Explorers! This is not a drill! From an in-game notification, we had confirmation that Ludia extended the event for a fifth week!

This fifth week of Featured Dinosaurs brings back the T-Rex, but also a very interesting variety of Dinosaurs!


Although we do not get new Dinos this week, we certainly get strong and very useful Dinos! Here they are in order from left to right. Please do note that unlike past weeks, we have a combination of dinos appearing throughout multiple days, which we are not sure of most combinations. So a projected schedule is:

Monday-Tuesday (24 attempts in total):

Tanycolagreus– Common and useful;
Sarcosuchus– Common and meh;

Wednesday-Thursday (6 attempts in total):

Pyroraptor– Epic and powerful! Get out there;
Tyrannosaurus Rex – Epic, powerful, and useful! Get out there;

Friday-Saturday (10 attempts in total):

Dimetrodon – Rare and quite strong/useful, but fairly common;
Irritator – Rare and fusion material, but very hard to get due to limitations as it’s only available through Arena Incubators;

Sunday (1 attempt):

Pyrritator – Legendary and powerful! Get out there;

Special Event Rework – MUST READ

The Special Event is work as follows:

  • You have a set amount of hours to collect DNA from the Featured Dinos, as indicated on the event dino/drop once you open them;
  • Cycles always begin 10:00 a.m. EDT and last for however many hours indicated on that day;
  • During the given time period, there will be 1-2 different Featured Dinos and you will have a combined amount of attempts for both Dinosaurs together! For example, if you need more Sarco DNA then Tany DNA, you could do 20 Sarco attempts and only 4 Tany! Vice versa, if you need more Tany DNA than Sarco DNA, you could do more Tany attempts than Sarcos;
  • The number of attempts are as the same as the last few weeks, except possibly Rares, which they have updated. Note that you have to add the number of attempts assigned to the first Featured Dino’s Tier with the one from the second Featured Dino’s Tier to know how many attempts you will have.
  • Another unreported update is that Ludia seemingly has increased Rare attempts to 5 each, so we will be possibly getting 10 attempts on Dimetrodon/Irritator.
  • Number of attempts based on the Tiers:
    • Common: 12
    • Rare: 5
    • Epic: 3
    • Legendary: 1
    • Unique: 1


Which Dinos to focus on during Week 5 of the event?

PyroraptorPyroraptor is a very powerful Raptor! It is very rare and has a Legendary Hybrid, Pyrritator!

Tyrannosaurus RexTyrannosaurus Rex is an amazingly strong Dino, but is also a necessity to get Indominus Rex and, as a result, Indoraptor!

Advice: Since T-Rex is paired with Pyro, and that T-Rex seemingly and reportedly spawns more frequently than Pyro, we recommend going for at least 4 attempts on Pyro.

DimetrodonDimetrodon is mostly interesting since it is required to be level 20 to make its Unique Hybrid: Magnapyritor!

Irritator is mostly interesting since it is normally exclusive to Arena Incubators, but also because it is required to be level 15 to create its Legendary Hybrid: Pyrritator!

Advice: Since Dime is paired with Irritator (an Dino exclusively available through Arena Incubators), and that Dimetrodon clearly spawns frequently, we recommend going for all 10 attempts on Irritator.

Finally, the star of the week, Pyrritator! This is a very powerful Legendary Hybrid that is required to be level 20 to create the infamous Unique Hybrid (image below) Magnapyritor! Collect as much DNA as you can from it!

New Incubators in the store

Week 4 Incubators are now gone, and we have three new Incubators in the store to replace them. Huge thanks to Nathan for this analysis!

We see the return of the legendary incubator. Which as we found out last time it guarantees 200 DNA for 1 legendary dino. Enough to create it or level it up if you are short some DNA.

We also have a premium apex predator incubator which from what we know so far is going to be mostly carnivores such as the T-rex pictured on it and others such as Velociraptor.

Also, like every weekly event we have the weekly showcase rare incubator that has the event dinosaurs DNA in it for the week.

We maintain the same opinion via those Incubators: we prefer playing and grinding to spending money. We hope you share this opinion!

Rare Incubator

Legendary Incubator

APEX Incubator

Finally, need cash for these incubators? Ludia has also thrown us not 1 but 2 cash deals as well. The 500 cash has a deal for 20% giving you 600 cash. And the 7000 cash offer has been increased by 25% giving you 8750 cash for the same price. Buy at your own risk!

Parting Words

We are very excited to know that we have a fifth week of Featured Dinosaurs to look for, especially because we are given an opportunity at Pyroraptor and Pyrritator!

What do you guys think of this roster? If you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, let us know in the comments or join the MetaHub’s Discord server!