struggling to defeat him with your clan mates read on to find out the best strategy to defeat him.


Before we get into strategies, lets take a look at this stats:

The Devourer
Health: 3000
Armour: 0
Attack Speed: Normal
Movement Speed: Moderate
Special Abilites*:
  • Normal Attack (8 – 40 dmg) (Doubles with every hit)
  • Spit Attack (20 dmg) (Also slows you down)
  • Stomp Attack (87 dmg)

*Damage values tested with Scout Armour

The Devourer might seem like daunting challenge at first, with its huge health pool and varied selection of attacks, but with the right gear and a solid strategy, he’ll be a piece of  cake to take down.


Before setting out to kill The Devourer, you and your other group mates will want to gather these items first:

  • Full set of Scout Armour
  • 6 – 8 Revolvers
  • 2 Stacks of Bandages (1 extra stack if you want to be safe)

Bandages shouldn’t be hard to get, you should slowly accumulate a stack or two if you’ve been using your bandages sparingly and picking your fights carefully.

Revolvers are a bit trickier as they require you to go to 2 skull and 3 skull zones. You’ll want to loot as many chests as you possibly can before other players get to you, how you want to approach opening the chests is up to you. Although, stealing other players chests while they’re preoccupied is the most effective strategy.

The hardest thing to get in this list is a full set of scout armour as it is entirely dependent on your luck. You’ll be almost exclusively farming skull 3 zones if you want to get a full set of scout armour.

Its also worth noting that if your clan-mates have an excess of any items, revolvers, bandages or scout armour, they can donate to you using the clan storage, so just keep that in mind while farming.

The Fight

Now that you’ve suited up, gathered enough bandages and revolvers to fight him, you’ll need a good strategy. The strategy I’m sharing with you today was shared with me by a member of The Syndicate clan, who gave permission to create an article about it.

The strategy is fairly simple, you’ll be using the container that the Devourer bursts out of to your advantage. Your aim is to do as much damage per second to the Devourer as possible, while dodging his attacks.

The person who is currently being targeted by the Devourer has to run around the container, making sure he takes as little hits as possible and dodging the Devourer’s special attacks. The other two people will stand near the container trying to deal as much damage as possible to the Devourer.

If you’re still confused and would rather watch a video demonstration instead, you can watch this video made by The Syndicate clan.

As you can see, this strategy minimizes the amount of bandages you use while trying to increase your damage per second as much as possible, which is why I chose to share this strategy with all of you readers as well. Now you’re ready to take on The Devourer with ease.

As always, thank you for reading. If you any suggestions for future articles that you’d like for us to do, please feel free to leave us a comment below.


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