Tips on Raider Tasks – Fastest way to complete them!

Hello everyone.  I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with raider’s tasks. Today I’ll be discussing a few Tips on Raider Tasks and the Fastest way to complete  each one of them! Below I’ve listed each and every possible task that you can find through the Raiders along with tips for every task.


  • Always check raider’s tasks as soon as you finish the previous raid.
  • Keep the tasks in mind when you’re opening a reset location to avoid the problem of reset time preventing you from doing next tasks.
  • Remember to check the tasks before crafting certain things like Meds, Hatchets etc.


Complete 2nd floor in Bunker Alfa

Read this for the best guide to clear 2nd floor. It provides in-depth strategies for efficiently completing the bunker floor 2.


Finish 3rd floor in Bunker Alfa

Watch this video by JCF for the best guide to clear 3rd floor.

Clear 4th floor in Bunker Alfa

Watch this video by MTurboGamer for the best guide to clear 4th floor.


Murder The Blind One

Watch this video by MTurboGamer for the easiest way to kill the blind one(You can use shotguns too).


Destroy 5 Turrets

For this task, Destroy the Turrets in Floor 2, Floor 3 and the first turret in Floor 4. After that, activate hard-mode.

Destroy the Turrets in Floor 2, and floor 3. DO NOT try to destroy heavy turrets, they are not worth it as they have a large health pool so will require an entire AK-47 to break


Find C4 Explosive

The best tip for this task is that avoid opening your red crates and/or floppy co-ordinates until you need to complete this task OR until you absolutely need some other resource from them.

It’s best to use them when the task comes.



Kill 5 Savage Giants at farm

Sneak them with Saw mace blade, and finish off with a glock or a zip gun.


Annihilate 3 Bulls at farm

Sneak attack with Saw mace blade, and add finishing touches with glock or zip gun.


Murder the Ravager at farm

Watch this video by MTurboGamer for the best guide. (You can even do it with bare fists!)


Unlock the Farm chest

Watch this video by JCF for the cheapest method to unlock the farm box.



Craft 20 First Aid Kits

Save 60 bandages and 40 alcohol for this task. Self-Explanatory.


Create 5 Iron Hatchets

Don’t craft your hatchets without the task appearing unless you absolutely need it.

Make 20 Iron Plates

Save 20 Iron and place it in the workbench as soon as the task appears.

If you want to make it quick, put 10 iron in each workbench.


Craft Tactical armor set

Save the following resources for this task:

  • 37 Thick cloth
  • 29 Leather
  • 10 Iron plates
  • 5 rope 



Open 25 Chests at red zones

Try to do this in 2 sessions.

You’ll need to take a shower, 2-3 melee weapons, 2 sets of gear and a gun.

Go to a red zone, try to sneak around and open 4-5 chests.

Leave the zone and repeat until you have opened at-least 12 chests.

Then go to the base and repeat.


Murder 15 Toxic Abominations

Follow a similar guide to the 25 chests task. Except if you want, you can do it in one go. Stay around the edge of the zone and try to find abominations.



Stand 20 waves at Blackport Police Department

Watch this video by MTurboGamer for the best guide on this task.


Access 3 Green (Captain Card) Crates at Blackport Police Department

Save atleast 6 green crates from the PD, at your base, to secure 2 future tasks.


Access 1 Blue (Lieutenant Card) Crate at Blackport Police Department

Save atleast 2 blue crates from the PD, at your base, to secure 2 future tasks.



Visit 5 Air Drops

Always check the tasks before visiting the first airdrop of the day, because you can get a maximum of 3 air drops per 24 hours 

If you don’t know how to summon 3 airdrops in a day, be sure to check out this video by JCF.

Complete 3 deals with the Dealer Joe

The best tip here is that you can do a deal through the radio when the events reset (12 GMT).

After that, use your energy until it’s below 70 to summon another dealer.

Complete the third dealer at next reset. 

Note: AVOID the Dog deals. Also, DO NOT try to go to red-zones for C4 – They’re NOT worth it as it’s incredibly difficult to find C4 there.


Tasks to kill randomly generated mini-bosses

This task is completely luck based. Just keep visiting the zones that it requires, and hope for the best.


Acquire 5 Mechanic’s Box at Gas Station

Every time you have some extra spare parts, give it to Jane but DO NOT collect the boxes. They will stay there securely.

Collect them as needed.


Find 3 Dogs

You can find 2 dogs at the farm.

One of them is in either of the 4 “Sheds” or in the house.

The other is usually inside the Barn.

Clear the farm twice for this task.

Grow 3 Dogs

Feed the dogs but DO NOT grow them (don’t click when there’s a green icon on them) until you need it for a task.


Recycle 3 guns

Save at-least 3 almost broken guns for this task. Recycle them when needed.


Annihilate the Witch

Watch this video by MTurboGamer for the cheapest method.

Acquire 5 Engines from Gas Station

The Gas station has 5 engines throughout the dumped cars.

Clear the zombies one by one and check all the cars.


That’s pretty much it! Thank you for reading! Good luck in completing the Raider’s Tasks. I hope you found the Tips on Raider Tasks useful!

Don’t forget to leave your value-able feedback down below. Cheers!