Last Day on Earth is celebrating 2nd Birthday today. Kefir! released an interesting and informative video on their youtube channel today. If you didn’t watch it already you should. Here is a link We will go through whole video and analyse it.

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The video starts with short clips of different locations like the Motel and the Crashed airplane. We can see that some locations look different, but it is probably just for video purposes. We should not expect to see it in game.

Next thing we see in the video are amazing artworks from really talented survivors. It really shows how big the LDoE community is and how many skilled survivors there are.

After that we see one of the developers talking about their developing team. In the background we can see two monitors. One of them is showing most of the benches in LDoE, but as we can see some of them are not yet in game. It will be interesting to see if get them anytime soon.

Next we see is developer talking about how much they listen to community. We can see a monitor with a “HAKERAV NOOB” message. It is a small Easter egg/joke in reference to the staff in their discord that proves how developers listen to community.

After that we see a ravager looking zombie, but it doesn’t seem to be ravager. It looks like he has effects of radiation. He maybe comes from a high radiation zone like Sector 7 or maybe high radiation zone that developers mention later in the video.

Nobody expected the next thing we see. There is a huge military helicopter. It looks fully operational. We don’t even have an ATV in game, but developers are already working on helicopter. It looks really detailed. There are 2 seats in it and there are mini-guns on the sides of helicopter. This is first time we have gotten any information about it.

Next quick clip show us a whiteboard with some information about weapon mods on it.

After that we see pictures of some boxes that look like the infected box. Maybe we will need to clean them in an acid bath aswell which would give more use to the bath. We will maybe find infected boxes together with the infected and radioactive zombie mentioned above.

Next thing we see are the developers talking about how they made the chopper drive-able for a survivor with special conditions. That is another proof that developers listen to us. We can also see a small location on the screen behind them, but it is probably just an AI base, nothing special.

After that we can see a developer talking about frenzied giants. But there is a huge sneak peek on the screen next to her. We can see a full single-player basement. It looks way bigger then we expected. We should get it in an update soon, it has been teased for a while.

Next we see a developer testing new features in the Sector 7. We can see loads of new things in it. Player is using shield, there are new quick slots and  some new ways to attack.

We will maybe get a new skill system inside of Sector 7?

After that we see a picture of a new boss, that has been showed in under development section last Thursday. We should not expect it anytime soon because it is still under development. They asked for suggestions as to what to name him in their various communities.

Then, we can see lots of concept arts. Some of them are really interesting. One of them is a mine, where we will most probably see the new boss that we talked about above. Its’ style would go great here. He has a helmet that is used in mines and he has a drill.

Next concept art we see is new really radioactive locations. We don’t know what will be inside Sector 7. Maybe we will find new infected boxes and new infected/radioactive boss or zombie there.

Last thing we see is developer talking in front of large batman statue. He said best thing for a birthday present is content. Video ends with “See you in wastelands (Sector 7) message. Developers are maybe hinting that next update will be multiplayer related, but there is no confirmation.