Explorers, we have some VERY exciting news! The game just got a data download and Ludia announced on their Forums that the Special Event is getting a rework!

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Special Event Update/Rework

Now confirmed by Ludia on their forums, the special events that we have been having for the last few weeks will be continuing! Furthermore, they are also working on a rework that will greatly affect and change the special events altogether!

In their post, they mentioned that they will be changing how Dinos will appear. Instead of a Dino a day, they will have multiple dinos appearing at once across a timespan of multiple days. For example, on July 2nd and 3rd, both Sarcosuchus and Tanycolagreus could appear as event dinos!

Also, instead of having a separate attempt count, attempts will be combined together! For example, if you need more Sarco DNA then Tany DNA, you could do 20 Sarco attempts and only 4 Tany! Vice versa, if you need more Tany DNA than Sarco DNA, you could do more Tany attempts than Sarcos. Ludia has not yet announced when this update will be rolled out, but we believe that we can expect it as soon as next Monday. 


If you look at the chart Ludia has put out, they have both Legendary and Unique as possible event Featured Dinos! Since we already had the Stegodeus, Tryostronix, Indominus Rex and Indoraptor events, we could potentially see Legendaries like Allosinosaurus, Monostegotops, Pyrritator too since we haven’t had Sinoceratops, Monolophosaurus or Pyroraptor as Featured Dinos yet. We might also see Uniques like Magnapyritor, Utahrinex, and Erlidominus too! Who knows!

Showcase Incubator

As expected, we finally got the Rare Showcase Incubator today, starring the beloved Raptor Pack, Baryonyx, Postimetrodon and the extremely useful Common, Parasauropholus.  However, keep in mind when deciding to make a purchase, that this incubator only guarantees Rare DNA and that the very valuable coin sale is still live, so think carefully before you any decision!

New Dinos in Arena Incubators

According to recent reports, Ludia has seemingly added recently Featured Dinos like Echo and Concavenator to the Arena incubators! We have yet to confirm if they also appear in store incubators or in the wild at all. Or even if other new Dinosaurs are available in Arena Incubators! So confirm any sightings to us!

Other Minor Updates

1. Darting Rewards: According to reports, you can seemingly obtain coin rewards when you get an outstanding Darting sequence. We do not know the amount or the DNA required to trigger that reward yet. This is unconfirmed at the moment.

2. Mysterious Icon: There is a mysterious icon next to the Dinos now, once you click to open them, some sort of white, human portrait. We do not know the function of that at the moment or if it has a function at all, but we will find out!

3. Minor Text Updates: Ludia has updated some texts and fonts in the game to make it look prettier, including the countdown during the Drone Sequence.

Parting Words

This unexpected update is of course very exciting, and this is just a quick look at what they have added.

So if you find anything new or can confirm any of our unconfirmed items, please inform us on our Discord Server! We will be keeping an eye on this update and will further dig into it to fully uncover all the new goodies in the game!