The game we have, the game we think we deserve, and the game I think we will get.

I’m paraphrasing Lt. Gordon from The Dark Knight of course, but I think you got the point. This article will be covering the state of the game, what we players think will be coming, and what I think we are most likely to end up with.

The game we have:

Looking back on the history of LDoE we can see some pretty major changes, with a whole host of content updates, we’ve gone from a single player game, with some pretty basic graphics and mechanics, albeit a pioneer in the world of mobile gaming, the first full on survival game, which it remains as to this day. To a highly advanced survival game with raiding, pets and weapon modifications.

That being said it has some blockades stopping it from joining the great survival games of PC, I’m talking of course about the energy and travel system, every player has at one time or another been infuriated by this mechanic.

After almost two years of active constant development we still do not see many features that were advertised in the game at launch, many of these are crafting recipes, or screenshots of the game posted on the store page, personally I feel that this is false advertising, and with the amount of content in the game now it should not be needed.

Plenty of players are attracted to the game with the promise of playing with your friends in a clan and competing against other players, travelling with your furry companion or exploring the map with your helicopter, zombie truck, or ATV.

But this is not the game we have.

Yes, we now have clans, and a primitive form of multiplayer; however can any of you truly say that this is the multiplayer that you all envisioned when you began the first day of your last day on Earth?

Personally with every update I am finding myself increasingly disappointed with the lack of key changes to the game, the ATV was in the crafting menu since the game was first released, multiple teaser videos and images have been released by the developers.

But nothing has come of it, in almost two years of development they have focused more on adding new things to the game, than adding in things which were there from the start.

The game we want: 

As players we want a fulfilling experience, a fun multiplayer game where the time spent is equal to the sense of achievement gained, not to mention some form of pvp to pit ourselves against other clans to see who is better.

One thing that I, and many other players want to see in Last Day on Earth is the ability to construct a clan base, a place to live with your clan mates, shared storage and crafting etc, it would add a completely new feel to the game, for reference take a look at the newly released Durango: Wild Lands.

And I think above all players want to feel that the game isn’t made to encourage you to buy things, the rng system is broken. In most circumstances there is nothing you can do to increase your odds for certain tasks. The chopper for example is an integral part of the game however it can not be completed without the chopper gas tank, and no location has a 100% drop rate for it, some players played for months without finding it, others found it after only a week.

The store: LDoE is not a P2W game as the purchases have no effect on multiplayer, to that effect the store should be reworked, incredibly expensive packs with horrendously low drop rates for so called rare items, the fix for this would be to return to the old system where each crate gave 3 items instead of 1.

The game I think we will get:

In the long run I believe that LDoE is doomed to fail. I’m expecting the beta phase to last a few more years and then end leaving us with no new content. The current system for keeping people playing the game is sharing ‘teasers’ in their under development section which is held every Thursday. However many of these things will likely never see the light of day.

Take the ATV for example, it was teased since the games launch in may 2017. LDoE turned 2 years old recently and it has still not been added, many recipes cannot be crafted such as guns, and with each update more packs are added to the store.

I’m expecting to see a rise in the amount of discount packs and special offers as the game is gradually milked for all it’s worth. I love this game and have dedicated my entire YouTube channel to it as well as a few hundred hours of my time, I even joined MetaHub to write about it.

So it saddens me to say this but i believe that the devs lost their way during the development. What started as a passion project from a small team blew up, winning the most innovative game of the year 2017 award, and earning the studio many millions of dollars seems to have turned more to a cash grab. Updates are not as frequent, and seem to have a lot less content in them when they are added. I think this is a trend that will continue throughout the rest of the games development.

That’s all I’ve got to say for today, thank you very much for reading everybody, please let me know your opinion down in the comments section below!