We all love this fine game produced by Kefir! studios. But let’s be real here – We all have some different opinions and ideas about the type of content and the current systems in the game than what has actually been implemented.

So I’ll be writing my opinion about what’s bad/broken in this game, and how it could potentially be fixed, as of right now. (9/5/2019)

Note: Any of this could have already been fixed if you’re reading this at a later time.


One of the biggest issues that I personally find while playing the game is the state of RAIDS. Raids are the most fun part and the only thing to do at advanced level since it’s always random and exciting.

Note: If you want know more about raids in general, click here!


  1. Raids take way too many resources and give you almost nothing in return, mostly.

That would be fine if at-least the bases were interesting and fun to raid. It’s not fun to grind for 3 days for the raider tasks only to get a base with 2 chests, no walls and the loot is 20 grass.

2. Another issue is the RNG tasks such as killing random mini-bosses in zones (Dead face, Fifty-two mike etc.).

It takes a long time or great luck to find them and it’s a huge waste of resources.

3. The tasks requiring you to craft certain things like armor, med kits etc

It’s a pure waste of raw resources if one already has lots of armor and medical supplies.


1. Make it so that you a get raid from a person whose EXP level is close to yours.

For example, if I am at 200 exp level then I should get someone around that to raid, not someone that is at 20 exp level. That’s just unfair as they can’t even raid my base (if they were to find it) with their level and I cant get even remotely decent loot from their base.

2. Alternatively remove all bases below a certain cap.

Let’s say remove all bases that are below exp level 30 or level 50 because those are boring and weak raids, loot wise. Lets be real, nobody wants to break one level 1 wall and 2 chests to get grass after paying or grinding to complete the tasks.

3. The fix to making raids exciting again could be something like adding Floppy Disks back      to raids.

How could that fix raids? Well, that was the most exciting loot as it was VERY RARE and it was the ultimate goal of raiding. It kept all lower level as well as high level players interested in raids. It was not OP but it was the ultimate accomplishment to get it in like one raid after 100’s. Also, that will balance the extreme shortage of C4 for daily raiding.

4. Some of the tasks should be re-worked.

REMOVE the RNG tasks completely and add some other interesting NOT luck-based tasks such as kill 10 zombies with your chopper, fist punch 5 zombies, use any active skill 5 times etc.

REMOVE resource wasting tasks like crafting army sets and medkits.


One of the biggest problems other than raids is the insanely hard to acquire gun/melee weapon modifications.

Note: If you want to know more about weapon modifications in general, click here!


1. The only way to get melee weapon extremely rare mods is the farm.

It’s almost impossible to get the one you desire even after doing it 100’s of times.

2. The only way to get extremely rare gun mods is the Police Department.

It requires an insane grind to get just an inspector crate and then INSANE RNG to get a desire-able mod, and even more INSANE RNG to get a desire-able ACTIVE SKILL mod.

3. Another broken thing here is the method of exchanging repeated blueprints.

Giving 10 common blueprints to get a random blueprint that you already have, just to give it back to him is just not right.


1. Dedicate a slot in the PD to active skills.

It could be either the 5th terminal, or making the 6th terminal accessible.

Either of those two terminals could be DEDICATED just for active skill mods. Meaning, if you put an inspector card in that specific slot, it is GUARANTEED  to be an active skill mod.

It will still be RNG, but at-least you’ll be sure to get an active skill mod.

All other crates will not be able to drop active skill mods at all, making the normal inspector crates a little better too for people who want just normal mods.

2. Same rarity exchange.

They need to make it so that you get the same blueprint rarity as the one you put in for exchange.

For example, if you just put 2 blue blueprints, then you get one guaranteed blue blueprint but its still random.

The scaling would decrease as you go higher in rarity meaning you should get a random purple blueprint for every purple you put for exchange.

3. Specific exchange deals.

There should be certain random deals offered by the specialist, on each bunker reset.

Let’s say you need to give 2 purple blueprints to get a Glock active skill.

It would be a specific mod so then you can decide whether you want to exchange or whether you want to wait until next reset and hope for a better deal.

Deals should only be for blue and purple blueprints since common blueprints are already pretty easy to get.

The amount can vary like put 4 blue to get a good specific blue mod while put 2 to get a less good blueprint according to how developers see each blueprint and its use.

*The deals fix should apply to melee weapon blueprints too.

4. Farm should drop a minimum of 2 blueprints.

Melee weapon blueprints are insanely hard to gain, so the farm should be given some love by letting the chest drop at-least 2 blueprints, with one having a high chance of being blue or purple and the other being the normal chance of being either of the three rarities.


One of the other broken system right now is the dog system.

Note: If you want to know more about dogs in general, click here!


1. True friend trait is incredibly difficult to get.

Even after breeding 100’s of level 3 dogs, it’s still almost impossible to get a true friend trait as it is entirely based on luck, some users breed 2 lvl 3 dogs and get a true friend.

2. Too many of the same gender of dog.

The devs have said that the drop rate for dogs is 50/50 male/female however this does not seem to be accurate.

3. Food consumption

It’s insane how much food is needed for a full dog crate.


1.Make the true friend trait common.

True friend trait should be common, we should be able to take any dog with us, but it’s limited to taking only one dog.

That would balance the system, but the dogs need to be bred to make them stronger, and more useful.

2. Allow to choose genders of level 1 dogs.

Let the gender be chosen when the level 1 dog is being put into the dog pen.

It would solve the crisis of level 1 dogs but RNG would still be relevant on higher levels. *Best of both worlds*.

3. Make them consume less food, and more variety.

Dogs should be able to eat cooked food like beans or carrots or berries instead of just raw meat.

The cooked food should last longer than the uncooked food. Overall time lasted should also be increased.

If you agree with these changes or if you would suggest otherwise, let me know all of it in the comments. And of course, don’t forget to leave your value-able feedback. Take care, Adios!