The BEST way to get guns & other important resources in LDOE

We’re all fans of survival, especially a game like Last Day on Earth.
But let’s be real, it’s not easy to get rich in survival games, is it? So I’m here to write a comprehensive guide on the best possible ways to get rich in Last Day on Earth: Survival (LDoE), from my experience.

Your best friend in LDoE as a beginner or slightly advanced player, is Bunker Alfa. In my opinion the best way to earn lots of resources is to just do floor 3 in bunker Alfa every 2
days, as well as killing the blind one in hard mode. You should also do all air drops, chopper events and convoy events whenever possible.


*Note: The wall trick exists and you could use that, but I would advise not getting a habit of it since it can be taken down anytime, so I’ll be writing a more permanent guide here.*

Things you will need

  • 3-4 Machetes
  • 1 Saw Mace Blade
  • 3 Glocks/Zip Guns
  • 1 M16 With 60% Durability
  • 60 Food items (Beans/Jerky/Carrots/Carrot Stew)
  • 1 set of tactical armor

Note: The better mods you have, the lesser the weapons will be consumed. Also, substitute bandages with food, if you prefer.

As soon you enter the bunker, you should have saw mace in your 2nd slot and a machete in your hand with heals in the 3rd slot, if you have it.

Try to sneak on every zombie that you can. Your goal here is to kill every zombie except frenzied giants, with melee weapons. Whenever you see a Frenzied Giant, sneak attack him with Saw Mace, if at all possible.

Then use your Glock/zip gun to finish him off. Zip guns are slow and weak but that will help you save your better guns. DO NOT craft zip guns though. Use when you find them.
You should use the M16 only on the turret, and at this room.

This way you’ll use minimal resources. You will get enough tickets to open green, yellow crates and will have around 10-15 red tickets.


After that, just activate hard mode.

Things you will need

  • A full durability shotgun (Preferably modded enough)
  • 2 Glocks
  • 1 Saw Mace Blade
  • 1 Machete
  • A stack of Med Kits
  • One set of tactical armor

Sneak any zombie that you can, with saw mace,  and try finish him with machete. If it’s an Exploder, use your Glock there. Or use a Glock, if there’s more than 2 zombies at a time.
Reach to, and kill the blind one with the shotgun and med kits. After that, Exit the floor. Rinse and repeat, every 2 days.

Reasoning behind the advice

The reason why I advice doing only 3rd floor is because floor 2 and floor 4 don’t give enough tickets at all and are more resources used than you can gain.

The reason why I advice you to kill the blind one is that You can get reputation points which will then give you a floppy, eventually. And not just that, you’ll get 10 red tickets which will allow you to open a red crate, every other bunker reset. It has 4 guns and
lots of other goodies.

Floppy has a chance to drop Milkor MGL. Why is that important? Well, even if you have just one Milkor, you can use that at police department to clear 16 difficult waves. That will give you a decent amount of green cards.

Green cards are THE best way to get lots of melee weapons and guns.

Whenever you have a Milkor MGL, use it in the Blackport PD yard to save up a lot of green crates. Open 5 green crates every 3 days and you’ll be rich in no time.


  • Mop up Floor 3 every 2 days to get enough yellow and green coupons that will help you
    gain 3 guns every 2 days along with lots of other resources.
  • You can open red crate every other reset, meaning you can get 10 guns in 4 days just from 2 yellow, 2 green and a red crate.
  • Floppy disks can give Milkor (grenade launchers) which will result in lots of green cards meaning you’ll get insane amount of resources every 3 days.
  • Chopper events will give you 2-4 guns every 30-35 hours.
  • Airdrops are decent too, you have a chance to get a Glock and other sweet stuff.
  • Trade with the dealer if he asking for cheaper stuff.

Do these things on regular basis and you’ll be rich in no time!

Thank-you everybody for reading, I hope you found this guide helpful, please let me know in the comments below what you would like to see covered next.

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