Attention Metahub Alliance!

Welcome to our own private corner of the internet. This unlisted post will serve as a method of communication to guild members of the official Metahub Alliance, and we’ve got something special in mind!

Guild Rewards

You’ve no doubt heard about the guild rewards (and by now the update has landed). Well, we’ve got big dreams for how our guild will function and we want everyone to be on the same page! So first, here’s a peek at how this works.

Similar to our daily battle incubators, you will begin to see with patch 1.6 a new Alliance tab with missions. It looks like this:

Some of the missions are very easy, and some are not so easy. As you can see from the timer, we only get 1 week (7 days) to get through all the missions and rank up for better rewards.

When the Alliance completes a mission, whoever was the largest contributor in that mission will get a tiny perk (coins or hard cash) for being the biggest contributor. You’ll know you were the biggest contributor if you see something like the below image.

Clicking on that will give you that micro-reward for helping your guild. And everyone else (and you when you click on that hard cash and collect your reward), will see this instead:

Once we complete the 5 missions, we’ll rank up and get 5 new missions that are harder. If we do nothing else for the week, we will get to collect a Rank 1 Exploration reward. But if we continue to dart dinos and spin drops etc, we will get an even better reward.

If we don’t make it to Rank 5 by the end of the week, we’ll all collect whatever the reward was on this same screen, and a new set of challenges will begin at rank 1 all over again (with potentially different rewards).

Let’s take a look at the rewards for this week for the Exploration task (the one we are aiming for in this first week of guild missions).

But Wait! There’s More! Our OBJECTIVE Is…

Now, because of the badges, we can see who is contributing the most to a particular mission. And we have something special in mind.

If we make it to rank five for EXPLORATION this week, we’re willing to give up some pretty useful DNA to whoever earns the badge for Rank 5.

DNA that’s hard to fill. DNA like Irritator, or Dimetrodon, or Tenontosaurus. Dealer’s choice.

That’s right, we’re going to fill ONE REQUEST for super useful DNA for the members of the guild who are instrumental in helping us complete Rank 5 of Exploration this week.

And each week, we will have a guild objective like this, and some form of reward for those who help us hit it.

In Conclusion

Maybe Rank 5 is going to be really really hard. Or maybe it’s doable. We’re not sure as we haven’t seen the missions yet, but we’d like to set goals and refine them later.

What we do know is the more stops we spin, the more DNA we collect, the more darts we fire and direct hits we get, the more Sinoceratops, Triceratops Gen 2 and Einiasucuhs we will all get to cash in on!

So let’s see how far we can get, and here at Metahub HQ, we’ll keep you motivated and rolling! Who knows, maybe we’ve got merch or in-game hard cash to send as well. 🙂

Let’s do this Metahub!