Survivors! This guide will show you an easy way to kill The Devourer at Sector 7 with only one ally and by using the least possible resources. Let’s not waste any time and get straight in to the preparation.

Note: Make sure you are not allergic to acid because this Boss is spitting his guts out all over you!

For most LdoE players defeating the Devourer is extremely annoying, and to be honest it was for me as well. However the boss’s strategy, is also his biggest weakness. Keep on reading to find out why!

Getting the Equipment:

First of all, you and your friend (or total stranger) will need 18 old revolvers with around 70% durability in total. Head over to the two skull location and get revolver farming, again this is much easier with an ally.

The two skull location

While your farming up for guns, you will also be able to get enough bandages to aid you in destroying he who devours. (you shouldn’t need more than 10 bandages if you do it correctly)

Stockman Pete

Don’t forget to grab a fresh set of hazmat armour from the bored but never sleeping Stockman Pete.

Now you are totally prepared and ready to get into the Boss-zone to show yourself up!


Grouping up:

Add your friend to your friends list in the game, then invite them to join the group. You will need to have a third person join the group as well, however you will need to convince them to leave the area once you load in to the boss arena. If you guys don’t have anyone to help you out, it can be very time intensive to convince a random survivor to leave the battlefield.

Invite your friends to join you

Now we are coming to the fun part of this adventure – the fight! 2 yellow suit people and one Devourer!

Face the Devourer:

Open the gates and run close around the container while waiting for his spit attack. Avoid the spit and the resulting 23dmg and 4 sec slowing effect. Use the time he needs to close the gap after, for your shooting. You can shoot through the container, which is a main key to be successful.

Take him down to 2720hp and avoid his huge stomp

Devourer healing pool

as well which would instantly kill you with tier 1 armor. Use this knowledge of his stomps to do the same at 2000hp, 1050hp and 500hp. Before he reaches these specific health points bait him to one of the 3 green healing areas to make sure you are not missing any chance to shoot the boss.

Devourer healing pool


Devourer healing pool.

Valuable statistics:

While you are fighting for the task and the loot, don’t forget these important tidbits of information.

  1. Try not to take more than his first hit after every spit. Because he is adding +8 damage to every hit in a row (8, 16,24,32,40,48) which will result in you expending many bandages unnecessarily.
  2. If your dps is too low, he will heal again! This means you better keep shooting at him.

Take a look at some statistics:



Benefits of pairing:

Many people keep asking me why would I want to duo The Devourer and why the heck I am doing this with hazmat suits on me.

The answer to that is pretty simple! There are situations where you don’t have a third person to help you and if you are doing it with a random survivor, there is always the chance to get robbed by him. The reason for doing it with tier 1 armor is because it’s extremely time consuming to farm the Scout’s armor and get a full set of it.

Not to mention the loot is much nicer when you only have to share it two ways.

This is one effective way to beat the Devourer without using many items or spending too much time grinding in the zones. To make sure you remembered all the little details, watch this video to see the mechanics behind the written text!

Now log into the game and show this Beast what you are made of!

Thankyou for reading, if you found this article helpful then please let us know in the comments below, and if you have another strategy for taking him on then please tell us as well. Until next time.