Raiding, thought by many to be the most fun aspect of the game, myself included. Recently I had the opportunity to do a QnA with the developer in charge of raids and I leaped at the chance, so sit back and enjoy.

For the most part I will be leaving my own interpretation out of the answers as I do not wish to guide your own conclusions.

Question 1: 

Q: Are the turrets on our base automatically powered up on raids?

A: No. If the turrets don’t have a fuel, they won’t be active.

This answers the question of is there any point putting fuel in your turrets, however I have a full steel base so only use my turrets for killing the raiders.

Question 2: 

Q: What determines which base we are given to raid? ~ my account rolled back and I got the same series of base’s to raid afterwards.

A: It’s a technical issue. It will be fixed sometimes and somehow, I think.

A common theme you will see through this QnA is the devs only answering part of a question, however we can confirm that there is a bug with being given the same base to raid multiple times.

Question 3: 

Q: Why was it decided to remove floppy disks from raids?

A: The loot that you can recieve from a floppy disk varies with your reputation level with The Specialist. So, it’s not fair to steal a floppy and easily get a high-graded loot.

I can see where the devs are coming from on this point, however it’s highly disappointing as previously a floppy disk was the best thing you could find on a raid.

Question 4:

Q: Are the devs happy with how raids are working at the moment ?

A: No. We don’t like raids and want to get rid of them. At least in their current condition and mechanics.

This answer for me is highly concerning for two reasons, firstly because as previously mentioned raiding is the most fun part of the game for me. Secondly, the devs aren’t happy with raids and they’re highly buggy, but the devs are choosing to prioritize adding new content to the game instead of fixing what is already here.

Question 5:

Q: With the increase in steel base’s being constantly found are there plans to add the metal cutter soon?

A: No, not so soon.

At least those of us with steel base’s are safe for the foreseeable future.

Question 6:

Q: Are electronic circuits the cause of so many bad raids at the moment? ~ it’s been theorized that the system sees electronic circuits as valuable items, so will give you a base to raid if it has one

A: But electronic circuits is a valuable item, isn’t it?

Here I have to disagree with the devs, the electronic circuit used to be a valuable item, until the recycler and weapon modding was added, now it is easy to get a floppy disk with your fully modded weapons, and it is incredibly easy to recycle phones en mass to get lots of circuits.

Question 7:

Q:Will raids ever be changed to last for 9 hours, instead of vanishing 5 seconds after you leave, I ask because lots of new players get annoyed when they see the 9 hour timer but the base just vanishes

A: No.

Short and to the point answer, I would however love to see some kind of notification when you attempt to leave a base that you will not be able to return.

Question 8:

Q: Can the noise increase when entering and crafting at base’s be removed, when raiding was first added the ability to craft at the base was amazing

A: No

Another short simple answer, a shame to see, but more information relating to this is answered in the next question.

Question 9:

Q: The Big One, it’s never been clear why he’s here, the noise system as a whole seems like a rather underwhelming way to manage raids, would we ever see the noise system removed and replaced with something else, for example waves of zombies every 30 seconds – a minute that gradually get harder, then after 15 minutes the big one turns up. i suggest this as currently a good way to protect your loot is having all 40 of your boxes in one open area, you can reach 100 noise without ever finding a single item

A: We don’t like the noise system. But for now raids it’s not a top-priority feature to remake.

Again we have an example of the devs not being happy with something, and the community not enjoying it either, but they have not got it as a priority to fix. Here’s hoping the upcoming updates will be highly enjoyable eh?

Question 10:

Q: Can you give us any details about what is planned for 200 raiders reputation? will we ever see the raiders camp + boss that was teased so long ago?

A: I can’t give you details, because our focus now is a bit far from raid system.

See previous comment from question 9.

Question 11:

Q: why do we meet the big one a lot more often when we’re doing the raiders tasks?

A: We didn’t change a probability to meet him since our release day.

Now this answer surprised me, that being said the probability to open the barn door is apparently 90% but it opens vastly less than that for me, guess it’s just bad luck.

Question 12:

Q: would we ever see the option to do easy or hard raiders tasks, and with them get bases with less or more loot?

A: No.

Hopefully this answer means that when raids finally are changed, we will only be getting good base’s.

Thank-you very much Deadchovsky for answering these questions, we here at MetaHub are truly grateful for the opportunity.

That’s it for the QnA, I hope you all found something interesting in these answers, please comment below any other questions you would like to see answered by the devs, be it about raiding or anything else. Thank-you very much for reading, until next time.