Explorers! As we are [potentially] closing in on the end of the first Special Event in Jurassic World Alive (JWA), we are tuning in to report anything that might have taken place the week of June 25th, 2018 in the universe of JWA that may have gone unnoticed!

New Epic Incubator in the Store

While we were lead to believe by Ludia’s representatives that we would be getting a Rare Incubator (which we still might, who knows), Ludia just introduced a Hybrid Ingredient Epic Incubator!

Simply from the picture, it appears that the potential Dinosaurs rewarded from this Incubator would potentially be the followings:

These offers are always tempting since they allow to collect easy DNA. However,  we feel that since Stegosaurus and Triceratops are quite common in the wild, and since Baryonyx and Postimetrodon will be available as Featured Dinos this weekend that this offer is not one to spend your Cash on. However, the offer on coins is off the chart!

Coin Deal in the Store

As we predicted (see here), Ludia finishes Week 4 with an offer on Coins, and we have to admit, this one is huge! However, there is a pretty big downside, the offer is exclusively available for VIPs… Thanks to Bexmuu for the analysis and draft!

Right now you can get 37,500 coins for 500 hard cash, which outvalues the current best usual offer by 35% and is even more lucrative than previous deal on coins we had. You can take the bundle up to 3 times, so if you’ve been saving your cash to stock up on coins, this might be the best opportunity that we’ll get for a while!

In short, you get 112,500 coins for 1,500 cash! Think about it, you would normally pay 4,500 (three times the amount of Cash) for only twice the amount of Coins with the Vault of Coins! This is the best Coin offer to this date!

If, alas, you’re short on cash, make sure to check free cash offers: just today players received in-game notification that Tapjoy once again offers 50% bonus for cash offers (currently, this bonus is not online). If you have any difficulties with cash offers, make sure to check #free-cash-offers channel on our Discord server.

Special Event Status Report

Unlike previous weeks, our sources tell us that there is no indication of any additional weeks for this first Special Event; which most likely indicate that Postimetrodon will be the last of the Featured Dinos.

We believe that Ludia used this event to “feel the vibe” and see what the players appreciate from the game and what they don’t. In other words, it’s possible that we will see Ludia adapt themselves as the game evolves. However, just like in Jurassic World The Game, one can certainly expect regular events in the game!

AI in Battle

On June 19th, Ludia made [once again] a very subtle announcement on their Forum (here) regarding the use of AI in the Battle Arena. Ludia’s announcement was seemingly made after some players expressed their concern about AI in the Arena, which makes complete sense considering that players are growing tired of battling Dinos 10 levels higher than theirs.

Well, don’t be fooled! That is not what the announcement was about. Ludia simply announced how AI takes over if a player is AFK (away from keyboard, or in this case, away from mobile). The AI will simply use Basic Attacks, and when a Dinosaur dies, it will always use the first Dino available from the left of the Roster menu.

Will Ludia ever address the issue of players battling level 30 Dinos while their owns are level 15-17? Let’s hope so. A simply fix to this issue would be that Bot accounts use real players’ teams, like most games do.


Earlier this week, we requested assistance from everyone in the Jurassic World Alive community via Twitter and Reddit to complete our Dinodex. The response has so far been off the chart with over 50 submissions! The call for help remains open as there are still some Dinos (the most unpopular ones) left without a description.

If you want to help, simply check out our call for help right here! We need you!

Parting Words

We are truly impressed with this event and we believe that it shows how Ludia will take this game seriously! There is no doubt in our minds that they will even improve with time, but Jurassic World Alive is on the right path to stay around for years to come!

If you wish to join the Researchers or be part of the discussion, make sure to join our Discord Server and to give us your support on Twitter!