Explorers! We are tuning in to report anything that might have taken place the week of July 9th, 2018 in the universe of JWA that may have gone unnoticed! This week was a rather slow one (Perhaps because the themed Dinosaurs, Giants, move slowly?).

51 MB Patch

As we are getting used to on Fridays, a new Patch just rolled out (51 mb). There are no indications of any major changes so far, except for the following:

  • Critical Impact > High Counter-Attack (No apparent change to the stat/effect, but it still has to be determined if the Critical Chance portion stayed or not)

If you find anything new, make sure to let us know on Discord or in the comments!

New Epic Incubator in the Store

It should come as no surprise that Ludia released a new Epic Incubator (related to this week’s Featured Dinos). This week’s Epic Incubator showcases Titanic Fusion/Giant Hybrids!

The potential Dinosaurs rewarded from this Incubator would be the following:

These offers are always tempting since they allow us to collect easy DNA. This one is even more tempting considering that Nodopatosaurus is insanely rare in the wild, but also because Stegodeus (which is created from Nodopatosaurus’s DNA) is probably among the best Dinosaurs in the current metagame. Once again, we might let temptation win!

Cash Deal in the Store

Once again, Ludia finishes Week 6 with an offer on Cash, and we have to admit, this one is hugeHowever, there is a pretty big downside, the offer is exclusively available for VIPs… 

We are not ones to recommend spending real money in a game since this can be a rather sensitive decision. However, provided that deals on in-game Cash in JWA sometimes require people to spend over 30$ USD, we believe that this offer at 19.99$ USD is actually quite decent.

In short, the Case of Cash normally contains 2,600 Cash (we’re not sure why the store currently displays it as 1,200, let’s hope it’s just a visual glitch). This deal will give you an extra 650 Cash which is worth more than 5$ USD. It’s up to you to determine whether the 25% additional Cash is really worth it!

Our advice? If you cannot wait, take it. Otherwise, Tapjoy offers and bonus rewards can always come back! 😉

Featured Dinos Status Report – Week 7

As you probably already know, we discovered some incredible information about the week 7 (next week) of Featured Dinos! You can find all the information and the schedule right here!

Ludia’s Outreach

If you play Pokémon Go, you most certainly know how it feels when a company has little to no community outreach. When it comes to Ludia, we can confidently say that they are way ahead of others on that front! Their forums are certainly years ahead! On the forums, players can directly communicate with Community Managers!

In the past few weeks, we have been in touch with Ludia regarding various items. One thing that Ludia has confirmed to us is that they are currently working on a solution for the issue of cheaters on the Leaderboard and that they will have more information on this shortly. At this stage in the game, it is really impressive to see that Ludia is already working on getting rid of cheaters! We will keep you in the loop as soon as they provide us with more details!

Finally, yesterday, Ludia reached out to us and we can now safely announce that Metahub will get an early access to the upcoming update of the game! Through this process, we will provide Ludia with the best feedback possible so that the entire Jurassic World Community has a better experience of the game once the update rolls out! One thing we can tell you: This update will be huge!

Although the terms of this agreement are clear as to the fact that we cannot share anything until the update is made public; this will allow us to provide you with even more in-depth analyses, punctual reviews and news updates, and more! We are very excited and truly believe that this will help us provide the Jurassic World Alive community with better, clearer, and more accurate information! Let’s hope that this relationship will continue with upcoming updates!

Parting Words

We are truly more and more impressed with this event and we believe that it shows how Ludia will take this game seriously! Their community outreach is more and more impressive everyday! There is no doubt in our minds that they will even improve with time (the list of hidden moves certainly points that way), but we are confident to say Jurassic World Alive is on the right path to stay around for years to come!

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