The Comprehensive Guide to Leveling Walls and Floors in Last Day on Earth: Survival.


  This Comprehensive Guide to Wall Leveling is meant to help you level your walls. Although this guide is helpful it will still take a lot of time to gather all the resources. If you have simply stumbled upon this article and haven’t played Last Day on Earth: Survival then I would definitely recommend it as it is simply the best free game on mobile if you’re a fan of zombies. If you’re not into zombies I don’t really agree with you, but the game does have puppies. 


Part one: Gathering resources.

  You want to get as much pine and limestone as you possibly can, however, don’t build any walls yet as the horde will constantly destroy them causing you to lose wood.

Another reason not to build walls is the fact that you cannot be raided unless you are raiding others and if you are, I would recommend that you finish upgrading your walls first. At this point in time as a new player the only thing you should be building are floors as they cannot be destroyed by anything but you.


How to Farm Wood:


  • Get a makeshift bat, they are easy to make, and give you something to fight with other than your fists. You also should make a backpack so that you can carry more wood. Lastly, you want three hatchets so you can clear all the wood that is in Pine Bushes.  
  • You’ve got your bat, backpack and hatchets, now you want to make your way over to the Pine Bushes which is the green forest zone (You can go to the yellow or red zones but green is the most efficient and it has a lot easier enemies).    
  • Clear all the enemies that are in Pine Bushes, I recommend collecting berries when you can as they can be used to heal your character when low. Using the sneak ability is recommended so that you can perform sneak attacks on the zombies and use up less of the durability of your bat.
  •  Once you have chopped down a few trees and collected a few of the branches you want to split them up in your inventory so that you are only collecting wood while in auto mode which brings you to max efficiency.
  • Now that you have logs you should make a woodworking bench because building wise you will be using a much larger amount of pine planks than you would be normal logs.
  • Once done you can rinse and repeat the steps you see here. 

 How to Farm Stone/Iron 


  • Although I did suggest that you go to the green zone for the forest zone, I am going to suggest for farming stone and iron that you go to the yellow zone. While you can grind out stone and iron in the green zone, I would strongly recommend against it only because of the low resource yield particularly iron, in the green zone you can find 15 pieces while in the yellow you can find 90.
  • Stone and iron farming are done at the same time because where there is iron there is stone.
  • Crafting a stonecutters table is essential to move on with this guide. By building it you have access to stone bricks. Another thing needed to move on is the melting furnace. This melting furnace allows you to smelt many things. The most important right now is iron ore. Iron ingots are used in level 3 and 4 base crafting.

How to Farm Oak 


  • First off, if you haven’t already put the generator in the watchtower in the north western part of the map you will need to because the oak forests won’t be available to you. What you want to do is bring at least two machetes 15 bandages, you can also bring any extra weapons (guns) if you intend on grinding for a long time (you can always make more from the cloth you get from zombies).
  • Now that you have all your gear you should be ready to start the grind. But before you go to the oak area you want to go to the nearest AI base. This base will be used as a staging ground for the grind. Here you can put however many hatchets you brought except for the two you’re going to use.
  • Now that you are at Oak Bushes you only have to kill enemies that spot you. Once finished cutting down the oak trees you return to the AI base. Where you drop your wood off, and get new hatchets. You basically just repeat this process until you feel you have a good amount of oak. Please note the AI base disappears 12 hours after leaving it.

Farming Steel 

  • I’m going to be completely honest. Farming steel is one of the most time-consuming things to do in this game. Because there are a lot of steps that go into it and these steps take a long time. 
  • To get the copper you will need to go to the northern cold zones this will be one of the most tedious things that you do in this game. To get the copper bars you need 5 copper ore. Copper spawns in winter zones. Staying on the outside allows you to avoid most enemies.
  • Bauxite is found in iron nodes which are found in most zones, but mainly limestone zones. Although Limestone Spires is the hardest zone you can find anywhere between 5 – 8 pieces of bauxite by breaking iron. Another thing needed for steel is iron which is easiest to obtain in.
  • Before you can make steel you need a refined melting furnace. To make the steel you will need to insert the materials above into a refined melting furnace. To create a refined melting furnace you will need these materials. 20 oak planks, 20 stone bricks, 20 iron ingots, and 10 iron plates.
  • It is worth noting that this is by far not the best way to get copper, it is much easier to acquire by reaching lvl 30 in electronics at the recycler, and then recycling wrist watches and batteries.

Part two: Creating Walls.

Now that you have all your resources you can start creating walls. A good rule to follow when building walls is to wait until you have enough materials for level 3 walls. The reason for this is simply the fact that zombies can’t break them.

When following the material farming guides presented in this article you should get level 4 walls in no time. Please note that leveling your walls is a very timeconsuming process and even when following my guide or others it can take weeks or months to fully upgrade your base. 

I hope this  guide to wall leveling helps you in your journeys. By following this guide you will get max level walls and laugh in the face of your enemies as they cry about the non-existent metal cutter.

Thank-you for reading, if you found this guide helpful then please let me know in the comments section down below, and also what you would like to see covered next.