Welcome back! In one of my last articles I wrote about the best modifications for the AK-47 and stated that I would be doing more in the future, well here it is! The best modifications for the M16, as always this is just my opinion, if you have any objections to my choices feel free to leave them in the comment section below, I’m always open for discussion.


As always, we start by looking at the M16, without any modifications on:

Damage: 12
Attack Speed: 8.3
Crit. Chance: N/A
Crit. Damage: N/A
Stability: Moderate


Overall, the M16 sports similar stats to the AK-47, with the only noticeable difference being the decreased damage from the M16 from 15 damage down to 12 damage. With the right modifications however, you can turn an M16 into an absolute beast of a gun, capable of shredding through even the toughest of enemies.

Again, we’ll be focusing on Stability, Critical Chance and Critical Damage for the M16. If you’re wondering why I chose these stats in particular, you can take a look at my previous article here to find out.

Magazine Modifications

Recommended Magazine Modification:

Drum Magazine (Rarity – Rare)

Cost to build:

  • 15 Aluminium Plates
  • 12 Steel Plates
  • 12 Gun oil
  • 50 Springs
  • 12 Factory Parts

This is my pick for the best magazine modification, although it decreases the M16’s stability slightly, it more than makes up for it with huge increases in your durability and damage.

The Grip Mod is also a good choice if you have not gotten the blueprint for the Drum Magazine yet, it provides a nice boost to your stability, critical damage and speed.

Sight Modifications

Recommended Sight Modification:

Sight x8 (Rarity – Extremely Rare + Active Skill)

Cost to build:

  • 15 Lens
  • 12 Steel Plates
  • 60 Bolts
  • 60 Springs
  • 20 Factory Parts
  • 12 Carbon Composite

This is my go-to sight modification for the M16, it provides a nice raw damage boost while sacrificing speed, the rate at which your M16 fires at. While the speed deficit might seem like a lot, in my testing, its almost negligible. The active skill, sniper shot is great too, allowing you to deal massive damage if used correctly.

The Sight x4 modification is great too, same stats as the Sight x8 modification while providing a different active skill, the leg shot, which slows enemies down.

However, I understand that most of you will not have access to these extremely rare modifications, which is why I recommend building the Red Dot Sight Modification first, which provides a boost in your damage, while sacrificing nothing.

Muzzle Modification

Recommended Muzzle Modification:

Muzzle Break (Rarity – Common)

Cost to build:

  • 40 Iron Plates
  • 8 Aluminium Plates
  • 12 Gun Oil
  • 36 Springs

Being the cheapest and easiest modification to build and find here, you should have no problem acquiring this modification. This modification provides a big boost to your Critical Chance and Stability stats, while sacrificing a small amount durability and having a higher noise stat.

Laser Modification

Recommended Laser Modification:

Red Laser (Rarity – Extremely Rare)

Cost to build:

  • 10 Hi-Tech Components
  • 12 Steel Plates
  • 36 Bolts
  • 60 Springs
  • 20 Factory Parts
  • 10 Carbon Composite

To top it off, we have the Red Laser modification, which increases your critical chance and critical damage stats. However, considering the difficulty and the high cost to find and build this modification, the green laser modification isn’t bad either.


Having fully assembled all the modifications, you M16 will look like this:

M16 Mods Drum Mag. Sight x8 Muzzle Break Red Laser
Damage ++ ++
Crit. Chance +++ +++
Crit. Damage ++
Speed – –
Durability +++
Stability ++
Noise +


That’s all. As always, thank you for reading my articles, hope you found this guide useful! Leave a comment below to let us know what you want covered next.

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