Metahub Alliance Exclusive: Alliance Rush Strategy

Attention Metahub Alliance!

We’ve got an alliance rush event coming up in two days. And we’d love our alliance to come out in the top 5 if at all possible. So let’s go over the details of how it works and talk strategy.

The below is from the forum post that initially announced the event. After that, let’s talk strategy.

How It Works

  • Every Alliance will accumulate Rush Points throughout the event.
  • Rush Points are awarded as follows:
    • 1 point per Battle started.
    • 1 additional point per Battle won.
  • Each members’ points are calculated and added up for the Alliance’s total Rush Points.
  • Throughout, the top 50 Alliances’ progress will be tracked on the forum (see below).
    • For now, only the Alliances’ names and total Rush Points will be tracked.
  • Individual players will accumulate Rush Points for whichever Alliance they are a part of.
    • Accounted for Rush Points will not be subtracted from an Alliance if the player who earned them leaves the Alliance during the event.


Friday, Alliance Rush will begin @ 10:00 AM EST.

  • Friday, first Rush Points calculation will occur @ 3:00 PM EST.
    • Results will be posted on the forum shortly thereafter.
  • Saturday, second Rush Points calculation will occur @ 10:00 AM EST.
    • Results will be posted on the forum shortly thereafter.
  • Sunday, third Rush Points calculation will occur @ 10:00 AM EST.
    • Results will be posted on the forum shortly thereafter.
  • Monday, Alliance Rush will end @ 10:00 AM EST.
    • Final results will be posted on the forum shortly thereafter.



I know a lot of alliances are going to try the strategy of dropping rank. They’ll start dropping rank today and tomorrow, get to a low enough spot, and then battle back up to rank over the next three days.

Problem with this strategy is, lots of people are going to do it. So while they’re looking for a bunch of easy wins, they may end up finding other droppers who don’t make it so easy on them. Essentially, there will be 5000 trophy level battles happening on the 3000 level battlefront. And wasting time on a loss would be annoying to someone trying to get back up.

Something else that might happen is they may get stuck in dead spots. If there are 10 legit players playing in a 800 trophy range and getting destroyed by a dropper who is re-climbing, you know what those people will do? Probably stop playing for a few hours. So that means the dropper is more likely to be matched with other droppers.

So while this arena drop strategy may pay off, it may also give us another interesting opportunity. There will be those who drop late (first day of tournament) to try to get credit for all the losses. And those losses mean wins for the opponents. Plus, things will be less congested with spoofers who are trying the drop strategy as well (heck, many have dropped since the last tournament to either avoid detection or to farm easy wins). So here’s what I propose:

Battle as much as possible for the first 3 days. Particularly in the first day and second day. Try to achieve a high rank and either force-open incubators or just battle for no incubators. Because you have a high possibility of getting to a rank that is much higher than where you traditionally end up, and you could theoretically stick at that rank for a week and a half and potentially get a higher reward tier than you might normally get.

Even if you lose a lot in the first 3 days, there’s plenty of time to regain your slot over the week and a half of tournament left, so there’s little reason to not just keep throwing yourself into the arena.

Let’s see if we can make it into the top 5 guilds by battling as much as possible! 🙂 Good luck Metahubbers!